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100 1  Reay, D. A.|q(David Anthony) 
245 10 Process intensification|h[electronic resource] :
       |bengineering for efficiency, sustainability and 
       flexibility /|cDavid Reay, Colin Ramshaw and Adam Harvey 
260    Amsterdam ;|aLondon :|bElsevier/Butterworth-Heinemann,
300    xxv, 444 p. :|bill. ;|c25 cm 
440  0 Butterworth-Heinemann/IChemE series 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 0  Foreword (Dave Trent, Dow); Preface; Acknowledgements; 
       Introduction; A Brief History of Process Intensification; 
       Process Intensification - An Overview; The Mechanisms 
       involved in Process Intensification; Compact and Micro-
       Heat Exchangers; Reactors; Intensification of Separation 
       Processes; Mixing; Application Areas - Petrochemicals and 
       Fine Chemicals; Application Areas - Off-shore processing; 
       Application Areas - Miscellaneous Process Industries; 
       Application Areas - The Built Environment, Electronics and
       the Home; Specifying, Manufacturing and Operating PI 
       Plant; Appendix 1 Abbreviations; Appendix 2 Nomenclature; 
       Appendix 3 Relevant Review Papers; Appendix 4 Equipment 
       suppliers; Appendix 5 R&D Organisations; Appendix 6 Useful
       web sites; Index 
520    Process intensification (PI) leads to a substantially 
       smaller, cleaner, safer and more energy efficient process 
       technology. For example, the scale reduction made possible
       by using high gravity fields to separate liquids has seen 
       the reduction of distillation columns from 75m to a four 
       of five metres in height in some areas. PI is a hot topic 
       in chemical and process engineering - and beyond - and is 
       now reaching a maturity that is seeing PI concepts applied
       to a wide range of processes and technologies. This is the
       first book to provide a practical working guide to 
       understanding PI and developing successful PI solutions 
       and applications. By demonstrating the broad application 
       of PI this book will be of value to audiences looking to 
       take current technologies into new process areas as well 
       as those looking to further its use in the chemical 
       engineering sector. As well as detailing technologies and 
       practical applications the book focusses on safety, energy
       and environmental issues, giving guidance on how to 
       incorporate PI in plant design and operation safely, 
       efficiently and effectively. This book provides up to date
       access to the best current information on PI, both through
       the world-class experience of the authors and by 
       pinpointing other significant sources of data, equipment 
       and expertise. * Shows chemical and process engineers how 
       to apply process intensification (PI) to their product, 
       process or production line * A hard-working reference and 
       user guide to the technology AND application of PI, 
       covering fundamentals, industry applications, and 
       supplemented my an development and implementation guide * 
       Leading author team, including Professor Colin Ramshaw, 
       developer of the HiGee high gravity distillation process 
       at ICI, who is widely credited as the father of PI 
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700 1  Harvey, Adam|q(Adam P.) 
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