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245 04 The neuropsychology of Asian-Americans /|cedited by Daryl 
       E.M. Fujii 
260    New York :|bTaylor & Francis,|cc2011 
300    xii, 311 p. :|bill. ;|c24 cm 
490 1  Studies on neuropsychology, neurology, and cognition 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 0  Neuropsychology of Cambodian Americans / Daryl Fujii ... 
       [et al.] -- Neuropsychology of Chinese Americans / Tony M.
       Wong -- Neuropsychological assessments and Filipino 
       Americans : cultural implications for practice / Kevin L. 
       Nadal and Jennifer Monzones -- Neuropsychology of Hmong 
       Americans / Daryl Fujii and Alyssa Kaying Vang -- 
       Neuropsychology of Asian Indians / Vaishali S. Phatak, 
       Vidyulata Kamath, and Daryl Fujii -- Neuropsychology of 
       Japanese Americans / William T. Tsushima, Vincent G. 
       Tsushima, and Daryl Fujii -- Neuropsychological assessment
       of Korean Americans / Mi-Yeoung Jo and Lauren Kwon Dawson 
       -- Neuropsychology of Laotian Americans / Daryl Fujii -- 
       Neuropsychology of Thai Americans / Daryl Fujii, Tony Wu, 
       and Kattiya Ratanadilok -- Neuropsychology of Vietnamese 
       Americans / Dung Ngo, Minh-Thu Le, and Phuoc Dinh Le -- 
       Neuropsychology in China / Agnes S. Chan, Winnie W. Leung,
       and Mei-Chun Cheung -- Neuropsychology in India / J. 
       Keshav Kumar -- Neuropscyhology in Japan / Angelica 
       Isomura-Motoki and Masaru Mimura -- Neuropsychology in 
       Korea / Jeanyung Chey and Heyeon Park -- Neuropsychology 
       in Malaysia / Normah Che Din -- Neuropsychology in the 
       Philippines / Maria Raquel Lopa-Ramos and Lourdes Ledesma 
       -- Neuropsychology in Singapore / Simon L. Collinson and 
       Donald Yeo -- Neuropsychology in Thailand / Kattiya 
520    "This volume is the first comprehensive resource to assist
       neuropsychologists to provide culturally competent 
       services to Asian-Americans. It highlights pertinent 
       historical socio-cultural characteristics of the largest 
       Asian-American ethnic groups, which helps to conceptualize
       presentation, provide an optimal environment for test 
       administration, interpret tests within a cultural context,
       and offer culturally sensitive feedback and 
       recommendations. In addition, the volume gives a summary 
       of the available neuropsychological literature for each 
       Asian-American ethnic group, recommendations for testing, 
       and illustrative case samples. The second purpose of the 
       volume is to provide a glimpse of how neuropsychology is 
       currently practiced in different Asian countries, by 
       reviewing the neuropsychological literature and by listing
       the available resources. This information gives valuable 
       insights to neuropsychologists working with Asian 
       communities throughout the world. Neuropsychology of Asian
       -Americans is an essential resource for clinical 
       neuropsychologists and school psychologists who perform 
       neuropsychological services to Asians. It is also an 
       important resource for academic neuropsychologists and 
       students with Asians in their sample, as cultural 
       variables may have moderating effects on data that 
       information in this proposed book helps to elucidate"--
       Provided by publisher 
650  0 Neuropsychology|zUnited States 
650  0 Neuropsychology|zAsia 
650  0 Asian Americans|xPsychology 
650  0 Cultural psychiatry|zUnited States 
650 12 Neuropsychology|xmethods|zUnited States 
650 22 Asian Americans|xethnology|zUnited States 
650 22 Asian Americans|xpsychology|zUnited States 
650 22 Cultural Competency|zUnited States 
650 22 Mental Disorders|xethnology|zUnited States 
650 22 Professional-Patient Relations|zUnited States 
700 1  Fujii, Daryl,|d1961- 
830  0 Studies on neuropsychology, neurology, and cognition 
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