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Author Yoshimi, Akihiro
Title Polarized Sources And Targets - Proceedings Of The Eleventh International Workshop : Proceedings of the Eleventh International Workshop
Imprint Singapore : World Scientific Publishing Company, 2007
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Note Intro -- Contents -- Preface -- Review talk -- Historical Review on Polarized Target A . Masaike -- 1. Introduction - Orientation of Nuclear Spin -- 2. LMNTarget -- 3. Organic Materials in 'He Cryostat -- 4. Spin Frozen Target -- 5. NHJ, LiH and LiD Targets -- 6. Hydrogen Deuteride (HD) -- 7. Polarization of Organic Materials with Pentacene Molecules at High Temperature -- 8. Conclusion -- References -- Atomic Beam Method -- RHIC polarized hydrogen jet target: experience and future prospects T. Wise -- 1. Overview -- 2. Jet Design and Operation -- 3. Results -- References -- Polarized internal gas target in a strong toroidal magnetic field E. Tsentalouich, E. Ihloff, H. Kolster, N. Meitanis R. Milner, A . Shinozaki, V. Ziskin, Y. Xiao, C. Zhang -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Experimental setup -- 3. The Atomic Beam Source -- 4. Breit-Rabi Polarimeter -- 5. Target Performance -- References -- An atomic beam line to measure the ground-state hyperfine splitting of antihydrogen B. Judsz, E. Widmann, D. Barna, J. Eades, R.S. Hayano, M. Hori, W. Pirlcl, D. Horvdth, T . Yamazaki -- 1. Motivation of the experiment -- 2. Proposed experimental method -- 3. Monte Carlo simulations -- Acknowledgements -- References -- Installation and commissioning of the polarized internal gas target of the magnet spectrometer ANKE at COSY-Julich R. Engels, D. Chiladze, S. Dymov, K. Grigoryev, D. Gusev, B. Lorentz, D. Prasuhn, F. Rathmann, J. Sarkadi, H. Seyfarth, H. Stroher -- 1. Introduction -- 2. The P1[T at the target position of ANKE -- 3. Commissioning studies -- Acknowledgements -- References -- Cryogenic Method -- Progress in dynamically polarized solid targets J. Heckmann, S. Goertz, Chr. Hess, W. Meyer, E. Radtke, G. Reicherz -- 1. Introduction -- 2. The spin temperature picture of the DNP -- 2.1. Provotorov theory -- 2.2. Nuclear polarization
3. Contributions to the ESR linewidth -- 3.1. Hyperfine intemction -- 3.2. Anisotropy of the g-tensor -- 4. Results and discussion -- 5 . Summary -- References -- The Sb, LiIO3 and HI03 aligned nuclear targets for investigation of time reversal invariance violation A . G., Beda, L.D. Ivanova -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Aligned nuclei -- 3. The aligned nuclear targets involving LiIO3, HI03 and Sb single crystals -- 4. Conclusion -- References -- Future activities of the COMPASS polarized target N. Doshita, J. Heckmann, Ch. Hess, Y. Kisselev, J. Koivuniemi, K. Kondo, W. Meyer, G. Reicherz -- 1. Introduction -- 2. The new polarized target apparatus -- References -- Polarizations in irradiated proton and deuterated materials D.G. Crabb -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Material Preparation and Irradiation -- 3. Polarization Results -- 3.1. Deuterons -- 3.2. Protons -- 4. Conclusion and Future Measurements -- References -- Magnet and beam-target interaction studies for the Jlab Hall-B frozen spin polarized target 0. Dzyubak, C. Djalali, S. Strauch, D. Tedeschi -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Field homogeneity of the polarizing magnet -- 3. Beam heat deposition -- 4. Summary -- References -- Investigations of the multimode cavity for the COMPASS-magnet Y. Kisselev, N. Doshita, J. Heckmann, J. Koivuniemi, K. Kondo, W. Meyer, G. Reicherz, G. Baum, F. Gautheron, J . Ball, A. Magnon, S. Platchkov, G. Mallot -- DNP under the multimode microwave irradiation -- References -- Distillation and polarization of HD S. Bouchigny, J-P. Didelez, G. Rouille -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Apparatus -- 3. Distillation procedure -- 4. Relaxation time measurements -- References
Performance of frozen-spin polarized HD targets for nucleon spin experiments T. Kageya, K. Ardashev, C. Bade, M. Blecher, A. Curacuppa, A. D'Angelo, A. D'Angelo, R. Di Salvo, A. Fantini, C. Gibson, H. Gluckler, K. Hicks, S. Hoblit, A. Honig, M. Khandakur, S. Kizigul, 0. Kistner, S. Kucuker, A. Lehmann, F. Lincoln, R. Lindgren, M. Lowry, M. Lucas, J . Mahon, L. Miceli, D. Moricciani, B. Norum, M. Pap, B. Preedom, A.M. Sandorf, C. Schaerf, H. Seyfarth, H. Stroher, C. Thorn, K. Wang, X . Wei, C. W -- 1. Frozen-spin HD -- 2. Preliminary spin asymmetries -- References -- Optical Pumping Method -- A new 3He polarization for fundamental neutron physics Y. Masuda, T. Ino, S.C. Jeong, S. Muto, Y. Watanabe, V.R. Skoy -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Birefringent cell -- 3. Optical pumping -- 4. 3He polarization measurement -- 5. Application tu pulsed neutron Ramsey resonance -- Acknowledgments -- References -- The MIT laser-driven target of nuclear polarized hydrogen gas . B. Clasie, C. Crawford, D. Dutta, H. Gaol J. Seely, W. Xu -- References -- A proposal of polarized 3He++ ion source with Penning ionizer for JINR N.N. Agapov, N.A. Bazhanov, Yu.N. Filatov, V. V. Famushkin, L. V. Kutuzova, V.A. Mikhailov, Yu.A. Plis, Yu. V. Prokofichev, V.P. Vadeev -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Ionizer -- 3. Depolarization effects -- References -- Polarized proton beams in RHIC A. Zelenski, for the RHIC Spin Collaboration -- I. Introduction -- II. Polarized I€ ion source -- III. Polarized beam acceleration in AGS -- IV. Polarized beams in RHIC -- V. Polarimetry -- VI. Conclusions -- References -- Polarized 3He targets at MAMI-C J. Krimmer -- 1. Introduction and Motivation -- 2. Polarization -- 3. Relaxation -- 4. Target design -- 5. Conclusions and outlook -- References
Development of a polarized 3He target at RCNP Y. Shimizu, K. Hatanaka, A.P. Kobushkin, T. Adachi, K. Fujita, K. Itoh, T. Kawabata, T. Kudoh, H. Matsubara, H. Ohira, H. Okamura, K. Sagara, Y . Sakemi, Y. Sasamoto, Y. Shimbara, H.P. Yoshida, K. Suda, Y. Tameshige, A. Tamii, M. Tomiyama, M. Uchida, T. Uesaka, T. Wakasa, T. Wakui -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Polarized 3He Target -- 3. Measurement of the 3He Polarization -- 4. Summary -- References -- Design of a polarized 'Li3+ ion source and simulations of feasibility A. Tamii, K. Hatanaka, H. Okamura, Y. Sakemi, Y. Shirnizu, K. Fujita, Y. Tameshige, H. Matsubara -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Simulation of depolarization -- 2.1. Depolariaaion in the ionization process -- 2.2. Depolarizaion due to inhomogeneous magnetic field -- 2.3. Depolarizaion due to electron spin resonance -- 2.4. Total depolarization and ionization efficiency -- 3. Summary -- Acknowledgments -- References -- Nuclear Reaction Method -- Focal plane polarimeter for a test of EPR paradox K. Yako, T. Saito, H. Sakai, H. Kuboki, M. Sasano, T. Kawabata, Y. Maeda, K. Suda, T. Uesaka, T. Ilceda, K. Itoh, N. Matsui, Y. Satou, K. Sekiguchi, H. Matsubara, A. Tamii -- References -- Deuteron beam polarimetry at nuclotron V.P. Ladygin, L.S. Azhgirey, Yu. V. Gurchin, A. YU. Isupov, M. Janek, J.-T. Karachuk, A.N. Khrenov, A.S. Kiselev, V.A. Kizka, V.A. Krasnov, A.N. Livanov, A.I. Malakhov, V.F. Peresedov, Yu.K. Pilipenko, S.G. Reznikov, T.A. Vasiliev, V.N. Zhmyrov, L.S. Zolin, T. Uesaka, T. Kawabata, Y. Maeda, S. Sakaguchi, H. Sakai, Y. Sasamoto, K. Suda, K. Itoh, K. Sekiguchi, I. Turzo -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Results on the deuteron beam vector polarization -- 3. Preliminary results with the tensorially polarized beam -- 4. Conclusions -- References -- Deuteron polarimeter for electric dipole moment search E. J. Stephenson
1. Introduction to the Storage Ring Method -- 2. Concept of the Polarimeter -- 3. Deuteron Elastic Scattering Data -- 4. Implications for an EDM Polarimeter -- References -- Polarized Electron Production -- Operation of CEBAF photoguns at average beam current >1 mA M. Poelker, J . Grames -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Experiment -- 3. Results -- 4. Concluations -- Acknowledgments -- References -- ILC SLAC R&D program for a polarized RF gun J.E. Clendenin, A . Brachmann, D.H. Dowell, E.L. Garwin, K. Ioakeimidi, R.E. Kirby, T. Maruyama, R.A. Miller, C. Y . Prescott, J . W. Wang, J. W. Lewellen, R. Prepost -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Elements of the R&D Program -- 2.1. Improved Vacuum -- 2.2. Reduction of Field Emitted Electrons -- 3. Testing -- 4. Conclusion -- References -- High field gradient polarized electron gun for ILC M. Yamamoto, N. Yamamoto, T. Nakanishi, S. Okumi, M. Kuwahara, K. Yasui, T. Morino, R. Sakai, K. Tamagaki, F. hruta, M. Kuriki, H. Matsumoto, M. Yoshioka -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Emittance Simulation -- 3. New Materials for the Gun Electrode -- 4. Conclutions -- References -- Polarized electron sources for future electron ion colliders M. Farkhondeh, W. Franklin, E. Tsentalovich, Ilan Bem-Zvi, V. Litvinenko -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Polarized Source for eRHIC -- 2.1. Ring-Ring Design -- 2.2. Linac-Ring Concept -- References -- Comparison of AlInGaAs/GaAs superlattice photocathodes having low conduction band offset K. Ioakeimidi, T. Maruyama, J.E. Clendenin, A . Brachmann, E.L. Garwin, R.E. Kirby, C. Y. Prescott, D. Vasilyev, Y.A. Mamaev, L.G. Gerchikov, A. V. Subashiev, Y.P. Yashin -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Design of Flat Conduction Band SL Structures -- 3. Experimental Results -- 4. Discussion and Conclusions -- References
Generation of spin polarized electrons by field emission M. Kuwahara, T. Nakanishi, S. Okumi, M. Yamamoto, M. Miyamoto, N. Yamamoto, K. Yasui, T. Morino, R. Sakai, K. Tamagaki, K. Yamaguchi
Polarized beams and targets have been irreplaceable tools in nuclear and particle physics experiments for a long time and have provided us rich information on the role played by spin-degrees of freedom in the sub-nuclear world. In addition, techniques to obtain large nuclear polarization have recently been applied to new fields such as materials and medical sciences. The scope of these proceedings covers recent progress of state-of-the-art techniques in spin polarization, the cryogenic method, the atomic beam method, the optical pumping method and the nuclear reaction method
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Subject Polarized beams (Nuclear physics) -- Congresses.;Polarized targets (Nuclear physics) -- Congresses.;Nuclear spin -- Congresses
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