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100 1  Pejic, Annette R 
245 10 Verbal abuse: A problem for pediatric nurses 
300    107 p 
500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 42-05, 
       page: 1683 
500    Director: Janet Ihlenfeld 
502    Thesis (M.S.)--D'Youville College, 2004 
520    This descriptive study was designed to investigate the 
       experience of verbal abuse among a voluntary sample of 
       pediatric nurses working in six hospitals in Eastern 
       Ontario. Roy's Adaptation Model was used as the conceptual
       framework for this study due to the applicability of man's
       adaptation to the environment. The study took place over a
       six-week period and a survey method was used to obtain 
       results. A questionnaire was utilized to ascertain the 
       incidence, source, level of reporting and reactions, both 
       personally and professionally, of verbal abuse in this 
       specific population. The analysis and treatment of data 
       included frequencies and percentages, mean and standard 
       deviation, and Spearman Correlation tests. The results 
       indicated that pediatric nurses were the frequent victims 
       of verbal abuse. The source of abuse was evenly 
       distributed between three groups. There was a distinct 
       lack of reporting of verbal abuse, and feeling that the 
       incident was not important enough, and the situation was 
       handled/resolved were the two main reasons identified. The
       most frequently perceived personal and professional 
       reactions to verbal abuse were, an increase in stress 
       level, decreased job moral, and decreased relaxation/well 
       being in the job setting 
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