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100 1  Greet, Michele,|d1970-|eauthor 
245 10 Transatlantic encounters :|bLatin American artists in 
       Paris between the wars /|cMichele Greet 
246 30 Latin American artists in Paris between the wars 
264  1 New Haven :|bYale University Press,|c[2018] 
264  4 |c©2018 
300    vii, 288 pages :|billustrations (some color) ;|c29 cm 
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338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 00 |gAcknowledgments --|gIntroduction --|gChapter 1.|tAmong 
       the Cubists --|gChapter 2.|tLatin American artists in 
       Montparnasse --|gChapter 3.|tParis : capital of Latin 
       American --|gChapter 4.|tAt the salons --|gChapter 5.|tAt 
       the galleries --|gChapter 6.|t"Exhilarating exile" : four 
       Latin American women exhibit in Paris --|gChapter 7.|tIn 
       the press --|gChapter 8.|tJoaquín Torres García Paris : 
       artist, innovator, organizer --|gChapter 9.|tExploring 
       surrealism --|gChapter 10.|tA pre-World War II resurgence 
       --|gNotes --|gIllustration credits --|gIndex 
520    Paris was the artistic capital of the world in the 1920s 
       and '30s, providing a home and community for the French 
       and international avant-garde. Latin American artists 
       contributed to and reinterpreted nearly every major 
       modernist movement that took place in the creative center 
       of Paris between World War I and World War II, including 
       Cubism (Diego Rivera), Surrealism (Antonio Berni and 
       Roberto Matta), and Constructivism (Joaquin Torres-
       Garcia). Yet their participation in the Paris art scene 
       has remained largely overlooked until now. This book 
       examines their collective role, surveying the work of both
       household names and an extraordinary array of lesser-known
       artists. Michele Greet illuminates the significant ways in
       which Latin American expatriates helped establish 
       modernism and, conversely, how a Parisian environment 
       influenced the development of Latin American artistic 
650  0 Art, Latin American|zFrance|zParis|y20th century 
650  0 Expatriate artists|zFrance|zParis 
650  0 Artists|zLatin America 
650  0 Latin Americans|zFrance|zParis 
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