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245 00 Atlas of retinal detachment :|bdiagnosis and differential 
       diagnosis /|cedited by Wenbin Wei 
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505 0  Chapter 1: Introduction of Retinal Detachment (Ma Kai) -- 
       Chapter 2: Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment (Zhu Ruilin) 
       -- Chapter 3: Special Types of Rhegmatogenous Retinal 
       Detachment (Ma Kai) -- Chapter 4: Exudative Retinal 
       Detachment (Zhou Haiying) -- Chapter 5: Fundus Congenital 
       Abnormalities and Retinal Detachment (Huang Yao) -- 
       Chapter 6: Tractional retinal detachment (Shao Lei) -- 
       Chapter 7: Traumatic Retinal Detachment (Zhou Jinqiong) --
       Chapter 8: Pathologic Myopia and Retina Detachment (Gao 
       Liqin) -- Chapter 9: Infectious Uveitis and Retinal 
       Detachment (Gao Liqin) -- Chapter 10: Uveitis and retinal 
       detachment (Huang Yao) -- Chapter 11: Ocular Tumor and 
       Retinal Detachment -- Chapter 12: Surgical Techniques of 
       Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment and Complications After 
       Surgeries (She Haicheng) 
520    This atlas and textbook aims to provide diverse pictures, 
       facilitating the readers to learn fundus diseases. Retinal
       detachment is a common group of vitreo-retinal diseases 
       that causes blindness. The diagnosis and differential 
       diagnosis are dependent mostly on ophthalmolscopy and 
       fundus imaging technology. With the development of imaging
       technology, it is getting easier for ophthalmologist to 
       make quick and accurate decision on the diagnosis. The 
       book includes both common types of retinal detachment and 
       some rare diseases. Moreover, some diseases without but 
       related to retinal detachment are included in the book. In
       addition to traditional color fundus photos, fundus 
       fluorescent angiography, ultrasound and traditional OCT 
       images, OCT angiography and ultrasound angiography images 
       are included too. This book also contains brief 
       introductions to each disease. Differentiated from 
       detailed review of pathogenesis or treatment, the readers 
       will discover concise yet direct concept. This atlas and 
       textbook is yours to read and enjoy, but also to use as a 
       valuable tool in your management of the patient with 
       retinal detachment. Keep it handy. We hope doctors in 
       training and those who have had certain clinical 
       experiences interested in vitro-retinal diseases can 
       benefit from this book 
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