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245 00 Trade, labour and transformation of community in Asia
       |h[electronic resource] /|cedited by Michael Gillan, Bob 
260    Basingstoke :|bPalgrave Macmillan,|c2009 
300    p.|ccm 
505 0  Introduction: The Social Impact Of Trade and Production 
       Networks On Labour And Local Communities in Asia / 
       B.Pokrant & M.Gillan -- Globalization and Economic Change 
       in Bangladesh / J.McGuire --International Trade and 
       Business Investment in Myanmar: Scope, Strategic 
       Development, and Social Implications / V.Thein & D.Pick --
       The Global Trade in Shrimpand its Social, Economic and 
       Environmental Impacts in Bangladesh, India and Thailand / 
       B.Pokrant -- From Marginalized Artisan to 
       ImpoverishedEntrepreneur: Indian Artisans Confront 
       Globalization / T.Scrase -- Industrial Restructuring, 
       Trade Union Strategy, and Social Transformation in 
       Australia and Asia / M.Gillan & R.Lambert -- Global Trade 
       and the Politics of Uneven Development: The Case of the 
       Port Sector in South and South-East Asia /D.Hill -- Women 
       Workers Organizing in the Free Trade Zones: Collective 
       Action and Community / J.Biyanwila -- Linking and 
       Legitimizing Knowledge Based Economic Development: India-
       Singapore Collaboration in the Information Technology 
       Sector / F.Yahya -- Visibility andDifference in a 
       Transnational Organization in Australia: The Case of 
       Transient Indian Information Technology Professionals (IT)
       / S.Lakha -- Envisioning Futures in Work and Career in 
       Large Transnational Call Centres in India / J.Jarman 
520    This book considers the transformative impact of global 
       trade and production networks on local economies, work and
       labour organisation, andnotions of 'community'. The idea 
       of 'community' and the transformationof its various forms 
       and meanings under globalisation is the subject of 
       considerabledebate in the disciplines of anthropology and 
       sociology.Parallel to this interest, there is a growing 
       body of research from economic geographers, political 
       economists, and labour studies scholars on how global 
       trade and corporate production networks are re-shaping 
       economies, regulatory structures, labour organisation, and
       the lives of workers. This volume utilises comparative 
       analysis and case studies to engage with these themes, by 
       examining socio-economic transformation in Asia and the 
       restructuring of manufacturing industries, ports, the 
       information technology sector, and small to medium scale 
       commodity production networks. This book is essential 
       reading for all interested in developmentstudies, 
       political economy, Asian studies, industrial relations and
       labour studies.&|160; &|160; 
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