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821.3 M344zHo : Hotson, Leslie,; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      The death of Christopher Marlowe, by J. Leslie Hotson Hotson, Leslie,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1967
821.3 Sh156ca 2007 : Callaghan, Dympna; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Shakespeare's sonnets / Dympna Callaghan Callaghan, Dympna; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2007
821.3 Sh156po 2013 : Euro-Am Studies Lib, CLP Library ; PRINTED     
      The Oxford handbook of Shakespeare's poetry / edited by Jonathan F.S. Post AVAILABLE, LIB USE ONLY   PRINTED 2013
821.3 Sh156sc 1999 : CLP Library, Euro-Am Studies Lib ; PRINTED     
      Shakespeare's sonnets : critical essays / edited by James Schiffer AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1999
821.3 Sh156ve 1999 : Vendler, Helen,; Euro-Am Studies Lib, CLP Library ; PRINTED     
      The art of Shakespeare's sonnets / Helen Vendler Vendler, Helen,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1999
821.3 Si14ma 2002 : Sidney, Philip,; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      The major works / Sir Philip Sidney ; edited with an introduction and notes by Katherine Duncan-Jones Sidney, Philip,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2002
821.3 Si14zAl 2006 : Alexander, Gavin,; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Writing after Sidney : the literary response to Sir Philip Sidney, 1586-1640 / Gavin Alexander Alexander, Gavin,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2006
821.3 Sp35 : Quitslund, Jon A; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Spenser's supreme fiction : Platonic natural philosophy and The faerie queene / Jon A. Quitslund Quitslund, Jon A; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2001
821.3 Sp35ap 1994 : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Approaches to teaching Spenser's Faerie queene / edited by David Lee Miller and Alexander Dunlop AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1994
821.3 Sp35br : Brown, Richard Danson; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      The new poet : novelty and tradition in Spenser's complaints / Richard Danson Brown Brown, Richard Danson; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1999
821.3 Sp35fa 1966 : Spenser, Edmund,; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      The works of Edmund Spenser. Vol. 2 / edited by Edwin Greenlaw, Charles Grosvenor Osgood, Frederick Morgan Padelford Spenser, Edmund,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1966
821.3 Sp35mu 1967 : Mueller, William Randolph,; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      That soueraine light : essays in honor of Edmund Spenser, 1552-1952 / edited by William R. Mueller and Don Cameron Allen Mueller, William Randolph,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1967
821.3 Sp35zCh : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Worldmaking Spenser : explorations in the early Modern Age / edited by Patrick Cheney and Lauren Silberman AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2000
821.3 Sp35zCha 2005 : Chamberlain, Richard; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Radical Spenser : pastoral, politics and the new aestheticism / Richard Chamberlain Chamberlain, Richard; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2005
821.3 Sp35zHe : Henley, Pauline; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Spenser in Ireland Henley, Pauline; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1969
821.3 Sp35zHe 1969 : Henley, Pauline; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Spenser in Ireland Henley, Pauline; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1969
821.3 W367 : Wayne, Don E.,; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Penshurst : the semiotics of place and the poetics of history / Don E. Wayne Wayne, Don E.,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1984
821.308 B756ar : Breton, Nicholas,; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      The arbor of amorous devices, 1597, by Nicholas Breton and others . With an introd. by Hyder Edward Rollins Breton, Nicholas,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1968
821.308 G671go : Proctor, Thomas,; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      A gorgeous gallery of gallant inventions (1578) Edited by Hyder E. Rollins Proctor, Thomas,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1971
821.308 P3767 2005 : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      The Penguin book of Renaissance verse / selected and with an introduction by David Norbrook ; edited by H.R. Woudhuysen AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2005
821.309 C144 : Euro-Am Studies Lib, Fu Ssu-Nien Library ; PRINTED     
      The Cambridge companion to English poetry, Donne to Marvell / edited by Thomas N. Corns AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1993
821.309 D718zBl : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      John Donne and the seventeenth-century metaphysical poets / edited and with an introduction by Harold Bloom AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1986
821.309 G564 : Goldberg, Jonathan; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Voice terminal echo : postmodernism and English Renaissance texts / Jonathan Goldberg Goldberg, Jonathan; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1986
821.309 K458 1974 : Kermode, Frank,; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      English Renaissance literature : introductory lectures / Frank Kermode, Stephen Fender, Kenneth Palmer Kermode, Frank,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1974
821.309 M2235 1990 : MacLean, Gerald M.,; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Time's witness : historical representation in English poetry, 1603-1660 / Gerald M. MacLean MacLean, Gerald M.,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1990
821.309 P288 : Pavel, Thomas G.,; Euro-Am Studies Lib, CLP Library ; PRINTED     
      The poetics of plot : the case of English Renaissance drama / Thomas G. Pavel ; foreword by Wlad Godzich Pavel, Thomas G.,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1985
821.309 So44ha : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Soliciting interpretation : literary theory and seventeenth-century English poetry / edited by Elizabeth D. Harvey and Katharine Eisaman Maus AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1990
821.30936 F632 2007 : Fletcher, Angus,; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Time, space, and motion in the age of Shakespeare / Angus Fletcher Fletcher, Angus,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2007
821.38 0817    
      汉语新诗韵 / 白雉山著 AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1989
      汉语新诗韵 / 白雉山著 AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1989
821.38 4488 / S : Fu Ssu-Nien Library; PRINTED     
      词林新韵 / 张保先, 王珍编 AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1989
821.4 033 / S : Fu Ssu-Nien Library; PRINTED     
      唐代詩歌 / 王士菁著 LIB USE ONLY   PRINTED 1959
821.4 0675 / NAN : Fu Ssu-Nien Library; PRINTED     
      唐代詩學 / 正中書局編審委員會編 AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1967
821.4 1615 / NAN : 李冠禮; Fu Ssu-Nien Library; PRINTED     
      唐詩指要 / 李冠禮著 李冠禮; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1964
821.4 5721 / NAN : 葉慶炳; Fu Ssu-Nien Library; PRINTED     
      唐詩散論 / 葉慶炳著 葉慶炳; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1977
821.4 6104 / NAN : Fu Ssu-Nien Library; PRINTED     
      唐詩之旅 / 愛書人雜誌社編 AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1981
821.4 B477 : Bentley, Richard,; Modern History Library; PRINTED     
      Milton's Paradise lost / by Richard Bentley Bentley, Richard,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1732
821.4 C1526jo 2008 : Campbell, Gordon,; Euro-Am Studies Lib, CLP Library ; PRINTED     
      John Milton : life, work, and thought / Gordon Campbell, Thomas N. Corns Campbell, Gordon,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2008
821.4 D847 : Dryden, John,; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      The works of John Dryden. Vol.XVII, Prose 1668-1691: an essay of dramatick poesie, and shorter works / textual editor Vinton A. Dearing] ; textual editor Vinton A. Dearing Dryden, John,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1971
821.4 D847da 1967 : Dryden, John,; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      The songs of John Dryden / edited by Cyrus Lawrence Day Dryden, John,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1967
821.4 D847zEn 2004    
      Enchanted ground : reimagining John Dryden / edited by Jayne Lewis and Macimillian E. Novak AVAILABLE, MISSING   PRINTED 2004
      Enchanted ground : reimagining John Dryden / edited by Jayne Lewis and Macimillian E. Novak AVAILABLE, MISSING   PRINTED 2004
821.4 F529 1971 : Fish, Stanley Eugene; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Surprised by sin: the reader in Paradise lost Fish, Stanley Eugene; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1971
821.4 F939 : Frost, William; Modern History Library; PRINTED     
      John Dryden, dramatist, satirist, translator / William Frost Frost, William; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1988
821.4 H434 1968 : Herrick, Robert,; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      The complete poetry of Robert Herrick / Edited with an introd., notes and a new foreword by J. Max Patrick Herrick, Robert,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1968
821.4 L776 : Worden, Blair; Euro-Am Studies Lib, Modern History Library ; PRINTED     
      Literature and politics in Cromwellian England : John Milton, Andrew Marvell, Marchamont Nedham / Blair Worden Worden, Blair; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2007
821.4 M344 : Marjara, Harinder Singh,; Modern History Library; PRINTED     
      Contemplation of created things : science in Paradise lost / Harinder Singh Marjara Marjara, Harinder Singh,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1992
821.4 M368zLe : Legouis, Pierre,; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Andrew Marvell: poet, puritan, patriot Legouis, Pierre,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1968
821.4 M642 1988 : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Milton and the idea of woman / edited by Julia M. Walker AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1988
821.4 M642an 2008 : Milton, John,; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      The annotated Milton : complete English poems with annotations lexical, syntactic, prosodic, and referential / edited by Burton Raffel Milton, John,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2008
821.4 M642ap 1986 : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Approaches to teaching Milton's Paradise lost / edited by Galbraith M. Crump AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1986
821.4 M642be 2008 : Beer, Anna R.,; Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Milton : poet, pamphleteer, and patriot / Anna Beer Beer, Anna R.,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2008
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