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245 00 Black nature :|bfour centuries of African American nature 
       poetry /|cedited by Camille T. Dungy 
260    Athens :|bUniversity of Georgia Press,|cc2009 
300    xxxv, 387 p. ;|c23 cm 
504    Includes bibliographical references and indexes 
505 00 |gCycle one: Just looking.|tWe must be careful /|rEd 
       Roberson --|tEarth is a living thing /|rLucille Clifton --
       |tMountains of California, part I /|rAl Young --|tMountain
       road ends here /|rG.E. Patterson --|tQueen Anne's lace /
       |rJune Jordan --|tOn summer /|rGeorge Moses Horton --
       |tYellow jacket /|rNikki Giovanni --|tEclogue at twilight 
       /|rYusef Komunyakaa --|tRuellia noctiflora /|rMarilyn 
       Nelson --|tEvening primrose /|rRita Dove --|tNight-
       blooming cercus /|rRobert Hayden --|tSeptember night /
       |rGeorge Marion McClellan --|tSweet enough ocean, cotton /
       |rThylias Moss --|tMetamorphism /|rHelene Johnson --
       |tBrown girl's nature poem: provincetown /|rToni Wynn --
       |tWhat more? /|rGerald Barrax Sr. --|tBe careful /|rEd 
       Roberson --|tWatching blackbirds turn to ghosts /|rRachel 
       Eliza Griffiths --|tIf winter comes, can spring? /|rAlvin 
       Aubert --|t31 words * prose poems [#12] /|rRita Shockley 
505 00 |gCycle two: Nature, be with us.|tWe are not strangers 
       here /|rRavi Howard --|tFor a farmer /|rJames A. Emanuel -
       -|tTo waste at trees /|rGerald Barrax Sr. --|tWhite dog /
       |rCarl Phillips --|tYou must walk this lonesome /|rEvie 
       Shockley --|tDown from the houses of magic /|rCyrus 
       Cassells --|tEphemera /|rGeorge Marion McClellan --
       |tSleepwalker on the mountain /|rRuth Ellen Kocher --
       |t#543 /|rRichard Wright --|tAphrodite of economy /|rMark 
       McMorris --|tArachis hypogaea /|rMarilyn Nelson --|tIn the
       Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge, thinking of Rachel Carson /
       |rAnthony Walton --|tlanguage /|rCamille T. Dungy --|tFor 
       Alice Walker (a summertime tanka) /|rJune Jordan --
       |tGenerations /|rLucille Clifton --|tWork /|rYusef 
       Komunyakaa --|tPoem to my child, if ever you shall be /
       |rRoss Gay --|tTo a certain lady, in her garden /
       |rSterling Brown --|tUrban nature /|rEd Roberson --
       |tSeptember songs /|rReginald Shepherd 
505 00 |gCycle three: Dirt on our hands.|tfrom 12 million Black 
       voices /|rRichard Wright --|tAnother April /|rAnne Spencer
       --|tBarriers /|rGerald Barrax Sr. --|tYoung peacock /
       |rLenard D. Moore --|tUrban renewal: XIII /|rMajor Jackson
       --|tBees /|rAudre Lorde --|tCarrion /|rAnthony Walton --
       |tLook at the blackbird fall /|rJune Jordan --|tFlight of 
       the California condor /|rWanda Coleman --|tSince everyone 
       can never be safe /|rCamille T. Dungy --|tWon't be but a 
       minute /|rPatricia Smith --|tCalled /|rMichael S. Harper -
       -|tHarvest song /|rJean Toomer --|tBlack man talks of 
       reaping /|rArna Bontemps --|tWood and rain /|rMelvin Dixon
       --|tJoy in the woods /|rClaude McKay --|tSorrow home /
       |rMargaret Walker --|tBlues aubade (or, Reivion of the 
       lean, post-modernist pastorale) /|rHonoree Fanonne Jeffers
       --|tRomance /|rEd Roberson --|tApril is on the way /
       |rAlice Dunbar-Nelson 
505 00 |gCycle four: Pests, people too.|tBoll weevils, coyotes, 
       and the color of nuisance /|rC.S. Giscombe --|tMiscarriage
       in October with ladybugs /|rAmber Flora Thomas --|tMan 
       reading in bed by a window with bugs /|rGergory Pardio --
       |tPest /|rMajor Jackson --|tAmbition II: mosquito in the 
       mist /|rTim Seibles -- #459 /|rRichard Wright --|tMarket /
       |rThomas Sayers Ellis --|tFor those who need a true story 
       /|rTara Betts --|tPostcard to an ecologist /|rLenard D. 
       Moore --|tNature boy /|rC.S. Giscombe --|tPlague of 
       starlings /|rRobert Hayden --|tO believer /|rJanice N. 
       Harrington --|tBrown menace or poem to the survival of 
       roaches /|rAudre Lorde --|tLife /|rKwame Alexander --
       |tWhat a snakehead discovered in a Maryland pond and a 
       poet in corporate America have in common /|rKamilah Aisha 
       Moon --|tLost conquistador /|rShane Book --|tBeginning of 
       the end of the world /|rLucille Clifton --|tCarpenter bee 
       /|rNatasha Trethewey --|tYellowjackets /|rYusef Komunyakaa
505 00 |gCycle five: Forsaken of the earth.|tFlowers /|rAlice 
       Walker --|tOn imagination /|rPhillis Wheatley --|tFor 
       Saundra /|rNikki Giovanni --|tNatural world /|rG.E. 
       Patterson --|tLament for dark peoples /|rLangston Hughes -
       -|tWhite things /|rAnne Spencer --|tParsley /|rRita Dove -
       -|tHaunted oak /|rPaul Laurence Dunbar --|tfrom Rape of 
       Florida, Canto I /|rAlbery Whitman --|tSwimchant of nigger
       mer-folk (an aquaboogie set in lapis) /|rDouglas Kearney -
       -|tWater USA /|rClarence Major --|tMigration /|rMajor 
       Jackson --|tFebruary leaving /|rRuth Ellen Kocher --|tBlue
       horses /|rEd Roberson --|tSick man looks at flowers /
       |rGwendolyn Brooks --|tProdigal /|rArna Bontemps --
       |tPotters' field /|rCynthia Parker-Ohene --|tMonument /
       |rNatasha Trethewey 
505 00 |gCycle six: Disasters, natural and other.|tDisasters, 
       nature, and poetry /|rMona Lisa Saloy --|tFloodtide /
       |rAskia M. Toure --|tChildren of the Mississippi /
       |rSterling Brown --|tEmmett Till /|rJames A. Emanuel --
       |tSign post /|rDevorah Major --|tSong /|rAudre Lorde --
       |tSacred history of the earth /|rG.E. Patterson --
       |tGreenness taller than gods /|rYusef Komunyakaa --|tSan 
       Francisco, spring 1986 /|rPatricia Spears Jones --|tCure /
       |rCarl Phillips -- Liturgy /|rNatasha Trethewey --
       |tReapers /|rJean Toomer -- Earthquake blues /|rIshmael 
       Reed --|tErasure /|rAmber Flora Thomas --|tFloodsong 2: 
       water moccasin's spiritual /|rDouglas Kearney --|tRequiem 
       /|rAnne Spencer --|tIce storm /|rRobert Hayden 
505 00 |gCycle seven: Talk of the animals.|tShepherd's tale /
       |rSean Hill --|tBeehive /|rJean Toomer --|tBalck-and-white
       dusk at Limantour Beach /|rRachel Eliza Griffiths --
       |tSypathy /|rPaul Laurence Dunbar --|tSea-turtle and the 
       shark /|rMelvin B. Tolson --|t#175 /|rRichard Wright --
       |tEuropean folk tale variant /|rHarryette Mullen --|tMan 
       raised as chicken /|rWendy S. Walters --|tFar /|rC.S. 
       Giscombe --|tSpider speaks /|rShara McCallum --
       |tHummingbird /|rCyrus Cassells --|tHerd /|rTim Seibles --
       |tSpeed /|rCornelius Eady --|tPoints of view /|rIshmael 
       Reed --|tRequiem for a nest /|rWanda Coleman --|tSurfaces 
       and masks: XXX /|rClarence Major --|tMinks /|rToi 
       Derricotte --|tPossum /|rJanice N. Harrington --
       |tAppaloosa /|rAfaa Michael Weaver --|tApril lyric/All I 
       know is /|rG.E. Patterson 
505 00 |gCycle eight: What the land remembers.|tApril in Eatonton
       /|rHonoree Fanonne Jeffers --|tLocus /|rRobert Hayden --
       |tJaguaripe /|rMyronn Hardy --|tWhat there was /|rJanice 
       N. Harrington --|tWind talker /|rFrank X Walker --
       |tMulberry fields /|rLucille Clifton --|tI am black and 
       the trees are green /|rE. Ethelbert Miller --|tMaple 
       remains /|rAmaud Jamaul Johnson --|tTallatchie lullaby, 
       baby /|rDouglas Kearney --|tOut in the country of my 
       country /|rJune Jordan --|tThree days of forest, a river, 
       free /|rRita Dove --|tAmerican light /|rClaudia Rankine --
       |tLook ahead, look south: the future /|rC.S. Giscombe --
       |tSouthern song /|rMargaret Walker --|tWave /|rEd Roberson
       --|tHer table mountain /|rEvie Shockley --|tfrom 
       Juneteenth: the bicentennial poem /|rSherley Anne Williams
       --|tTap-root /|rIndigo Moor --|tLast talk with Ji Hardwick
       /|rMarilyn Nelson --|tHistory as apple tree /|rMichael S. 
505 00 |gCycle nine: Growing out of this land.|tWriting home /
       |rCamille T. Dungy --|t#559 /|rRichard Wright --|tMillpond
       /|rYusef Komunyakaa --|tSeven pastorals at sixteen /|rSean
       Hill --|tBefore a screen door /|rJanice N. Harrington --
       |tPull /|rIndigo Moor --|tTwo directions /|rC.S. Giscombe 
       --|tMy grandfather walks in the woods /|rMarilyn Nelson --
       |tMississippi gardens /|rStephanie Pruitt --|tI called 
       them trees /|rGerald Barrax Sr. --|tBeaches, why I don't 
       care for them /|rWanda Coleman --|tAt 57, my father learns
       to grow things /|rRuth Ellen Kocher --|tSuburban noir /
       |rGregory Pardio --|tLetter to the local police /|rJune 
       Jordan --|tHomeopathic /|rFrank X Walker --|tRoot /
       |rTerrance Hayes --|tWhat my child learns of the sea /
       |rAudre Lorde --|tRitual of season /|rRemica L. Bingham --
       |tMore than once in caves /|rMark McMorris --|tPachuta, 
       Mississippi/A memoir /|rAl Young 
505 00 |gCycle ten: Comes always spring.|tFirst skunk of spring /
       |rMarilyn Nelson --|t[Earth, I thank you] /|rAnne Spencer 
       --|tBemidji in spring /|rSean Nill --|tWinter poem /
       |rNikki Giovanni --|tAfter the winter /|rClaude McKay --
       |tFor Alexis /|rJoanne V. Gabbin --|tThank you /|rRoss Gay
       --|tSpring down /|rGeorge Marion McClellan --|tDeep in the
       quiet wood /|rJames Weldon Johnson --|tViolets /|rAlice 
       Dunbar-Nelson --|tMan, his bown, his raspberries /
       |rClaudia Rankine --|tWhat to eat, and what to drink, and 
       what to leave for poison /|rCamille T. Dungy --|tEarth 
       song /|rLangston Hughes --|tRondeau /|rJessie Redmon 
       Fauset --|tSouthern living /|rKendra Hamilton --
       |tGeraniums /|rElizabeth Alexander --|tMy Mississippi 
       spring /|rMargaret Walker --|tFearless /|rTim Seibles 
520    This book is the first anthology to focus on nature 
       writing by African American poets, a genre that until now 
       has not commonly been counted as one in which African 
       American poets have participated.  Black poets have a long
       tradition of incorporating treatments of the natural world
       into their work, but it is often read as political, 
       historical, or protest poetry, anything but nature poetry.
       This is particularly true when the definition of what 
       constitutes nature writing is limited to work about the 
       pastoral or the wild. The author has selected 180 poems 
       from 93 poets that provide unique perspectives on American
       social and literary history to broaden our concept of 
       nature poetry and African American poetics. This 
       collection features major writers such as Phillis Wheatley,
       Rita Dove, Yusef Komunyakaa, Gwendolyn Brooks, Sterling 
       Brown, Robert Hayden, Wanda Coleman, Natasha Trethewey, 
       and Melvin B. Tolson as well as newer talents such as 
       Douglas Kearney, Major Jackson, and Janice Harrington. 
       Included are poets writing out of slavery, Reconstruction,
       the Harlem Renaissance, the Black Arts Movement, and late 
       twentieth- and early twenty-first-century African American
       poetic movements. It also  brings to the fore a neglected 
       and vital means of considering poetry by African Americans
       and nature-related poetry as a whole 
650  0 Nature|vPoetry 
650  0 American poetry|xAfrican American authors 
650  0 American poetry|xAfrican American authors|xHistory and 
700 1  Dungy, Camille T.,|d1972- 
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