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Weissbach, B. (Bernulf) : Mathematics Library; PRINTED     
      Ausgewählte Arbeiten zur Zahlentheorie und zur Geometrie : mit D. Hilberts Gedächtnisrede auf H. Minkowski, Göttingen 1909 / herausgegeben und mit einem Anhang versehen von E. Krätzel und B. Weissbach AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1989
Weissbach, Franz Heinrich, 1865-    
      Die Achamenideninschriften zweiter art / hrsg. und bearb. von F. H. Weisbach IN PROCESS   PRINTED 1890
      Die denkmäler und inschriften an der mündung des Nahr el-Kelb / von F. H. Weissbach AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1922
Weissbach, Herbert : Life Sci. LIB; 電子書     
      Plant molecular biology edited by Arthur Weissbach, Herbert Weissbach   電子書 1986
Weissbach, Jürgen : CLP Library; PRINTED     
      Two studies in the theology of Bonhoeffer / by Jürgen Moltmann and Jürgen Weissbach ; introduction by Reginald H. Fuller ; translation by Reginald H. Fuller and Ilse Fuller AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1967
Weissbach, Lee Shai    
      Jewish Life in Small-Town America : A History   COMPUTER FILE 2005
      A Jewish Life on Three Continents : The Memoir of Menachem Mendel Frieden   COMPUTER FILE 2013
      The Synagogues of Kentucky : Architecture and History   COMPUTER FILE 1995
Weissbach, Lee Shai, 1947- : RCHSS Library, Modern History Library ; PRINTED     
      Child labor reform in nineteenth-century France : assuring the future harvest / Lee Shai Weissbach AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1989
Weissbach, Olaf : RCHSS Library; PRINTED     
      Grenzen des Politischen : philosophische Grundlagen für ein neues politisches Denken / Stephan Lahrem, Olaf Weissbach AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2000
Weissbecker, Inka    
      Climate change and human well-being global challenges and opportunities / edited by Inka Weissbecker   電子書 2011
      Climate change and human well-being global challenges and opportunities / edited by Inka Weissbecker   COMPUTER FILE 2011
Weissberg, Alexander, 1901- : Modern History Library; PRINTED     
      The accused / translated by Edward Fitzgerald AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1951
Weissberg, Daniel : 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED     
      Viêt-Nam en transitions / sous la direction de Gilbert de Terssac, Truong An Quoc, Michel Catlla ; préface de Daniel Weissberg DUE 02-13-23   PRINTED 2014
Weissberg, Erik M : 中央研究院; 電子書     
      Essentials of clinical binocular vision edited by Erik M. Weissberg   電子書 c2004
Weissberg, Liliane    
      Cultural memory and the construction of identity / edited by Dan Ben-Amos and Liliane Weissberg AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1999
      Visual culture and the Holocaust / edited and with an introduction by Barbie Zelizer   PRINTED c2001
      On Writing with Photography   COMPUTER FILE 2013
      Psychoanalysis, fatherhood, and the modern family / edited by Liliane Weissberg   COMPUTER FILE 2022
4 additional entries    
Weissberg, Michael P : Ethnology Library; PRINTED     
      Dangerous secrets : maladaptive responses to stress / Michael P. Weissberg AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1983
Weissberg, Robert    
      Political tolerance : balancing community and diversity / Robert Weissberg AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1998
      Public opinion and popular government / Robert Weissberg AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1976
Weissberg, Robert, 1941-    
      American democracy : theory and reality / [by] Robert Weissberg [and] Mark V. Nadel AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1972
      The limits of civic activism : cautionary tales on the use of politics / Robert Weissberg AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2005
      Pernicious tolerance : how teaching to "accept differences" undermines civil society / Robert Weissberg AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2008
      Political learning, political choice, and democratic citizenship / Robert Weissberg AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1974
      Polling, policy, and public opinion : the case against heeding the "voice of the people" / Robert Weissberg AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2002
Weissberg, Roger P : Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE     
      Promoting Social and Emotional Learning : Guidelines for Educators   COMPUTER FILE 1997
Weissberg, Roger P., 1951-    
      Establishing preventive services / Roger P. Weissberg ... [et al.], editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1997
      Long term trends in the well-being of children and youth / edited by Roger P. Weissberg ... [et al.] AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2003
Weissberger, Arnold, 1898-    
      Distillation / Editors: E. S. Perry and A. Weissberger. Authors: C. S. Carlson [and others] AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1965
      Energy transfer and organic photochemistry / [by] A. A. Lamola [and] N. J. Turro, with chapters by P. A. Leermakers and T. R. Evans. Editors: P. A. Leermakers, A. Weissberger AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1969
      Heterocyclic compounds with three- and four-membered rings / Arnold Weissberger AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1964
      Investigation of rates and mechanisms of reactions / Editors: S. L. Friess, E. S. Lewis, and A. Weissberger. Authors: J. C. Balaceanu [and others] AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1961-
6 additional entries    
Weissberger, Barbara F : Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE     
      Isabel Rules : Constructing Queenship, Wielding Power   COMPUTER FILE 2003
Weissberger, Ira Michael : 中央研究院; PRINTED     
      A methodology for evaluating QoS for data services in a UMTS network   PRINTED
Weissblatt, Franz J., / editor : The Archives of ITH; MICROFORM     
      Who's who in the Philippines LIB USE ONLY   MICROFORM 1937
Weissbluth, Mitchel    
      Atoms and molecules / Mitchel Weissbluth   PRINTED 1978
      Atoms and molecules / Mitchel Weissbluth AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1978
      Molecular biophysics; proceedings of an international summer school held in Squaw Valley, California, August 17-28, 1964. Edited by Bernard Pullman and Mitchel Weissbluth AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1965
Weissbort, Daniel    
      Brodsky Through the Eyes of His Contemporaries   COMPUTER FILE 2008
      Brodsky Through the Eyes of His Contemporaries   COMPUTER FILE 2008
      Natalya Gorbanevskaya : Selected Poems   COMPUTER FILE 2011
      Translating poetry : the double labyrinth / edited by Daniel Weissbort AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1989
3 additional entries    
Weissbort, Daniel, 1935- : RCHSS Library, Modern History Library ; PRINTED     
      A history of the People's Democracies : eastern Europe since Stalin / François Fejtö ; translated by Daniel Weissbort AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1971
Weissbourd, Bernice : RCHSS Library, Euro-Am Studies Lib ; PRINTED     
      Putting families first : America's family support movement and the challenge of change / Sharon L. Kagan and Bernice Weissbourd, editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1994
Weissbourd, Emily,    
      Representing imperial rivalry in the early modern Mediterranean / edited by Barbara Fuchs and Emily Weissbourd   PRINTED 2015
      Representing Imperial Rivalry in the Early Modern Mediterranean   COMPUTER FILE 2015
Weissbourd, Rick : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      The vulnerable child : what really hurts America's children and what we can do about it / Richard Weissbourd AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1997?
Weissbrich, Dirk : 中央研究院; 電子書     
      The marketing-sales-finance triangle an empirical investigation of finance-related interactions & managerial challenges among marketing, sales, and finance actors / Dirk Weissbrich   電子書 2009
Weissbrod, Lilly : Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE     
      Israeli Identity : In Search of a Successor to the Pioneer, Tsabar and Settler   COMPUTER FILE 2002
Weissbrod, Lilly, 1929- / author : Computing Center Lib.; COMPUTER FILE     
      Israeli identity : in search of a successor to the pioneer, Tsabar, and settler / by Lilly Weissbrod   COMPUTER FILE 2013
Weissbrod, Lior,    
      Bones and identity : zooarchaeological approaches to reconstructing social and cultural landscapes in Southwest Asia / edited by Nimrod Marom, Reuven Yeshurun, Lior Weissbrod and Guy Bar-Oz AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2016
      Bones and Identity : Zooarchaeological Approaches to Reconstructing Social and Cultural Landscapes in Southwest Asia   COMPUTER FILE 2016
Weissbrod, Philip A., / editor : Life Sci. LIB; COMPUTER FILE     
      Neurologic and neurodegenerative diseases of the larynx / edited by Philip A. Weissbrod, David O. Francis   COMPUTER FILE 2020
Weißbrodt, Daniel : Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE     
      Arbeitshefte W II 8 und W II 9   COMPUTER FILE 2015
Weissbrodt, David    
      Abolishing Slavery and Its Contemporary Forms / David Weissbrodt   PRINTED 2003
      The Human Rights of Non-citizens. By David Weissbrodt.   電子書 2008
Weissbrodt, David S.    
      The development of international human rights law / edited by David Weissbrodt, Fionnuala D. Ní Aoláin, Mary Rumsey, all at University of Minnesota, USA AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2014
      The human rights of non-citizens / David Weissbrodt AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2008
      Immigration law and procedure in a nutshell / by David Weissbrodt AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1984
      Immigration law and procedure in a nutshell / by David Weissbrodt, Laura Danielson AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2011
6 additional entries    
Weisse, A. (Alexander) : Physics Library; PRINTED     
      Computational many-particle physics / H. Fehske, R. Schneider, A. Weiße (eds.) AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2008
Weisse, Allen B : Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE     
      Lessons in Mortality : Doctors and Patients Struggling Together   COMPUTER FILE 2006
Weisse, Chick : Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE     
      Veterinary Image-Guided Interventions   COMPUTER FILE 2015
Weisse, Christian Felix, 1726-1804    
      The children's friend. Translated from the French of Mr. Berquin. ; Vol. I-[IV]   COMPUTER FILE 1790?
      The children's friend. Translated from the French of Mr. Berquin. ..   COMPUTER FILE 1790?
      The children's friend. Translated from the French of Mr. Berquin   COMPUTER FILE 1789?
      The children's friend. Translated from the French of Mr. Berquin. ; Vol. I   COMPUTER FILE 1790?
2 additional entries    
Weisse, Christian Hermann, 1801-1866    
      Kleine Schriften zur Asthetik und asthetischen Kritik / Christian Hermann Weisse ; aus dessen handschriftlichem Nachlasse und aus bereits Gedrucktem zusammengestellt von Rudolf Seydel AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1966
      System der Ästhetik als Wissenschaft von der Idee der Schönheit / Christian Hermann Weisse AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1966
      Wertwirklichkeit und Sinnverständnis : Gedanken zur philosophie von Fritz-Joachim von Rintelen / von Richard Wisser AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1960
Weisse, Günther K : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Geheime Nachrichtendienste und Funkaufklärung im Zweiten Weltkrieg : deutsche und alliierte Agentenfunkdienste in Europa 1939-1945 / Günther K. Weisse DUE 07-06-24   PRINTED c2009
Weisse, Ralf : 中央研究院; 電子書     
      Marine climate and climate change storms, wind waves and storm surges / by Ralf Weisse, Hans von Storch   電子書 2010
Weisse, Wolfram,    
      Religious diversity and interreligious dialogue / edited by Anna Kors, Wolfram Weisse, Jean-Paul Willaime   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Zwei Pluralismen : Positionen aus Sozialwissenschaft und Theologie zu religiöser Vielfalt und Säkularität / Peter L. Berger, Silke Steets, Wolfram Weisse (Hrsg.) AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2017
Weissel, Herman van : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      England's warning: or, the copy of a letter, from a Hanoverian officer, in England, to his brother, in Hanover. Found near Canterbury - and faithfully translated from the German   COMPUTER FILE 1756
Weissel, Marcelo : Fu Ssu-Nien Library; PRINTED     
      Arqueología de La Boca del Riachuelo puerto urbano de Buenos Aires, Argentina / Marcelo Norman Weissel AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2009
Weissenbach, C. G. A. von 1797-1846. (Carl Gustav Adalbert), : 中央研究院; 電子書     
      Sachsens Bergbau, nationalökonomisch betrachtet von C.G.A. von Weissenbach.   電子書 1833
Weissenbach, Johann Caspar, 1633-1678    
      Eydgnöszsisches Contrafeth auff- und abnehmender Jungfrauen Helvetiæ von denen edlen ehrenvesten vornehmen vorsichtigen und wohl weisen Herrn, Herren gesambter Burgerschafft Löbl. Statt Zug ; durch öffentliche Exhibition den 14. und 15. Herbst Anno 1672. vorgestellt ... wie auch desz Hrn. Authoris seel. E. hinterlassenen wohl-edlen Erb-und Freundschafft zum zweyten Mahl getruckt IN PROCESS   MICROFORM 1701
      Auffnemmende Helvetia, das ist, [K]urtzer Entwurff wel[c]her gestalten ein hochlobliche Eyd[ge]noszschafft an Freyheit, Macht, und Herr[li]chkeit zugenommen ... vorgestellt ... [auff offe]ntlic[h]em Theatro von ein[ner loblichen Bur]gerschafft der Statt [Zug] den 14. und 15. Sept. 1672 ... widerumb in offentlichen Truck gegeben, Anno 1702 IN PROCESS   MICROFORM 1702
      Damons desz unseeligen Hirten einfältige Cither, mit teutschen Seiten gespannet, das ist, Wunderlichen Weltgedancken erster [-anderen] Theil / componiert durch Johann Caspar Weissen[bach] .. IN PROCESS   MICROFORM 1678
Weissenbacher, Ernst Rainer : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      Immunology of the female genital tract by Ernst Rainer Weissenbacher   COMPUTER FILE 2014
Weissenbacher, Georg,    
      Computer aided verification : 30th International Conference, CAV 2018, held as part of the Federated Logic Conference, FloC 2018, Oxford, UK, July 14-17, 2018 : proceedings. Part I / edited by Hana Chockler, Georg Weissenbacher   COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Computer aided verification : 30th International Conference, CAV 2018, held as part of the Federated Logic Conference, FloC 2018, Oxford, UK, July 14-17, 2018 : proceedings. Part II / edited by Hana Chockler, Georg Weissenbacher   COMPUTER FILE 2018
Weissenbacher, Rudy, / author : 中央研究院; COMPUTER FILE     
      The core-periphery divide in the European Union : a dependency perspective / by Rudy Weissenbacher   COMPUTER FILE 2019
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