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100 1  Greenberg, Herb 
245 10 Succeed on your own terms :|blessons from top achievers 
       around the world on developing your unique potential
       |h[electronic resource] /|cHerb Greenberg, Patrick Sweeney
260    New York :|bMcGraw-Hill,|cc2006 
300    xvi, 294 p 
520    The founder of one of the world's leading consulting firms
       offers the benefit of his wisdom, urging competitiveness, 
       self-discipline, and a positive self-image as the keys to 
       success while offering profiles of and interviews with 
       successful people as evidence that his theories are 
       accurate. A proven system for discovering and developing 
       your "success attributes" Self-discipline, 
       Competitiveness. And a positive sense of one's self. 
       According to Herb Greenberg, founder of the worldleading 
       consulting firm Caliper, these traits make up the 
       "psychology of a winner." Blind since birth, Greenberg's 
       inspiring journey toward Caliper's creation taught him 
       that the secret to success lies in the ability to identify
       one's unique strengths, and then tap into them. Succeeding
       on Your Own Terms helps you pinpoint your unique winning 
       abilities and transform them into business and career 
       success. Built around the personality profile designed by 
       Caliper to assess the personality traits of clients 
       worldwide, this book features: Step-by-step guidelines to 
       help you conduct your own psychological assessment tests 
       Strategies for using the results to discover your own 
       strengths, and parlay them into extraordinary success 
       detailed profiles and interviews with three dozen 
       recognized top achievers in a wide variety of professional
       fields. Real-life success stories to live by and learn 
       from renowned for its phenomenal success in analyzing a 
       person's strengths and weaknesses, Herb Greenberg's 
       Caliper profile has been used by more than 2 million 
       employees. Now Greenberg brings the power of that profile 
       to readers who want to maximize their own strengths for 
       success. Through analysis of and interviews with a wide 
       range of successful people, as well as an in-depth profile
       readers can take, Succeeding on Your Own Terms helps 
       readers harness personal "defining qualities" to create 
       outstanding career and life success. This book features: 
       Fascinating in-depth profiles of and interviews with Roger
       Staubach, Senator Barbara Boxer, David Oreck, Ben Vereen, 
       and many others from the worlds of entertainment, sports 
       and business. Includes a personality profile designed by 
       the experts at Caliper to help readers assess their own 
       defining success qualities; Greenberg's consulting 
       services have been used by major corporations including 
       FedEx and Wal Mart 
590    McGraw-Hill 
650  0 Success 
650  0 Success|vCase studies 
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655  7 Electronic books.|2local 
700 1  Sweeney, Patrick,|d1952- 
856 4  |uhttp://taebcmgh.sa.libraryandbook.net/FE/