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100 1  Cortés Conde, Roberto,|eauthor 
240 10 Economía política de la Argentina en el siglo XX.|lEnglish
245 14 The political economy of Argentina in the twentieth 
       century /|cRoberto Cortés Conde 
264  1 Cambridge :|bCambridge University Press,|c2009 
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490 1  Cambridge Latin American studies ;|v92 
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       Oct 2015) 
505 0  Period of rapid economic expansion: 1880-1914 -- From 
       World War I to the Great Depression of 1930 -- From the 
       1930 financial crisis to World War II -- The political 
       economy of Peronism -- A divided society, 1955-1973 -- The
       long decline 
520    In this book, Roberto Cortés Conde describes and explains 
       the decline of the Argentine economy in the twentieth 
       century, its evolution, and its consequences. At the 
       beginning of the century, the economy grew at a sustained 
       rate, a modern transport system united the country, a 
       massive influx of immigrants populated the land, and 
       education expanded, leading to a dramatic fall in 
       illiteracy. However, by the second half of the century, 
       growth not only stalled, but a dramatic reversal occurred,
       and the perspectives in the median and long term turned 
       negative, and growth eventually collapsed. This work of 
       historical analysis defines the most important problems 
       faced by the Argentine economy. Some of these problems 
       were fundamental, while others occurred without being 
       properly considered, but in their entirety, Cortés Conde 
       demonstrates how they had a deleterious effect on the 
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651  0 Argentina|xEconomic conditions|y20th century 
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830  0 Cambridge Latin American studies ;|v92 
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