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245 00 Ethics of Chemistry :|bfrom poison gas to climate 
       engineering /|cJoachim Schummer, Tom Børsen 
250    First 
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264  1 Hackensack :|bWorld Scientific,|c2021 
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520    "Although chemistry has been the target of numerous public
       moral debates for over a century, there is still no 
       academic field of ethics of chemistry to develop an 
       ethically balanced view of the discipline. And while 
       ethics courses are increasingly demanded for science and 
       engineering students in many countries, chemistry is still
       lagging behind because of a lack of appropriate teaching 
       material. This volume fills both gaps by establishing the 
       scope of ethics of chemistry and proving a cased-based 
       approach to teaching, thereby also narrating a cultural 
       history of chemistry. From poison gas in WWI to climate 
       engineering of the future, this volume covers the most 
       important historical cases of chemistry. It draws lesson 
       from major disasters of the past, such as in Bhopal and 
       Love Canal, or from thalidomide, Agent Orange, and DDT. It
       further introduces to ethical arguments pro and con by 
       discussing issues about bisphenol-A, polyvinyl chloride, 
       and rare earth elements; as well as of contested chemical 
       projects such as human enhancement, the creation of 
       artificial life, and patents on human DNA. Moreover, it 
       illustrates chemical engagements in preventing hazards, 
       from the prediction of ozone depletion, to Green Chemistry,
       and research in recycling, industrial substance 
       substitution, and clean-up. Students also learn about 
       codes of conduct and chemical regulations. An 
       international team of experts narrate the historical cases
       and analyse their ethical dimensions. All cases are 
       suitable for undergraduate teaching, either in classes of 
       ethics, history of chemistry, or in chemistry classes 
       proper"--|cProvided by publisher 
700 1  Schummer, Joachim,|eeditor 
700 1  Børsen, Tom,|eeditor 
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