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Author Eberstadt, Nicholas Nash
Title Policy and economic performance in divided Korea, 1945-1995
Descript 500 p
Note Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 57-02, Section: A, page: 0775
Chair: C. Peter Timmer
Thesis (Ph.D.)--Harvard University, 1996
This study investigates the interplay between government policy and economic performance under the two very different systems, and regimes, that were established in the Korean peninsula at the end of the Second World War
On its face, the tragic particulars of Korea's partition, continuing separation, and divergent development strategies have framed something like a huge natural experiment in political economy. Comparing and evaluating results, however, is more difficult than might be supposed, owing both to data problems and the fundamental differences between centrally planned economies and more market-oriented systems. As this thesis attempts to demonstrate, however, the aforementioned difficulties are not insurmountable
The study consists of five chapters. The first introduces the topic. The second draws upon an array of physical, demographic, and other data to assess the level and pace of development in North and South Korea since partition. The third chapter provides a detailed examination of the interaction between government policy and economic performance in North Korea. The fourth chapter provides a similar examination for South Korea. The concluding chapter reviews findings, offers a few comments and observations, identifies a few issues for further research, and speculates about the prospects for policy and economic performance in Korea in the years ahead
School code: 0084
Host Item Dissertation Abstracts International 57-02A
Subject Economics, General
Political Science, Public Administration
Sociology, Social Structure and Development
Urban and Regional Planning
Alt Author Harvard University
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