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100 1  Cooksey, M. A 
245 10 Quick Hits for Service-Learning :|bSuccessful Strategies 
       by Award-Winning Teachers 
264  1 Bloomington :|bIndiana University Press,|c2010 
264  4 |c©2010 
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505 0  Cover -- Contents -- Indiana Campus Compact Directors' 
       Welcome -- Welcome to Quick Hits for Service-Learning -- 
       Editors' Introduction -- 1 The Education of Children and 
       Youth -- Meeting the needs of children -- From community 
       service to service-learning -- Discovering self in serving
       others -- Preparing for the future -- Learning to Read and
       Reading to Learn -- Understanding play at The Discovery 
       Center -- The schools and community project -- A service-
       learning model for pre-service teacher preparation -- 
       Reaching children and families of natural disasters 
       through service-learning -- Inventing pedagogy and methods
       : opportunities for service and learning in the 
       preparation of pre-service teachers for urban classrooms -
       - Meeting the challenge of implementing service-learning 
       with in-service teachers -- Encouraging youth philanthropy
       -- Learning to teach through serving others -- The Stories
       Project: Nurturing creativity and literacy through 
       storymaking -- 2 Civic Awareness, Engagement, and Activism
       -- Teaching policy advocacy through service-learning -- 
       Service-learning has a statewide impact on sexual violence
       -- Trash bags to hand bags: An ecological service-learning
       project -- Finding one's voice through policy advocacy 
       projects -- Notes from the field(s): From pulling up weeds
       to putting down roots in the community -- Learning from 
       the unintentional outcomes -- Service-learning course in 
       philosophy -- Service-learning for mathematics education 
       in the public interest -- Service-learning for criminal 
       justice majors with a minor in Africana Studies -- 
       Community social service projects: A service-learning 
       model for community action -- 3 Language, Literature, and 
       Communication -- Enriching arts & humanities through 
       service-learning -- Ecocritical service-learning in the 
       first year composition classroom 
505 8  Stepping out: Crossing the classroom/community threshold -
       - Creating and maintaining a service-learning program: 
       ROARing for a decade -- Professional readiness: Service-
       learning projects as preparation for the field experience 
       -- Connecting to community in a public speaking course -- 
       Implementing the mission: Service-learning in the 
       community -- Creating a companion course for a university-
       based youth outreach program -- Service-learning and the 
       first-year experience -- 4 Global Studies and Local 
       Outreach to Exceptional Populations -- International 
       Service-learning (ISL): Creating an intersession social 
       work course in India -- Internship/service-learning 
       experience in Belize -- Learning through service in a 
       global context: The Malawi study abroad -- Connections: 
       Linking global service-learning to local communities 
       through academic coursework -- Developing a resource 
       manual for new immigrants -- Learning beyond the classroom
       : A Spanish for the Professions course -- Matching student
       presentations to the nature of service-learning work -- 
       Partnering with the community to bridge the language 
       classroom to the Latino population -- Service-learning in 
       post-Katrina New Orleans -- Service-learning partnerships 
       with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community
       -- Community Connections: A community outreach 
       intergenerational andmulticultural opportunity for service
       -learning -- Students educating the community to address a
       public health concern:The Alzheimer's Safe Return™ 
       Collaborative -- 5 The Study of History, the Social 
       Sciences, and the Arts -- Hands of time project -- 
       Integrating service-learning into a social work cultural 
       diversity course -- Reinventing the Settlement House: 
       Using a social work program toprovide campus-wide service-
       learning opportunities -- UGIVE: An intergenerational 
       service-learning program 
505 8  The profession of social work through service-learning -- 
       Service-learning: A sociological experience -- A better 
       place: Community resource development through service-
       learning -- Housing and quality of life: Student 
       interviews with farm worker families -- Photovoice Project
       -- Increasing cultural competency through refugee focused 
       servicelearningprojects: Bringing the world home -- 
       Confronting poverty's impact on the community -- The 
       importance of competencies to alumni of the Sociology/
       Anthropology department -- The healing power of music -- 
       Perceptual changes through teaching others -- 6 Business, 
       Industry, and the Health Sciences -- Increasing students' 
       awareness of varying socioeconomic classes and the 
       influence of the U.S. income tax system -- Service-
       learning in the tax curriculum -- Managing to achieve the 
       moment -- Community service-learning with student team 
       consulting projects -- Service-learning in Project 
       Management -- Reaching and teaching: Bringing health 
       concepts to life -- The Happy Teeth Sealant Clinic: 
       Engaging students, schools and community -- Service-
       learning creates epiphanies in a general studies HIV/AIDS 
       course -- Evaluation of a campus: Community partnership to
       promote wellness and interestin health careers among older
       rural elementary school children -- Incorporating service-
       learning in an interdisciplinary medical ethics course -- 
       designBUILD Studio: A case study in forming collaborative 
       service-learning initiatives -- Designing change -- How we
       made things better in medical education: From service 
       delivery to service- learning -- 7 The Teaching of 
       Research and Other "Tools of the Trade" -- Providing 
       RefWorks training for the university library -- Teaching 
       research skills through service-learning -- Qualitative 
       methods in the service of learning 
505 8  Collaborating with community partners on course design: 
       From inception to delivery to follow-up -- Effective 
       service-learning reflection: Harnessing the power of 
       Bloom's taxonomy -- Strategies and techniques for 
       implementing community-based research service-learning 
       projects inadvanced courses in areas of study that are not
       traditionally related to public service -- Checklists for 
       an "all-or-nothing" service-learning project -- Successful
       integration of a university service-learning class into a 
       community coalition -- Creating an engaged program: The 
       benefits of service integration across the curriculum -- 
       Involving undergraduate students in community-based 
       research -- The research partnership model -- Service-
       learning in the United States history survey course -- 
       Teaching the temporal dimension of service-learning 
       projects -- The art of service-learning discourse -- 
       Contributors -- Index 
520    Service-learning, the integration of classroom instruction
       with community                service projects, is rapidly
       gaining momentum as a successful teaching and learning    
       strategy that benefits both students and their 
       communities. Quick Hits for                Service-
       Learning presents more than 80 examples of innovative 
       curricula, developed                by educators in a wide
       range of disciplines, designed to combine community 
       service                with instruction and reflection. 
       Seven chapters offer tips for classroom activities        
       that focus on the education of children and youth; civic 
       awareness, engagement, and                activism; 
       language, literature, and communication; global studies 
       and local outreach                to exceptional 
       populations; the study of history, the social sciences, 
       and the arts;                business, industry, and the 
       health sciences; and the teaching of research and other   
       "tools of the trade." Brimming with ideas that busy 
       faculty members can easily adapt                to their 
       own classrooms, this book is a valuable reference for 
       faculty new to the                field or seasoned 
       practitioners looking for fresh ideas 
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