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245 04 The Routledge companion to feminist philosophy /|cedited 
       by Ann Garry, Serene J. Khader, and Alison Stone 
250    1 [edition] 
263    1705 
264  1 New York :|bRoutledge,|c2017 
300    xvii, 735 pages ;|c26 cm. 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
490 0  Routledge philosophy companions 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 0  Part I: Engaging the past ; 1.|tFeminist methods in the 
       history of philosophy, or escape from Coventry /|rMoira 
       Gatens -- 2.|tFeminism and ancient Greek philosophy /
       |rAdriana Cavarero -- 3.|tDao becomes female: a gendered 
       reality, knowledge, and strategy for living /|rRobin 
       R.Wang -- 4.|tFeminism, philosophy, and culture in Africa 
       /|rTanella Boni -- 5.|tFeminist engagement with Judeo-
       Christian religious traditions /|rBeverley Clack -- 6.
       |tEarly modern feminism and Cartesian philosophy /
       |rJacqueline Broad -- 7.|tFeminist engagements with social
       contract theory /|rJanice Richardson -- 8.|tFeminism and 
       enlightenment /|rSusanne Lettow -- 9.|tFeminist 
       engagements with nineteenth-century German philosophy /
       |rElaine Miller -- 10.|tIntroducing Black feminist 
       philosophy /|rKristie Dotson -- 11.|tFeminist pragmatism /
       |rV. Denis James -- 12.|tFeminist phenomenology /|rAlia Al
505 0  Part II: Body, Mind, and World ; 13.|tThe sex/gender 
       distinction and the social construction of reality /
       |rSally Haslanger -- 14.|tGender essentialism and anti-
       essentialism /|rMari Mikkola -- 15.|tEmbodiment and 
       feminist philosophy /|rSara Heinamaa -- 16.|tMateriality: 
       sex, gender, and what lies beneath /|rClaire Colebrookt --
       17.|tFeminism and borderlands identities /|rEdwina Barvosa
       -- 18.|tPersonal identity and relational selves /|rSusan 
       J. Brison -- 19.|tPsychoanalysis, subjectivity, and 
       feminism /|rKelly Oliver 
505 0  PART III: Knowledge, Language, and Science ; 20.|t 
       Rationality and objectivity in feminist philosophy /
       |rPhyllis Rooney -- 21.|tTestimony, trust, and 
       trustworthiness /|rHeidi Grasswick -- 22.|tEpistemic 
       injustice, ignorance, and trans experience /|rMiranda 
       Fricker and Katharine Jenkins -- 23.|tSpeech and silencing
       /|rIshani Maitra -- 24.|tLanguage, writing, and gender 
       differences /|rGertrude Postl -- 25.|tPhilosophy of 
       science and the feminist legacy /|rJanet A. Kourany -- 26.
       |tValues, practices, and metaphysical assumptions in the 
       biological sciences /|rSara Weaver and Carla Fehr -- 27.
       |tFeminist philosophy of social science /|rAlison Wylie 
505 0  PART IV: Intersections ; 28.|tThe concept of 
       intersectionality: genealogy, controversy, and viability /
       |rTina Fernandes Botts -- 29.|tCritical race theory, 
       intersectionality, and feminist philosophy /|rFalguni A. 
       Sheth -- 30.|tNative American chaos theory and the 
       politics of difference /|rShay Welch -- 31.|tFeminist 
       theory, lesbian theory, and queer theory /|rMimi Marinucc 
       -- 32.|tThrough the looking glass: trans theory meets 
       feminist philosophy /|rTalia Mae Bettcher -- 33.|tFeminist
       and queer intersections with disability studies /|rKim Q. 
       Hall -- 34.|tWomen, gender, and philosophies of global 
       development /|rSandra Harding and Anna Malavisi -- 35.
       |tFeminist intersections with environmentalism and 
       ecological thought /|rTrish Glazebrook -- 36.
       |tEncountering religious diversity: perspectives from 
       feminist philosophy of religion /|rPatrice Haynes 
505 0  PART V: Ethics, Politics, and Aesthetics ; Aesthetics ; 
       37.|tHistoricizing feminist aesthetics /|rTina Chanter -- 
       38.|tAesthetics and the politics of gender: On Arendt's 
       theory of narrative and action /|rEwa Plonowska Ziarek -- 
       39.|tFeminist aesthetics and the categories of the 
       beautiful and the sublime /|rChristine Battersby  
505 0  PART V: Ethics, Politics, and Aesthetics ; Ethics ; 40.
       |tMoral justification in an unjust world /|rAlison M. 
       Jaggar and Theresa W. Tobin -- 41.|tFeminist conceptions 
       of autonomy /|rCatriona Mackenzie -- 42.|tFeminist 
       metaethics /|rAnita Superson -- 43.|tFeminist ethics of 
       care /|rJean Keller and Eva Feder Kittay -- 44.
       |tConfucianism and care ethics /|rSin Yee Chan -- 45.
       |tFeminist virtue ethics /|rRobin S. Dillon -- 46.
       |tFeminist bioethics /|rWendy A. Rogers  
505 0  PART V: Ethics, Politics, and Aesthetics ; Social and 
       Political Philosophy ; 47.|tMulticultural and postcolonial
       feminisms /|rMonica Mookherjee -- 48.|tNeoliberalism, 
       global justice, and transnational feminisms /|rSerene J. 
       Khader -- 49.|tFeminism, structural injustice, and 
       responsibility /|rSerena Parekh -- 50.|tLatin American 
       feminist ethics and politics /|rAmy A. Oliver -- 51.
       |tFeminist engagements with democratic theory /|rNoelle 
       Mcafee -- 52.|tFeminism and liberalism /|rClare Chambers -
       - 53.|tFeminism and freedom /|rAllison Weir -- 54.
       |tFeminism and power /|rJohanna Oksala -- 55.|tFeminist 
       approaches to violence and vulnerability /|rKimberley 
       Hutchings and Elizabeth Frazer -- 56.|tFeminist philosophy
       of law, legal positivism, and non-ideal theory /|rLeslie 
       P. Francis  
650  0 Feminist theory 
700 1  Garry, Ann,|eeditor 
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