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245 00 Perception /|cedited by Enrique Villanueva, Sociedad 
       Filosófica Ibero Americana 
260    Atascadero, Calif. :|bRidgeview Pub. Co.,|c©1996 
300    366 pages ;|c24 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
490 1  Philosophical issues ;|v7, 1996 
500    "The papers in this volume were presented at the Eighth 
       Annual Philosophy Conference of our Sociedad Filosófica 
       Ibero Americana, SOFIA, held in Cancún, México, June 19-
504    Includes bibliographical references 
505 0  |g1.|tExplaining Objective Color in Terms of Subjective 
       Experience /|rGilbert Harman --|g2.|tMental Paint and 
       Mental Latex /|rNed Block --|g3.|tOrgasms Again /|rMichael
       Tye --|g4.|tColors, Subjective Relations and Qualia /
       |rSydney Shoemaker --|g5.|tIs Color Psychological or 
       Biological? Or Both? /|rErnest Sosa --|g6.|tQualia and 
       Color Concepts /|rGilbert Harman --|g7.|tLayered 
       Perceptual Representation /|rWilliam Lycan --|g8.|tOn a 
       Defense of the Hegemony of Representation /|rRobert 
       Stalnaker --|g9.|tPerception and Possibilia /|rJames 
       Tomberlin --|g10.|tPerceptual Experience Is a Many-Layered
       Thing /|rMichael Tye -- 
505 0  (Cont'd.)|g11.|tReplies to Tomberlin, Tye, Stalnaker and 
       Block /|rWilliam Lycan --|g12.|tPhenomenal Externalism /
       |rFred Dretske --|g13.|tDretske's Qualia Externalism /
       |rJaegwon Kim --|g14.|tComment on Dretske /|rPaul Horwich 
       --|g15.|tDretske on Phenomenal Externalism /|rJohn Biro --
       |g16.|tReply to Commentators /|rFred Dretske --|g17.|tIs 
       the External World Invisible? /|rMark Johnston --|g18.
       |tVisible Properties of Human Interest Only /|rAllan 
       Gibbard --|g19.|tGetting Acquainted with Perception /
       |rDavid Sosa --|g20.|tWould more acquaintance with the 
       external world relieve epistemic anxiety? /|rEnrique 
       Villanueva -- 
505 0  (Cont'd.)|g21.|tA Mind-body Problem at the Surface of 
       Objects /|rMark Johnston --|g22.|tPrécis of Mind and world
       /|rJohn McDowell --|g23.|tPerception and Rational 
       Constraint: McDowell's Mind and World /|rRobert Brandom --
       |g24.|tSpin control. Comment on John McDowell's Mind and 
       World /|rAlex Byrne --|g25.|tMcDowell's Direct Realism and
       Platonic Naturalism /|rRoger Gibson --|g26.|tReply to 
       Gibson, Byrne, and Brandom /|rJohn McDowell --|g27.
       |tMolineux's Question /|rJohn Campbell --|g28.|tComments 
       on John Campbell, "Molineux's Question" /|rBrian Loar --
       |g29.|tShape Properties and Perception /|rKirk Ludwig --
       |g30.|tShape Properties, Experience of Shape and Shape 
       Concepts /|rJohn Campbell  
650  0 Perception (Philosophy) 
700 1  Villanueva, Enrique 
710 2  Sociedad Filosófica Ibero Americana 
711 2  Sociedad Filosófica Ibero Americana Annual Philosophy 
       Conference|n(8th :|d1995 :|cCancún, México) 
830  0 Philosophical Issues,|x1533-6077 ;|v7, 1996 
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