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245 00 Agriculture in Mediterranean Europe|h[electronic resource]
       :|bbetween old and new paradigms /|cedited by Dionisio 
       Ortiz-Miranda, Ana Moragues-Faus, Eladio Arnalte-Alegre 
260    Bingley, U.K. :|bEmerald,|c2013 
300    1 online resource (viii, 315 p.) :|bill 
490 1  Research in rural sociology and development,|x1057-1922 ;
       |vv. 19 
505 0  ch. 1. Introduction : reframing agriculture in 
       Mediterranean Europe / Dionisio Ortiz-Miranda, Ana 
       Moragues-Faus, Eladio Arnalte-Alegre -- ch. 2. Bringing 
       Mediterranean agriculture into the theoretical debates / 
       Ana Moragues-Faus, Dionisio Ortiz-Miranda, Terry Marsden -
       - ch. 3. The southern model of European agriculture 
       revisited : continuities and dynamics / Eladio Arnalte-
       Alegre, Dionisio Ortiz-Miranda -- ch. 4. Changing 
       agriculture : changing landscapes : what is going on in 
       the high valued Montado / Teresa Pinto-Correia, Sérgio 
       Godinho -- ch. 5. Processes of farmland abandonment : land
       use change and structural adjustment in Galicia (Spain) / 
       Edelmiro López-Iglesias, Francisco Sineiro-García, Roberto
       Lorenzana-Fernández -- ch. 6. Reproducing productivism in 
       Spanish agricultural systems / Olga M. Moreno-Pérez -- ch.
       7. The ambiguities of French Mediterranean agriculture : 
       images of the multifunctional agriculture to mask social 
       dumping? / Catherine Laurent -- ch. 8. Regional patterns 
       of structural change in Italian agriculture / Biagia De 
       Devitiis, Ornella Wanda Maietta -- ch. 9. The emergence of
       new development trajectories in Italian farms / Cristina 
       Salvioni, Roberto Henke, Elisa Ascione -- ch. 10. 
       Transformations in Croatian agriculture and agricultural 
       policy : challenges and opportunities within the European 
       context / Ramona Franic, Ornella Mikus -- ch. 11. Rural 
       transformations and family farming in contemporary Greece 
       / Charalambos Kasimis, Apostolos G. Papadopoulos -- ch. 
       12. Agriculture in Mediterranean europe : challenging 
       theory and policy / Dionisio Ortiz-Miranda, Ana Moragues-
       Faus, Eladio Arnalte-Alegre 
520    Mediterranean agriculture is by and large envisaged as a 
       landscape of small farms of high nature value producing 
       worldwide recognisable quality food products that make up 
       the basis of the famous Mediterranean diet and shape 
       Southern European cultures. However, the dynamics 
       developing in the Mediterranean countryside are further 
       complex and diverse; comprising differentiated 
       agricultural systems which have been scarcely analysed in 
       an integrated fashion. This volume illustrates and deepens
       the understanding of current agrarian dynamics developing 
       in Mediterranean countries in the light of recent 
       theoretical contributions. The book compiles and analyses 
       a set of Mediterranean case studies that show the range of
       transformations shaping contemporary agriculture in 
       Southern Europe, which allow considering the usefulness of
       recent theoretical frameworks in explaining the array of 
       dynamics underway; contributing to the refinement of 
       contemporary conceptualizations 
650  0 Agriculture|zMediterranean Region 
700 1  Ortiz-Miranda, Dionisio 
700 1  Moragues-Faus, Ana 
700 1  Arnalte Alegre, Eladio 
830  0 Research in rural sociology and development ;|vv. 19 
856 40 |uhttp://www.emeraldinsight.com/doi/book/10.1108/S1057-