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100 1  Garrick, Barbara 
245 10 Theorising personalised education|h[electronic resource] :
       |belectronically mediated higher education /|cby Barbara 
       Garrick, Donna Pendergast, David Geelan 
260    Singapore :|bSpringer Singapore :|bImprint: Springer,
300    xxi, 155 p. :|bill., digital ;|c24 cm 
505 0  Chapter 1 Introduction to the philosophical arguments 
       underpinning personalised education -- Chapter 2 A brief 
       history of e-mediated education -- Chapter 3 Personalised 
       learning, pedagogy and e-mediated tools -- Chapter 4 
       Through the lens of generational theory -- Chapter 5 
       Personalised education, pedagogy and equity in the higher 
       education sector -- Chapter 6 Personalised or programmed? 
       Current practices of university systems -- Chapter 7 From 
       policy to practice: Personalisation and the higher 
       education sector -- Chapter 8 Experiencing e-mediated 
       personalised learning in practice: A teacher's insight -- 
       Chapter 9 E-mediated approaches to personalising inter-
       professional learning in the health sector -- Chapter 10 
       Evidence in relation to the effectiveness of e-mediated 
       personalised education 
520    This book examines the theoretical underpinning of the 
       concept of personalised education and explores the 
       question: What is personalised education in the 
       contemporary higher education sector and how is it 
       implemented? A broad, sophisticated definition of 
       personalised learning has the potential to serve as a 
       basis for more effective educational practices. The term 
       'personalised education' is, and continues to be, one with
       a variety of definitions. The authors' definition both 
       incorporates earlier concepts of personalised education 
       and critically reassesses them. The book then adds a 
       further dimension: personalised instruction in 
       electronically mediated environments, where the goal is to
       achieve learning towards mastery individually with the 
       help of differentiated and individualised electronic 
       learning platforms. This book assesses the various 
       arguments concerning personalised education, examining 
       each through the lens of educational theory and pedagogy 
       and subsequently positing a number of qualitative 
       characteristics of personalised education that have the 
       potential to influence policy and practices in the higher 
       education sector 
650  0 Computer-assisted instruction 
650  0 Education, Higher 
650  0 Individualized instruction 
650 14 Education 
650 24 Educational Technology 
650 24 Learning & Instruction 
650 24 Educational Policy and Politics 
650 24 Higher Education 
700 1  Pendergast, Donna 
700 1  Geelan, David 
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