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100 1  Trufanov, A 
245 10 Pandemics and Bioterrorism :|bTransdisciplinary 
       Information Sharing for Decision-making Against Biological
264  1 Amsterdam :|bIOS Press,|c2010 
264  4 |c©2010 
300    1 online resource (240 pages) 
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490 1  NATO Science for Peace and Security Series E: Human and 
       Societal Dynamics, v. 62 ;|vv.v. 62 
505 0  Title page -- Preface -- Acknowledgements -- Contents -- 
       1. Introduction -- The Need of Preparing Regional Leaders 
       with the Knowledge, Training and Instruments for 
       Information Sharing and Decision-Making against Biological
       Threats and Pandemics. Preparing for the Next Pandemic -- 
       2. Information-Sharing for Counteracting Biological and 
       Other Global Threats -- Information Sharing in Knowledge 
       Society -- Learning from Catastrophe: Lessons for Pandemic
       Planning -- Governance in Counteracting Natural and Man-
       Made Disasters: the LEFIS Network as Example -- Legal and 
       Political Implications of a Pandemic and Biological 
       Threats. Ethical Dilemmas in Disasters -- The Economic and
       Systemic Impacts of a Pandemic -- 3. Improving 
       Preparedness through Education and Awareness -- Health 
       "Security" Systems -- Tools Against Terrorist Threats: 
       Considerations on How to be Prepared -- The Viewpoint of 
       ED Personnel about Avian Flu: Do Emergency Department 
       Healthcare Professionals Feel Ready to Face Epidemics/
       Pandemics? -- Bioterrorism and Pandemics: A New World 
       Order of Civil Defence -- 4. Multidisciplinary Approaches 
       to Address Biological and Nonconventional Threats -- 
       Nanosystems and CBRN Threats: A Resource Worth Exploiting,
       a Potential Worth Controlling -- Modern Biooptical 
       Instruments for the Express Control of Total Toxicity, 
       Individual Chemicals, Viral and Bacterial Infections to 
       Prevent Bio- and Medical Threats -- Behavior of Some 
       Pathogenic and Genetically Modified Bacteria in 
       Groundwater Samples -- Geological Environment as a Factor 
       of Natural and Man-Made Disasters -- Mass Destruction 
       Weapons and their Contribution to Pandemic Effects -- 
       Significance of Noninvasive Cardiology Care in Present-Day
       Peculiarities of Hazardous Regions -- 5. Modeling 
       Information-Sharing and Communication -- The Supercourse: 
       Former Soviet Union Countries Practice 
505 8  Globalization of Public Health Communication: Preparing 
       Local Leaders using the Supercourse -- Model of the 
       Adaptive Hierarchical Information Security System -- 6. 
       Case Studies and Regional Threats -- Cooperation between 
       Civilian and Military Organizations during an Emergency: A
       Case Study Evaluation of the 2008 Reentry of an 
       Uncontrolled U.S. Government Satellite Contaminated with 
       Hydrazine -- Counterterrorism: The First Italian Drill -- 
       Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever in Turkey (2002-2008) -- 
       The Anopheles Mosquitoes: Their Role in Malaria 
       Transmission in Georgia -- The Problem of Preventing 
       Natural Foci Infections during the Development of New 
       Territories -- Pseudotuberculosis - Epidemiology, Clinic 
       and Prevention Measures -- Subject Index -- Author Index 
520    A collection of papers presented at the NATO ASI 
       conference Transdisciplinary Information Sharing for 
       Decision-Making against Biological Threats. It highlights 
       strategic enablers such as cross-disciplinary information 
       sharing, international outreach and partner activities, 
       public diplomacy and strategic communication 
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650  0 Bioterrorism.;Epidemics 
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700 1  Rossodivita, A 
700 1  Guidotti, M 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aTrufanov, A.|tPandemics and Bioterrorism
       : Transdisciplinary Information Sharing for Decision-
       making Against Biological Threats|dAmsterdam : IOS Press,
830  0 NATO Science for Peace and Security Series E: Human and 
       Societal Dynamics, v. 62 
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