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1383-469x : Computing Center Lib., Information Sci. Lib. ; JOURNAL     
      ACM Mobile Networks & Applications LIB USE ONLY   JOURNAL 1996-
1383-5130 ;    
      Climate governance in the Arctic [electronic resource] / edited by Timo Koivurova, E. Carina H. Keskitalo, Nigel Bankes   電子書 2009
      Coping with Water Deficiency [electronic resource] : from research to policymaking with examples from Southern Europe, the Mediterranean and developing countries / edited by Phoebe Koundouri   電子書 2008
      Corporate biodiversity management for sustainable growth : assessment of policies and action plans / edited by Ravi Sharma, Aparna Watve, Amitabh Pandey   COMPUTER FILE 2020
      Demography and infrastructure [electronic resource] : national and regional aspects of demographic change / edited by Tobias Kronenberg, Wilhelm Kuckshinrichs   電子書 2011
10 additional entries    
      Mutation research. Genetic toxicology [Electronic Resource]   COMPUTER FILE c1996
      Mutation research. Genetic toxicology and environmental mutagenesis   JOURNAL
      Mutation research. Genetic toxicology and environmental mutagenesis [Electronic Resource]   COMPUTER FILE 1997-
      Mutation research genomics   JOURNAL 1997-
      Mutation research. Mutation research genomics [Electronic Resource]   COMPUTER FILE
      Mutation research. Reviews in mutation research   JOURNAL c1997-
      Mutation research. Reviews in mutation research [Electronic Resource]   COMPUTER FILE
1383-5769 : Life Sci. LIB; COMPUTER FILE     
      Parasitology international [Electronic Resource]   COMPUTER FILE
1383-5866 : Life Sci. LIB; COMPUTER FILE     
      Separation and purification technology [Electronic Resource]   COMPUTER FILE 1997
1383-7281 ;    
      Electromagnetic field, health and environment [electronic resource] : proceedings of EHE'07 / edited by Andrzej Krawczyk ... [et al.] EHE'07  電子書 c2008
      Electromagnetic field, health and environment [electronic resource] : proceedings of EHE'07 / edited by Andrzej Krawczyk ... [et al.] EHE'07  電子書 c2008
      Electromagnetic fields in mechatronics, electrical and electronic engineering [electronic resource] : proceedings of ISEF '05 / ed. by Andrzej Krawczyk, Sławomir Wiak and Xose M. Lopez-Fernandez International Symposium on Electromagnetic Fields in Electrical Engineering  電子書 2006
      Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluation (X) [electronic resource] / edited by Seiki Takahashi and Hiroaki Kikuchi   電子書 c2007
3 additional entries    
1383-7303 ; / Studies in interface science, v. 12 : 中央研究院; 電子書     
      Colloid and surface chemistry [electronic resource] / Eugene D. Shchukin ... [et al.]   電子書 2001
1383-7427 : Fu Ssu-Nien Library; JOURNAL     
      Early science and medicine = a journal for the study of science, technology and medicine in the pre-modern period LIB USE ONLY   JOURNAL c1996-
1383-7575 ;    
      Communicating process architectures 2009 [electronic resource] : WoTUG-32 / edited by Peter H. Welch ... [et al.] WoTUG Technical Meeting  電子書 c2009
      Communicating process architectures 2009 [electronic resource] : WoTUG-32 / edited by Peter H. Welch ... [et al.] WoTUG Technical Meeting  電子書 c2009
      Communicating process architectures 2011 [electronic resource] : WoTUG-33 : proceedings of the 33rd WoTUG Technical Meeting, 19-22 June 2011, University of Limerick, Ireland / edited by Peter H. Welch ... [et al.] WoTUG  電子書 2011
1383-7583 : Fu Ssu-Nien Library, 人文社會聯圖 ; PRINTED     
      Travaux du cercle linguistique de Prague = Prague Linguistic Circle papers LIB USE ONLY, AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1995-
1383-7591 ;    
      Language centres : their roles, functions, and management / D.E. Ingram Ingram, David,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2001
      A practical guide to localization / Bert Esselink Esselink, Bert; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2000
      A practical guide to software localization : for translators, engineers and project managers / Bert Esselink Esselink, Bert; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1998
      Sociologinguistic and language planning organizations / Francesc Domínguez, Núria López Domínguez, Francesc; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1995
      Translation and interpreting schools / compiled by Brian Harris AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1997
1383-8121 ;    
      Neuro-informatics and neural modelling/ editors, F. Moss, S. Gielen ON HOLDSHELF   PRINTED 2001
      Neuro-informatics and neural modelling [electronic resource] / editors, F. Moss, S. Gielen   電子書 2001
1383-813X ;    
      Aging, disability, and independence [electronic resource] : selected papers from the 4th International Conference on Aging, Disability and Independence / edited by William C. Mann International Conference on Aging, Disability and Independence  電子書 c2008
      Aging, disability, and independence [electronic resource] : selected papers from the 4th International Conference on Aging, Disability and Independence / edited by William C. Mann International Conference on Aging, Disability and Independence  電子書 c2008
      Challenges for assistive technology [electronic resource] : AAATE 07 / edited by Gorka Eizmendi, José Miguel Azkoitia, and Gerald M. Craddock AAATE 2007  電子書 c2007
      Challenges for assistive technology [electronic resource] : AAATE 07 / edited by Gorka Eizmendi, José Miguel Azkoitia, and Gerald M. Craddock AAATE 2007  電子書 c2007
8 additional entries    
1383-8601 ;    
      Aeronomy of the Middle Atmosphere [electronic resource] : Chemistry and Physics of the Stratosphere and Mesosphere / by Guy P. Brasseur, Susan Solomon Brasseur, Guy P.  電子書 2005
      Arctic climate change [electronic resource] : the ACSYS decade and beyond / edited by Peter Lemke, Hans-Werner Jacobi   電子書 2012
      The climate of the Arctic / by Rajmund Przybylak Przybylak, Rajmund,  電子書 2016
      Climate time series analysis [electronic resource] : classical statistical and bootstrap methods / by Manfred Mudelsee Mudelsee, Manfred  電子書 2010
10 additional entries    
1383-8857 ; / Trends in communication, 3 : 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED     
      Telecommunications : changing relationships in an information society / Laurencé Caby and Thierry Vedel, eds AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1997
1384-1076 : Astronomy Library; PRINTED     
      New astronomy AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1996-
1384-1092 / New astronomy (Online) (OCoLC)36479655 : Astronomy Library; PRINTED     
      New astronomy AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1996-
1384-1130 ;    
      The capitulations and the Ottoman legal system [electronic resource] : qadis, consuls, and beraths in the 18th century / by Maurits H. Van den Boogert Boogert, Maurits H. van den  電子書 2005
      The codification of Islamic criminal law in the Sudan : penal codes and Supreme Court case law under Numayri and al-Bashir / Olaf Köndgen Köndgen, Olaf,  COMPUTER FILE 2018
      Dispensing justice in Islam : Qadis and their judgments / edited by Muhammad Khalid Masud, Rudolph Peters and David S. Powers AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2006
      Shariʻa, justice and legal order : Egyptian and Islamic law : selected essays / by Rudolph Peters Peters, Rudolph,; IN PROCESS   PRINTED 2020
5 additional entries    
      Educational evaluation, assessment, and monitoring [electronic resource] : a systemic approach / Jaap Scheerens, Cees Glas, Sally M. Thomas Scheerens, J.  COMPUTER FILE c2003
      School improvement through performance feedback / edited by Adrie J. Visscher and Robert Coe   COMPUTER FILE 2002
1384-2145 ;    
      The European Court of Justice and the GATT dilemma : public interest versus individual rights? / Kees Jan Kuilwijk Kuilwijk, Kees Jan,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1996
      European trade and industry in the 21st century : future directions in EC law and policy / Kees Jan Kuilwijk & Robert Wright (eds.) AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1996
1384-2161 ;    
      Ancient Judaism in its Hellenistic context / edited by Carol Bakhos   PRINTED 2005
      Jerusalem and Athens : the congruity of Talmudic and classical philosophy / by Jacob Neusner Neusner, Jacob,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1997
      Jewish cult and Hellenistic culture : essays on the Jewish encounter with Hellenism and Roman rule / by John J. Collins Collins, John J.; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2005
      Jewish cultural encounters in the ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern world / edited by Mladen Popovic, Myles Schoonover, Marijn Vandenberghe Qumran Institute Symposium  COMPUTER FILE 2017
8 additional entries    
1384-5357 ;    
      Aspects of tenses, modality, and evidentiality / edited by Laura Baranzini, Louis De Saussure AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2022
      Cross-linguistic perspectives on the semantics of grammatical aspect / edited by Adeline Patard, Rea Peltola, Emmanuelle Roussel AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2019
      Taming the TAME systems / edited by Emmanuelle Labeau, Qiaochao Zhang AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2015
1384-5810 / 1573-756X : Information Sci. Lib.; JOURNAL     
      Data mining and knowledge discovery LIB USE ONLY   JOURNAL 1997-
1384-6175 : 人文社會聯圖; JOURNAL     
      GeoInformatica LIB USE ONLY   JOURNAL 1997-
1384-6191 ; / Handbook of Oriental studies. South-East Asia, 10 = Handbuch der Orientalistik. Dritte Abteilung, Südostasien ; 10. Bd : Eade, J. C.; CAPAS-in ET lib., Fu Ssu-Nien Library ; PRINTED     
      Early Javanese inscriptions : a new dating method / by J.C. Eade & Lars Gislén Eade, J. C.; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2000
1384-6299 : Euro-Am Studies Lib; JOURNAL     
      European foreign affairs review LIB USE ONLY   JOURNAL c1996-
1384-6434 ;    
      Asia-Pacific Coasts and Their Management [electronic resource] : States of Environment / edited by Nobuo Mimura   電子書 2008
      Coastal and marine geospatial technologies [electronic resource] / edited by David R. Green CoastGIS 2005 Symposium  電子書 2010
      High Resolution Morphodynamics and Sedimentary Evolution of Estuaries [electronic resource] / edited by Duncan M. Fitz, Gerald, Jasper Knight   電子書 2005
      Saltmarsh Conservation, Management and Restoration [electronic resource] : Coastal Systems and Continental Margins / by J. Patrick Doody Doody, J. Patrick  電子書 2008
1384-6469 ;    
      Software Defect and Operational Profile Modeling [electronic resource] / by Kai-Yuan Cai Cai, Kai-Yuan  電子書 1998
      Software Process Modeling [electronic resource] / edited by Silvia T. Acuna, Natalia Juristo   電子書 2005
1384-6485 ;    
      Algebraic modeling systems [electronic resource] : modeling and solving real world optimization problems / edited by Josef Kallrath   電子書 2012
      Applications of Supply Chain Management and E-Commerce Research [electronic resource] / edited by Joseph Geunes ... [et al.]   電子書 2005
      Applied Mathematical Modelling of Engineering Problems [electronic resource] / by Natali Hritonenko, Yuri Yatsenko Hritonenko, Natali  電子書 2003
      Combinatorial Network Theory [electronic resource] / edited by Ding-Zhu Du, D. Frank Hsu Du, Ding-Zhu  電子書 1996
38 additional entries    
      Compiling and analysing the spoken British national corpus 2014 / edited by Tony McEnery, Robbie Love and Vaclav Brezina LIB USE ONLY   PRINTED 2017
      Constructions in applied linguistics / edited by Susan Hunston and Florent Perek   PRINTED 2019
      Corpus approaches to telecinematic language / edited by Monika Bednarek, Valetin Werner, and Marcia Vierano Pinto   PRINTED 2021
      Current issues in phraseology / edited by Sebastian Hoffmann, Bettina Fischer-Starcke and Andrea Sand LIB USE ONLY   PRINTED 2013
2 additional entries    
1384-6671 ; / Dialogues on work and innovation, v. 11 : Ljungberg van Beinum, Ingrid; 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED     
      Using the lamp instead of looking into the mirror : women and men in discussion about the relationship between men and women in the work place / Ingrid Ljungberg van Beinum Ljungberg van Beinum, Ingrid; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2000
1384-668X ;    
      Die Aktualität der Philosophie Kants : Bochumer Ringvorlesung Sommersemester 2004 / herausgegeben von Kirsten Schmidt, Klaus Steigleder, Burkhard Mojsisch AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2005
      De Anima : die Rezeption der aristotelischen Psychologie im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert / Sascha Salatowsky Salatowsky, Sascha; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2006
      Heraklit : der Werdegang des Weisen / Martina Stemich Huber Stemich Huber, Martina; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1996
      Metaphysik im Barockscotismus : Untersuchungen zum Metaphysikwerk des Bartholomaeus Mastrius / Claus A. Andersen, Universitat Mannheim Andersen, Claus A.,  COMPUTER FILE 2016
3 additional entries    
1385-0172 / 1572-9656 : Mathematics Library; JOURNAL     
      Mathematical physics, analysis, and geometry LIB USE ONLY   JOURNAL 1998-
1385-0180 ;    
      Altered sensations [electronic resource] : Rudolph Koenig's acoustical workshop in nineteenth-century Paris / by David Pantalony Pantalony, David  電子書 2009
      The challenges of long term ecological research : a historical analysis / edited by Robert B. Waide, Sharon E. Kingsland   COMPUTER FILE 2021
      Change and continuity in early modern cosmology [electronic resource] / edited by Patrick J. Boner   電子書 2011
      The Cold War politics of genetic research : an introduction to the Lysenko affair / William deJong-Lambert DeJong-Lambert, William; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2012
42 additional entries    
1385-0237 : Life Sci. LIB; COMPUTER FILE     
      Plant ecology [Electronic Resource]   COMPUTER FILE c1997-
1385-1101 : Life Sci. LIB; COMPUTER FILE     
      Journal of sea research [electronic resource]   COMPUTER FILE
1385-1306 : 人文社會聯圖; PRINTED     
      Austrian review of international and European law AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1996-
1385-1314 / Nutrient cycling in agroecosystems (DLC)sn 97030998 (OCoLC)36153041 : Life Sci. LIB; COMPUTER FILE     
      Nutrient cycling in agroecosystems   COMPUTER FILE
1385-2981 ; / Cross/Cultures, Volume 188 : Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE     
      Re-inventing the postcolonial (in the) Metropolis / edited by Cecile Sandten, Annika Bauer   COMPUTER FILE 2016
1385-299X : Life Sci. LIB; COMPUTER FILE     
      Brain research. Brain research protocols [Electronic Resource]   COMPUTER FILE c2005
1385-3376 ;    
      Arabic instruction in Israel : lessons in conflict, cognition and failure / by Allon J. Uhlmann Uhlmann, Allon J.,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2017
      The British and French mandates in comparative perspectives / edited by Nadine Méouchy and Peter Sluglett ; with Gérard Khoury and Geoffrey Schad = Les mandats français et anglais dans une perspective comparative / edité par Nadine Méouchy et Peter Sluglett ; avec la collaboration amicale de Gérard Khoury et Geoffrey Schad AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2004
      Changing consumer cultures of modern Egypt : Cairo's urban reshaping / by Mona Abaza Abaza, Mona; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2006
      Spain's African colonial legacies : Morocco and Equatorial Guinea compared / by Yolanda Aixelà-Cabré Aixelà Cabré, Yolanda,  PRINTED 2022
20 additional entries    
1385-3716 : Euro-Am Studies Lib; PRINTED     
      Human rights law in Africa AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1996-
1385-4046 : Life Sci. LIB; PRINTED     
      The Clinical neuropsychologist   PRINTED c1987-
1385-7525 ;    
      The earth's hydrological cycle [electronic resource] / edited by Lennart Bengtsson ... [et al.]   電子書 2014
      From the outer heliosphere to the local bubble [electronic resource] : comparisons of new observations with theory / edited by J. L. Linsky ... [et al.]   電子書 2009
      Integrative study of the mean sea level and its components / edited by Anny Cazenave, Nicolas Champollion, Frank Paul, Jerome Benveniste   電子書 2017
      The magnetodiscs and aurorae of giant planets / edited by Karoly Szego, Nicholas Achilleos, Chris Arridge, Sarah Badman, Peter Delamere, Denis Grodent, Margaret G. Kivelson, Philippe Louarn   電子書 2016
16 additional entries    
1385-7738 ; / Modern probability and statistics, 9 : Yakimiv, A. L; Mathematics Library, Statistics Sci. Lib. ; PRINTED     
      Probabilistic applications of Tauberian theorems / A.L. Yakimiv; translated by Andrei V. Kolchin Yakimiv, A. L; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2005
1385-7827 ;    
      Acre and Its falls : studies in the history of a Crusader City / edited by John France AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2018
      Aftermaths of war : women's movements and female activists, 1918-1923 / edited by Ingrid Sharp, Matthew Stibbe AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2011
      Artillery in the era of the Crusades : siege warfare and the development of trebuchet technology / by Michael S. Fulton Fulton, Michael S.,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2018
      Battlefield emotions in late antiquity : a study of fear and motivation in Roman military treatises / by Łukasz Różycki ; translated by Krzysztof Chorzewski Różycki, Łukasz,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2021
41 additional entries    
1385-7908 ;    
      Applying sociolinguistics : domains and face-to-face interaction / Diana Boxer Boxer, Diana,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2002
      Approaching dialogue : talk, interaction and contexts in dialogical perspectives / Per Linell Linell, Per,; MISSING   PRINTED c1998
      The discourse of child counselling / Ian Hutchby Hutchby, Ian; AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2007
      The discourse of child counselling [electronic resource] / Ian Hutchby Hutchby, Ian  COMPUTER FILE c2007
53 additional entries    
1385-7916 ;    
      Case in Russian : a sign-oriented approach / Alexandra Beytenbrat Beytenbrat, Alexandra,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2015
      Columbia School linguistics in the 21st century / edited by Nancy Stern, Ricardo Otheguy, Wallis Reid, Jaseleen Sackler AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2019
      Follow the signs : archetypes of consciousness embodied in the signs of language / Rodney B. Sangster Sangster, Rodney B.,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2020
      Lexical meaning as a testable hypothesis : the case of English look, see, seem and appear / Nadav Sabar Sabar, Nadav,; AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2018
11 additional entries    
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