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100 1  Mcgarry, Kevin 
245 10 Fatherhood for Gay Men :|bAn Emotional and Practical Guide
       to Becoming a Gay Dad 
264  1 Florence :|bTaylor & Francis Group,|c2003 
264  4 |c©2003 
300    1 online resource (175 pages) 
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490 1  Race and Politics Ser 
505 0  Cover -- Half Title -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- 
       Dedication -- Table of Contents -- Foreword -- Preface -- 
       Chapter 1: Closet Daddy -- Chapter 2: Sacrifices and Trade
       -Offs-Kids versus Corvettes -- Chapter 3: My Journey to 
       Vietnam -- Chapter 4: Being a Gay Dad -- Study by Gillian 
       Dunne -- Testimonials -- Chapter 5: The Adoption Process -
       - Homestudy -- Dossier -- Medical Reports -- BCIS 
       (Formerly the INS) -- Chapter 6: How I Chose Vietnam-
       Destiny's Children -- What Countries Allow Single Men to 
       Adopt? -- Chapter 7: The Bottom Line-How Much Will It 
       Cost? -- Chapter 8: The Current Laws on Gay Parenting in 
       Each State -- Chapter 9: Other Ways of Becoming a Gay Dad 
       -- Surrogacy -- Coparenting -- Chapter 10: Big Decisions -
       - Boy or Girl? -- Baby, Toddler, or Older Child? -- 
       Transracial Adoption? -- Domestic or International? -- How
       Old Is Too Old? -- Chapter 11: Preparing for Life with a 
       Baby or Child -- Baby Shower -- Names -- Preparing Your 
       Home -- Your Trip -- Day Care -- Your Social Life -- 
       Chapter 12: How to Avoid Problems and What to Do if They 
       Arise -- Chapter 13: My Decision to Adopt Again -- Chapter
       14: Life with Kids -- Afterword -- Appendix: Helpful Web 
       Sites and Listservs -- Web Sites -- Listservs 
520    Get the inside story on a single gay man's struggle to 
       adopt! Fatherhood for Gay Men: An Emotional and Practical 
       Guide to Becoming a Gay Dad is the story of one man's 
       journey down the road less traveled—a single gay man 
       adopting and raising his two sons. Author Kevin McGarry 
       recounts his passage into parenthood after years of having
       his natural fathering instincts stifled by the 
       limits—real and perceived—of being gay. This unique book
       details the emotional, financial, practical, and social 
       realities of the adoption process for gay men. From the 
       author: "We take risks by coming out of the closet as gay 
       men and at the end of the day, we are emotionally happier 
       because we took those risks. By coming out, we are being 
       true to who we are. The same goes for anyone, gay or 
       straight, who has gut instincts for parenthood. I knew 
       over the years that I had parenting instincts because I 
       had this incredible envy of other dads. I would watch them
       with their kids and wish that somehow, I could have that 
       role. It was painful at times because being gay, I didn't 
       think parenting was in my life plan. Had more role models 
       been available to me, the process would have been a little
       less difficult." Much more than a “how-to” guide to 
       adoption, Fatherhood for Gay Men is the personal account 
       of a single gay man's struggle to become a father despite 
       the real and imagined limitations of being a gay man. The 
       book looks at the adoption process (domestic and 
       international) from the inside, providing unique insight 
       into: conducting a homestudy costs (fees and expenses) 
       what countries allow men to adopt alternatives to adoption
       life as a new parent online resources and a state-by-state
       review of adoption laws, categorized by “Completely Legal
       ,” “Favorable Climate,” “Mixed Success,” and 
       “Illegal” The book also includes results of the 2000 
       study by Gillian Dunne, senior 
520 8  researcher for the London School of Economics Gender 
       Institute, of 100 gay fathers and fathers-to-be. 
       “Fatherhood for Gay Men: An Emotional and Practical Guide
       to Becoming a Gay Dad is a heartfelt and heartwarming 
       story of a father's refusal to be denied a family. Visit 
       the Author's Web site at http://
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650  0 Gay fathers.;Gay adoption 
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776 08 |iPrint version:|aMcgarry, Kevin|tFatherhood for Gay Men :
       An Emotional and Practical Guide to Becoming a Gay Dad
       |dFlorence : Taylor & Francis Group,c2003|z9781560233879 
830  0 Race and Politics Ser 
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