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      Achieving Long-term Energy, Transport and Climate Objectives: Multidimensional Scenario Analysis and Modeling Within a Systems Level Framework McCollum, David Lloyd  PRINTED
      Adaptation, differentiation and plasticity of alpine Erysimum capitatum and their implications for responses to climate change Kim, Eunsuk  PRINTED
      Adaptation to Extreme Droughts in Arizona, Georgia, and South Carolina: Evaluating Adaptive Capacity and Innovative Planning and Management Approaches for States and Their Community Water Systems Engle, Nathan Lee  PRINTED
      Adaptive Capacity, Climate Change & Development Equity: A Critical Analysis of Canada's Approach to International Climate Cooperation Vogel, Brennan  PRINTED
207 additional entries    
      3-dimensional topological field theory and Harrison homology Cooper, Benjamin  PRINTED
      A-branes and mirror symmetry Aldi, Marco  電子書
      Action-Maslov homomorphism for monotone symplectic manifolds Branson, Mark  PRINTED
      Active learning with semi-supervised Support Vector Machines Chinaei, Leila  電子書
1289 additional entries    
0406 : Sarmiento, Alexandra C; 中央研究院; PRINTED     
      Earthquake recurrence and modes of deformation in the central and northern Walker Lane: Observations from paleoseismic trenches across the Carson and Sierra Nevada Range fronts Sarmiento, Alexandra C  PRINTED
      Arsenic in fractured bedrock aquifers in greater Augusta, Maine, USA Yang, Qiang  PRINTED
      Broadening the Participation of Native Americans in Earth Science Bueno Watts, Nievita  PRINTED
      Development and application of a methodology to estimate regional natural conditions for trace metals in marine sediments of southcentral Alaska's coastal region Dasher, Douglas H  PRINTED
      Laboratory investigation of pharmaceuticals in the subsurface environment Greenhagen, Andrew Michael  PRINTED
4 additional entries    
      Agricultural conservation buffers for breeding grassland birds in eastern Mississippi Adams, Heidi Lynn  PRINTED
      Assessing landscape connectivity using butterfly distribution and disseminating agroforestry technologies in agrarian settlements in Brazil Francesconi, Wendy  PRINTED
      An Assessment of Sea Turtle, Marine Mammal and Seabird Bycatch in the Wider Caribbean Region Bjorkland, Rhema Hyacinth  PRINTED
      Beyond biodiversity: The impact of food web structure on ecological stability Rip, Jason Michael Kennedy  PRINTED
58 additional entries    
      Analyzing the role of thyroidal CD40 expression in the pathogenesis of Graves' disease Huber, Amanda Katherine  PRINTED
      Balance of investment between parental care and mating effort in male baboons Onyango, Patrick Ogola  PRINTED
      Effects of age and training on the cytokine, myokine, and endocrine regulation of glucose metabolism in standardbred mares Liburt, Nettie Ruth  PRINTED
      The effects of exercise training status on appetitive, metabolic, and endocrine responses in older adults Apolzan, John William  PRINTED
7 additional entries    
      16S rRNA gene surveys to quantify pathogens in environmental bioaerosols Perkins, Sarah Dryden  PRINTED
      Acid tolerance response of Listeria monocytogenes: Bioenergetics and mechanisms of resistance to the antimicrobial nisin Alvarenga, Marcelo Bonnet  電子書
      The Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans tad locus: Defining the genetic requirements for biofilm formation and characterization of the TadZ protein Perez, Brenda A  電子書
      Activating mutations of N-WASP reveal novel roles for N-WASP during Shigella infection Adamovich, David Allen  PRINTED
766 additional entries    
      A chemical and mineralogical investigation into the role of Gram positive and Gram negative sulfate-reducing bacteria in iron sulfide formation MacLean, Lachlan Charles Wandlass  電子書
      Fluid flow and mass transfer in subduction zones: A multi-scale view Breeding, Christopher Michael  電子書
      Fracture occurrence and ground water pollution potential in Ohio's glacial and lacustrine deposits: A soils, geologic, and educational perspective Weatherington-Rice, Julie B. P  電子書
      The heterogeneous upper mantle: Insights from seismology Boyd, Oliver S  電子書
8 additional entries    
      Adaptive diversity and divergence at frog antimicrobial peptide loci Tennessen, Jacob A  PRINTED
      The adaptive significance of vocal performance in songbird communication DuBois, Adrienne L  PRINTED
      Aquatic insect adaptations to different flow regimes Yamamuro, Asako M  PRINTED
      Biological basis of sex differences in risk and competitive preferences and other essays Hoffman, Moshe  PRINTED
56 additional entries    
      1. The construction of motion graphics scores. 2. Seven Motion Graphics Scores: "Above Snakes", "Crooked", "The Way Through Is Behind Us", "Three Rooms", "Elemental Canon", "OneZero", and "On" Behnen, Severin Hilar  PRINTED
      3 Windows: A collection of jazz-rock fusion compositions Poloni, Stephen N  PRINTED
      The 19th Century Tarantella for Piano: A Pedagogical Guide to Performance and Leveling Brown, Myron D  PRINTED
      A 21st Century Investigation of the Historical, Musical and Acoustical Contexts of a 19th Century Comic Opera "Schermania in America", Composed by Dr. Gabriel Miesse, Jr Abbott, Carol A  PRINTED
2009 additional entries    
      Agricultural conservation buffers for breeding grassland birds in eastern Mississippi Adams, Heidi Lynn  PRINTED
      An Ecological Aesthetic in Restructuring Urban Landscapes Two Cases in Seoul, South Korea Min, Byoung Wook  PRINTED
      The Effects of Season and Land Cover on the White Grub (Posthodiplostomum minimum) in the Tissues of Smallmouth Bass (Micropterus dolomieu) from the Potomac and James river Drainages & Description of Two New Gill Myxozoans from Smallmouth (Micropterus dolomieu) and Largemouth Bass (M. salmoides) Ellery, Heather L  PRINTED
      Forest-meadow dynamics in the central western Oregon Cascades: Topographic, biotic, and environmental change effects Rice, Janine M  PRINTED
13 additional entries    
      Abrupt climate variability during the last glacial and the late Holocene from the Western tropical Pacific perspective Saikku, Reetta Maaria  PRINTED
      Acoustic measurement techniques for suspended sediments and bedforms Mouraenko, Oleg A  電子書
      Acoustic measurements of cohesive sediment transport: Suspension to consolidation Ha, Ho Kyung  PRINTED
      Acoustic propagation in the Hudson River Estuary: Analysis of experimental measurements and numerical modeling results Radhakrishnan, Sreeram  PRINTED
154 additional entries    
      Abiotic and biotic influences on the composition of nearshore marine communities of The Bahamas Nero, Vanessa Lynn  電子書
      Acoustic pathway and receiving beam pattern of the bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) Khan, Alvin  PRINTED
      Acquisition et allocation de l'energie chez la crevette nordique, Pandalus borealis a differentes temperatures Daoud, Dounia  PRINTED
      Adaptive enhancement of marine mammal vocalizations Gur, Berke M  PRINTED
252 additional entries    
      Accessing the records of methane passage in ancient sediments Martin, Ruth A  PRINTED
      Acquiring three-dimensional data from small mammalian teeth: Laser scanning Eocene marsupials Smith, Nicholas E  電子書
      African papionin phylogenetic history and Plio-Pleistocene biogeography Gilbert, Christopher Charles  PRINTED
      Anatomy and systematics of coelurosaurian theropods from the late Jurassic of Xinjiang, China, with comments on forelimb evolution in Theropoda Choiniere, Jonah Nathaniel  PRINTED
29 additional entries    
      18-Methoxycoronaridine, morphine and the cholinergic habenulo-interpeduncular pathway Taraschenko, Olga D  電子書
      Acute opioid effects on cortisol and cytokines in bipolar disorder Mascarenhas, Justine  電子書
      Adolescent 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA or 'ecstasy') exposure in rats: Behavioral, neurochemical, and pharmocokinetic activity Piper, Brian James  電子書
      Advanced informatics based approaches for data driven drug discovery Nandigam, Ravi Kumar  電子書
241 additional entries    
      Computational representation and reasoning support for requirements change management in complex system design Morkos, Beshoy Wahib  PRINTED
      Crayfish Ecology, Conservation, and Invasions from Regional to Global Studies Larson, Eric R  PRINTED
      Measuring and forecasting environmental conditions from the perspective of rocky intertidal organisms Smith, Katherine Allison  PRINTED
      Overcoming barriers to coastal wetland ecosystem rehabilitation: Strategies for the Great Lakes Kowalski, Kurt P  PRINTED
      Software after states: Google, Jihad and geoscapes Bratton, Benjamin H  PRINTED
      Acquisition, storage, and retrieval in digital and biological brains Manning, Jeremy R  PRINTED
      Adenomatous polyposis coli (APC) regulates axon arborization and cytoskeleton organization via its n-terminus Chen, Youjun  PRINTED
      Attention, memory, and social learning in neural models of financial decision-making Wong, Charles  PRINTED
      Bioinformatics tools for the elucidation of genomic properties Shulha, Hennady Petrovich  PRINTED
26 additional entries    
      About face: Altered states of subjectivity in Levinas Gunning, Meredith  電子書
      Abstract right, reason, and the state in Hegel's "Philosophy of Right" Czank, James Mathew  電子書
      Abstraction and theories of lei (classification, kinds): A response to Chad Hansen's mereological interpretation of ancient Chinese philosophy Chong, Chaehyun  PRINTED
1879 additional entries    
      Anatomy and systematics of coelurosaurian theropods from the late Jurassic of Xinjiang, China, with comments on forelimb evolution in Theropoda Choiniere, Jonah Nathaniel  PRINTED
      Computational analysis of biological networks: Measuring evolutionary rewiring and predicting regulatory relationship Shou, Chong  PRINTED
      Development and use of molecular tools in Fragaria Njuguna, Wambui  PRINTED
      Dissecting Transcriptional Regulatory Networks with Systems Biology Approaches Zhou, Xiang  PRINTED
23 additional entries    
      Affect and attitude transfer under conditions of congruity: An investigation of art gallery alliances Maksymiuk, Catherine  PRINTED
      An analysis of art museum directors, 1990-2010 Bruch, Kristin  PRINTED
      An analysis of the art image interchange cycle within fine art museums Andersen, Evan  PRINTED
      The artist's voice: Developing safeguards for combating challenges to artistic freedom Markum, Wendy Tia  PRINTED
32 additional entries    
      The abiotic transformation of nitroaromatic pesticides by iron(II) and dissolved organic matter Hakala, Jacqueline Alexandra  電子書
      Aboveground biomass and nutrients in developing northern hardwood stands in New Hampshire, United States Fatemi, Farrah R  電子書
      Aboveground carbon storage and net primary production in human impacted forests under current and future climate scenarios Chiang, Jyh-Min  電子書
      An adsorption model for nickel in smelter impacted soils Stanbury, Devon  電子書
196 additional entries    
      Comparisons of distributions and isotopic geochemistry of benthic foraminifera from seep and non-seep environments, offshore of Costa Rica Burkett, Ashley M  PRINTED
      Historic reconstruction of watershed land-use impacts on water quality in freshwater systems Das, Biplob  PRINTED
      Holocene environmental change in mainland southeast Asia: Pollen and charcoal records from Cambodia Maxwell, Andrew Lee  PRINTED
      Millennial-scale variations and centennial-scale events in the southwest Asian monsoon: Pollen evidence from Tibet Shen, Caiming  電子書
4 additional entries    
0427 : Maxwell, Andrew Lee; Department of Information Technology Services; PRINTED     
      Holocene environmental change in mainland southeast Asia: Pollen and charcoal records from Cambodia Maxwell, Andrew Lee  PRINTED
      Adoption of a tourism satellite account (TSA) in a municipal area: A case study in Suzhou, China Ge, Yujing  電子書
      Advancement of erosion testing, modeling, and design of concrete pavement subbase layers Jung, Youn Su  PRINTED
      Analysis of integrated sensor orientation for airborne mapping Ip, Alan Wing Lun  電子書
      Analysis of laterally loaded piles in layered soil Basu, Dipanjan  電子書
121 additional entries    
      Alchemy in Eden: Entrepreneurialism, branding, and food marketing in the United States, 1880--1920 Lonier, Terri  PRINTED
      Becoming Aware of and Learning How to Navigate the SBIR Program: The Entrepreneurs' Perspectives Sarvela, Pamela M  PRINTED
      Being independent together: Urban Russian businesswomen and new forms of national belonging Mazzarino, Andrea C  PRINTED
      Brazil: Measuring the Constructs of the Business Incubation Process Bejarano, Thomas  PRINTED
125 additional entries    
      The absence of technology in undergraduate sport management curriculum and its relationship to intercollegiate and professional athletics Hjerpe, Karen L  PRINTED
      Academic and athletic motivation as predictors of academic performance of Division I college student-athletes Carter, Christina Michelle  PRINTED
      Academic and pedagogical reform of college coaches Colwell, Chad Robert Dodds  PRINTED
      Accessing organizational resources and pursuing value through international promotional alliances Cobbs, Joe B  PRINTED
193 additional entries    
      Coherent Control of Electric Current at the Nanoscale Reuter, Matthew Gregory  PRINTED
      Design of multi-functional hydrogel for cell therapies Cha, Chaenyung  PRINTED
      Electron Transport in Disordered Molecular Adlayers and Molecular Junctions George, Christopher Brian  PRINTED
      Enzymatic Molecular Hydrogels: Design, Synthesis, and Applications as Bioactive Materials Gao, Yuan  PRINTED
17 additional entries    
      The accumulation of capital and the shifting construction of difference: Examining the relations of colonialism, post-colonialism and neo-colonialism in Trinidad Kerrigan, Dylan Brian Rum  PRINTED
      Between making carnival and making tourism: Representation of Trinidad Carnival as Third Space Bedeau, Koren Allyson  PRINTED
      Carnival is woman!: Gender, performance, and visual culture in contemporary Trinidad Carnival Noel, Samantha  PRINTED
      Chinese coolies in Cuba and Peru: Race, labor, and immigration, 1839-1886 Narvaez, Benjamin Nicolas  PRINTED
27 additional entries    
      Acclimatization of older men to work in heat Daugherty, Edward Payson  電子書
      Active-muscle and whole-body fat, carbohydrate, and lactate metabolism after endurance training in men Bergman, Bryan Christopher  電子書
      Adaptive dynamics of the barn owl auditory space map Bergan, Joseph Fossland  電子書
      Affective state response to stretching before an acute bout of exercise Hale, William Davis  電子書
282 additional entries    
      Amazons of the ancient world: Women in Greek and Roman societies as seen in the Amazon myth Woods, Holly I  PRINTED
      The ancient quarrel unsettled: Plato and the erotics of tragic poetry Bartscherer, Thomas Luke  PRINTED
      The archaeology and translation of Greek tragedy: Tragedy and the emotions Gremmler, Daniel  PRINTED
      Aristotelian forms: Form, soul, and mind Gabor, Octavian Gheorghe  PRINTED
13 additional entries    
      A country of immigration? Situating German multiculturalism in the new Europe Khrebtan-Horhager, Julia  PRINTED
      Crafting Digital Cinema: Cinematographers in Contemporary Hollywood Lucas, Robert Christopher  PRINTED
      The CREW Project: Capturing and retelling experiences works Quon, Donia H  PRINTED
      The CREW project: Teaching digital video storytelling to teens in the inner city Steaffens, Jessica J  PRINTED
7 additional entries    
      Access, discourse, and cultural landscape change: The case of national park communities along the Crater Lake Highway in Jackson County, Oregon O'Connell, Stephen Michael  PRINTED
      Applying social science methods to visitor research in Terra Nova National Park Pitcher, Jill Cicely Ann  PRINTED
      A bountiful harvest: Pueblo of Laguna college graduates assessment of tribal utilization of subsidized academic capital Graham, Joe L  PRINTED
      A Case Study of the Lincoln Theater in Columbus, Ohio: A Participatory Social Action Research Study Shorter Smith, Toni M  PRINTED
58 additional entries    
      Acceptance into the European Union: An investigation of the challenges to Bosnian leadership Zelihic, Maja  PRINTED
      Art cinema in Eastern Europe, 1956--1981 Vermillion, Billy Budd  PRINTED
      The battle over Belarus: The rise and fall of the Belarusian national movement, 1906-1931 Rudling, Per Anders  PRINTED
      Being Polish/Becoming European: Gender and The Limits of Diffusion in Polish Accession to the European Union Gerber, Alexandra  PRINTED
30 additional entries    
      Accounting for spatial substitution patterns and bioeconomic feedback loops: An economic approach to managing inland recreational fisheries Deisenroth, Daniel B  PRINTED
      Achieving Realistic Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions in U.S. Cities Blackhurst, Michael F  PRINTED
      Air quality regulation and the reduction of toxic and greenhouse gases Benton, Matthew Hale  PRINTED
      An analysis comparing the effects of fossil fuels and economic activity on state level carbon dioxide production Sullivan, Timothy M  PRINTED
108 additional entries    
      Chinese Environmental Law & Policy: A Return to Confucianism Lindsay, Scott William Charles  PRINTED
      Choosing Cooperation: The Incidence and Design of International Agreements Debroy, Papia  PRINTED
      Climate of Change: A Foreign Policy Analysis of China's Participation in International Environmental Agreements Hodgson, Andrew  PRINTED
      Does the policy-making process affect farmer compliance? A three-state case study of nutrient management regulations Perez, Michelle R  PRINTED
27 additional entries    
      Acceptance into the European Union: An investigation of the challenges to Bosnian leadership Zelihic, Maja  PRINTED
      'Americanization' versus 'Europeanization' in Italian foreign policy Sgueglia, James Patrick  PRINTED
      Climate Change and Small Island Developing States [electronic resource] : Arguments for Accelerating Action Harris, Samantha L  COMPUTER FILE
      Climate Change and Small Island Developing States: Arguments for Accelerating Action Harris, Samantha L  PRINTED
45 additional entries    
      Academic discourse socialization: A case study on Chinese graduate students' oral presentations Wang, Sue  PRINTED
      Academic spoken English strategy use of non-native English speaking graduate students Ma, Rui  PRINTED
      Achievement, assessment, and learning: A study of emergent bilingual students in mainstream content classrooms Logan-Terry, Aubrey Elizabeth  PRINTED
      The acquisition and online processing of anaphora by Chinese-English bilinguals: A computer assisted study Liu, Rong  PRINTED
464 additional entries    
      Articulating social change in Puerto Rico: Environmental education as a model for youth socio-political development and community-led school reform Cintron-Moscoso, Federico  PRINTED
      Arts based environmental integrated curriculum construction and implementation supported by learning communites Buda, Sharon Liddell  PRINTED
      Assessment of change in conservation attitudes through zoo education Randall, Teresa  PRINTED
      Assessment of the Green Building Education Needs of North Carolina Real Estate Appraisers Ball, Lee F., Jr  PRINTED
70 additional entries    
      The A+ Schools Program and School Improvement Moyer, Ashley Suzanne  PRINTED
      Access is not enough: How pre-college programs impact students after college entry Fosnacht, Kevin John  PRINTED
      Addressing relational aggression: Assessing the merits of coeducational and gender-specific bullying prevention programs Dulberg, Rena  PRINTED
      Analysis of Cognitive Tutor geometry curriculum Bibi, Tauqir  PRINTED
162 additional entries    
      Acquiring 21st century language skills: A case study on the impact of teachers' perceptions of students' second language skills on a world language program Torres, Oscar, Jr  PRINTED
      The acquisition and online processing of anaphora by Chinese-English bilinguals: A computer assisted study Liu, Rong  PRINTED
      Acquisition of causative directed manner of motion by English-speaking learners of Chinese Peng, Ke  PRINTED
      The Acquisition of English Focus Marking by Non-Native Speakers Baker, Rachel Elizabeth  PRINTED
219 additional entries    
      Advanced learner perceptions of psychological well-being and school satisfaction in two educational settings Robertson, Janice C  PRINTED
      The Advanced Placement program: A case study of one urban high school Manos, Marika Elizabeth  PRINTED
      Against the odds: Academic resilience among high-ability African American adolescents living in rural poverty Ellis, Wendy Taylor  PRINTED
      Analyses of attribute patterns of creative problem solving ability among upper elementary students in Taiwan Lin, Chia-Yi  PRINTED
46 additional entries    
      Academic change and innovation: Obstacles and strategies for overcoming barriers Major barriers and strategies for overcoming them in initiating and implementing organizational change: The case of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Women in Science and Engineering Leadership Institute (WISELI) O'Connell, Kathleen A  PRINTED
      Academic medical faculty and their complex roles Howell, Malcolm G  PRINTED
      Accepting technology as a solution: A quantitative study investigating the adoption of technology at colleges Demuth, Leroy G., III  PRINTED
      The accreditation process in Mississippi from the perspective of community college administrators Hollingsworth, Stacey Smith  PRINTED
179 additional entries    
      Aligning Instructional Practices with Content Standards in Junior Secondary Schools in Indonesia Suwarno, Rumtini  PRINTED
      American Sign Language finger challenge Cougler, Jeffrey  PRINTED
      Analysis of attitude and achievement using the 5E instructional model in an interactive television environment Cherry, Gamaliel R  PRINTED
      An analysis of instructional design conditions using e-books for e-learning: Community college students' cognitive load perspectives Taylor, Sharon A  PRINTED
214 additional entries    
      21st century skills as equity pedagogy to teach academic content standards: A socioeconomically diverse district's implementation Schwartz, Robert  PRINTED
      Accessing the Superintendency: Successful Strategies of African American Female Superintendents Simpson Marcus, Angelique  PRINTED
      The Achievement Gap: Factors That Influenced the Achievement of Successful Black Students Morton, Kwame R., Sr  PRINTED
      Addressing Limited Clinical Experiences for Nursing Students Eisert, Shelly  PRINTED
683 additional entries    
      Acquiring 21st century language skills: A case study on the impact of teachers' perceptions of students' second language skills on a world language program Torres, Oscar, Jr  PRINTED
      An action research project to assess middle school educators' professional development needs in single-sex classrooms Simm, Lynnette Marie Gresham  PRINTED
      After school care arrangements and student academic performance and misbehavior in middle school Baisley, Barbara Ann  PRINTED
      An analysis of the implementation of the South Carolina anti-bullying legislation in the middle schools involved in the Abbeville, South Carolina, school district lawsuit Smith-Canty, Vanessa  PRINTED
208 additional entries    
      The 21st century addiction: User generated content dependency and media aesthetic expectations as experienced through YouTube McKeague, Matthew T  PRINTED
      The ability to flexibly regulate emotional expression: Stability, predictive validity, and the accuracy of self-report Seivert, Nicholas H  PRINTED
      Abuse in dating relationships: Do experiences of psychological abuse differentially affect men and women? Wayne, Sarah Carolyn  PRINTED
      Abuse potential and discipline beliefs in parents of children with behavior problems McElroy, Erika M  電子書
2015 additional entries    
      The abandonment of parenting Goetz, Susan Benedetto  PRINTED
      Academic achievement of foster children: Child welfare workers' perceptions and practices Mata, Cindy Soledad  PRINTED
      Access to cancer education and screening: A long and difficult journey for Chinese immigrants in New York City Kwong, Kam-Man Kenny  電子書
      Accidental activists: Mothers, organization and disability Panitch, Melanie R  電子書
1269 additional entries    
      The ABCD conundrum: What does it mean to be a South Asian-American woman? Badruddoja, Roksana  PRINTED
      Aborted discourse? Identity, marginalization, and the politics of reproductive and sexual health in New York City Rasmussen, Amy C  電子書
      The abortion narrative in American film: 1900--2000 MacGibbon, Heather  電子書
      Abortion restrictions: "Undue burden" to women and society Raider, Diana L  電子書
2843 additional entries    
      3 essays on universal banking Ross, David G  電子書
      21st century inter-organizational collaboration success and dedicated alliance functions Ricco, Michael E  PRINTED
      The AADERE model of progression in the hospitality and tourism industry: An empirical study of high-salaried Black managers Turnipseed, Ivan Benjamin  PRINTED
      The absence of successful exit strategies in the United States industrial-design consulting profession Spak, Lorin M  電子書
4755 additional entries    
      Academic achievement trajectories of adolescents from Mexican and East Asian immigrant families Jeong, Yu Jin  PRINTED
      Academic Trajectories of Chinese, Korean, Filipino, Mexican, and Non-Hispanic White Immigrants During High School and the Impacts of Social Capital Kanatsu, Akira  PRINTED
      Acculturation and academic performance: The role of media use and interpersonal communication among international students Huang, Yu-Chao  PRINTED
      Acquisition of Chinese Literacy by Ethnic Minority Children in Hong Kong Primary Schools Wong, Yu Ka  PRINTED
222 additional entries    
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