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245 00 Ontogeny, functional ecology, and evolution of bats /
       |cedited by Rick A. Adams and Scott C. Pedersen 
246 3  Ontogeny, Functional Ecology, & Evolution of Bats 
264  1 Cambridge :|bCambridge University Press,|c2000 
300    1 online resource (viii, 398 pages) :|bdigital, PDF 
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       Oct 2015) 
505 00 |tIntegrating ontogeny into ecological and evolutionary 
       investigations /|rR.A. Adams, S.C. Pedersen --|tBat 
       phylogeny : an evolutionary context for comparative 
       studies /|rN.B. Simmons --|tEarly embryology, fetal 
       membranes, and placentation /|rK.B. Karim, K.P. Bhatnagar 
       --|tBrain ontogeny and ecomorphology in bats /|rR.L. Reep,
       K.P. Bhatnagar --|tEvolutionary plasticity and ontogeny of
       the bat cochlea /|rM. Vater --|tSkull growth and the 
       acoustical axis of the head in bats /|rS.C. Pedersen --
       |tOntogeny of the chiropteran basicranium, with reference 
       to the Indian false vampire bat, Megaderma lyra /|rJ.R. 
       Wible, D.L. Davis --|tA theoretical consideration of 
       dental morphology, ontogeny, and evolution in bats /|rC.J.
       Phillips --|tWing ontogeny, shifting niche dimensions, and
       adaptive landscapes /|rR.A. Adams --|tOntogeny and 
       evolution of the hindlimb and calcar : assessing 
       phylogenetic trends /|rR.A. Adams, K.M. Thibault --|tA 
       comparative perspective on the ontogeny of flight muscles 
       in bats /|rJ.W. Hermanson --|tThe ontogeny of behavior in 
       bats : a functional perspective /|rG. Jones 
520    The study of animal development has deep historical roots 
       in codifying the field of evolutionary biology. In the 
       1940s evolutionary theory became engulfed by analyses of 
       microevolutionary genetics and development became focused 
       on mechanisms, forsaking the evolutionary implications of 
       ontogeny. Recently, ontogeny has resurfaced as a 
       significant component of evolutionary change and also of 
       population and community dynamics. Ontogeny, Functional 
       Ecology and Evolution of Bats is a reference work by bat 
       biologists who emphasize the importance of understanding 
       ontogeny in analyses of evolution and ecology. In addition,
       the developmental underpinnings of specialized morphology,
       physiology and behaviour are elucidated, and the strong 
       influence of ecology on the ontological niche of juvenile 
       bats is illustrated. This book is an essential reference, 
       not only for bat biologists, but for anyone working in the
       fields of ecology, developmental biology, evolution, 
       behaviour and systematics 
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650  0 Bats|xDevelopment 
650  0 Bats|xEvolution 
700 1  Adams, Rick A.|q(Rick Alan),|eeditor 
700 1  Pedersen, Scott C.|q(Scott Campbell),|d1960-|eeditor 
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