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0875904041 : Physics Library; PRINTED     
      Climate processes and climate sensitivity / edited by James E. Hansen, Taro Takahashi AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1984
087590405X : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      Earthquake source mechanics / edited by Shamita Das, John Boatwright, Christopher H. Scholz AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1986
0875904068 : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      Solar variability and its effects on climate / Judit M. Pap and Peter Fox, editors ; Claus Frohlich ... [et al.], contributing editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2004
0875904084 : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      Mt. Etna : volcano laboratory / Alessandro Bonaccorso ... [et al.], editors DUE 07-15-19   PRINTED c2004
0875904092 : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      The subseafloor biosphere at mid-ocean ridges / William S.D. Wilcock ... [et al.], editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2004
0875904106 : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      Timescales of the paleomagnetic field / James E.T. Channell ... [et al.], editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2004
0875904114 (alk. paper) : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      The extreme Proterozoic : geology, geochemistry, and climate / Gregory S. Jenkins ... [et al.], editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2004
0875904130 (alk. paper) : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      Mid-ocean ridges : hydrothermal interactions between the lithosphere and oceans / Christopher R. German; Jian Lin; Lindsay M. Parson, ed AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2004
0875904149 (alk. paper) : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      Continent-ocean interactions within East Asian marginal seas / Peter Clift ... [et al.], editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2004
0875904157 (alk. paper) : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      The state of the planet : frontiers and challenges in geophysics / Robert Stephen John Sparks, Christopher John Hawkesworth, editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2004
9780875904221 (hardcover) : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      Seismic Earth : array analysis of broadband seismograms / Alan Levander, Guust Nolet, editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2005
9780875904245 (hardcover) : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      Inner magnetosphere interactions : new perspectives from imaging / James Burch, Michael Schulz, Harlan Spence, editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2005
9780875904252 : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      Earth's deep mantle : structure, composition, and evolution / Robert D. van der Hilst ... [et al.], editors DUE 10-29-21   PRINTED c2005
9780875904276 : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      Dynamics of fluids and transport in fractured rock / Boris Faybishenko, Paul A. Witherspoon, John Gale, editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2005
9780875904290 : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      Archean geodynamics and environments / Keith Benn, Jean-Claude Mareschal, Kent C. Condie, editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2006
9780875904313 : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      Back-arc spreading systems : geological, biological, chemical, and physical interactions / David M. Christie ... [et al.], editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2006
9780875904337 : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      Earth's deep water cycle / Steven D. Jacobsen, Suzan van der Lee, editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2006
9780875904344 (alk. paper) : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      Magnetospheric ULF waves : synthesis and new directions / Kazue Takahashi ... [et al.], editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2006
9780875904351 : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      Earthquakes : radiated energy and the physics of faulting / Rachel Abercrombie ... [et al.], editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2006
      Volcanism and subduction : the Kamchatka region / John Eichelberger ... [et al.], editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2007
      Volcanism and Subduction : The Kamchatka Region Eichelberger, John  COMPUTER FILE 2007
9780875904375 : Hyndman, David W; Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE     
      Subsurface Hydrology : Data Integration for Properties and Processes Hyndman, David W  COMPUTER FILE 2007
      Ocean circulation : mechanisms and impacts : past and future changes of meridional overturning / Andreas Schmittner, John C.H. Chiang, Sidney R. Hemming, editors DUE 10-29-21, AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2007
      Ocean Circulation : Mechanisms and Impacts -- Past and Future Changes of Meridional Overturning Schmittner, Andreas  COMPUTER FILE 2007
      Post-perovskite : the last mantle phase transition / Kei Hirose ... [et al.], editors DUE 10-29-21   PRINTED c2007
      Post-Perovskite : The Last Mantle Phase Transition Hirose, Kei  COMPUTER FILE 2007
      A continental plate boundary : tectonics at South Island, New Zealand / David Okaya, Tim Stern, Fred Davey, editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2007
      A Continental Plate Boundary : Tectonics at South Island, New Zealand Okaya, David  COMPUTER FILE 2007
9780875904436 : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      Magma to microbe: Modeling hydrothermal processes at oceanic spreading centers / Robert P. Lowell ...[et al], editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2008
      Active tectonics and seismic potential of Alaska / Jeffrey T. Freymueller ... [et al.], editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2008
      Active Tectonics and Seismic Potential of Alaska Freymueller, Jeffrey T  COMPUTER FILE 2008
      Arctic sea ice decline [electronic resource] : observations, projections, mechanisms, and implications / Eric T. DeWeaver, Cecilia M. Bitz, L.-Bruno Tremblay, editors   電子書 c2008
      Arctic Sea Ice Decline : Observations, Projections, Mechanisms, and Implications DeWeaver, Eric T  COMPUTER FILE 2008
9780875904467 : Kintner, Paul M; Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE     
      Midlatitude Ionospheric Dynamics and Disturbances Kintner, Paul M  COMPUTER FILE 2008
0875904505 : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      Structure and dynamics of earth's deep interior / edited by D.E. Smylie, Raymond Hide AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1987
0875904513 : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      Hydrogeological regimes and their subsurface thermal effects / Alan E. Beck, Grant Garven, Lajos Stegena. editors DUE 07-15-19   PRINTED c1989
0875904521 : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      Origin and evolution of sedimentary basins and their energy and mineral resources / Raymond A. Price, editor AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1989
087590453X : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      Slow deformation and transmission of stress in the earth / edited by Steven C. Cohen, Petr Vaníček AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1989
0875904548 (acid-free) : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      Deep structure and past kinematics of accreted terranes / John W. Hillhouse, editor AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1989
0875904564 (American Geophysical Union) : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      Properties and processes of earth's lower crust / edited by Robert F. Mereu, Stephan Mueller, David M. Fountain AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1989
0875904572 : Physics Library, Earth Science Library ; PRINTED     
      Understanding climate change / edited by A. Berger, R.E. Dickinson, John W. Kidson AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1989
0875904599 : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      Variations in Earth rotation / Dennis D. McCarthy, William E. Carter, editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1990
0875904602 : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      Sea level changes : determination and effects / P.L. Woodworth ... [et al.], editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1992
0875904637 : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      Dynamics of earth's deep interior and earth rotation / J.-L. Le Mouël, D.E. Smylie, T. Herring, editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1993
0875904653 : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      Evolution of the Earth and planets / E. Takahashi, R. Jeanloz, D. Rubie, editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1993
087590467X : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      Relating geophysical structures and processes : the Jeffreys volume / Keiiti Aki, Renata Dmowska, editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED c1993
0875904696 : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      Nonlinear dynamics and predictability of geophysical phenomena / William I. Newman, Andrei Gabrielov, Donald L. Turcotte, editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED 1994
9780875904757 : Wiggert, Jerry D; Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE     
      Indian Ocean Biogeochemical Processes and Ecological Variability Wiggert, Jerry D  COMPUTER FILE 2009
9780875904764 / (DLC) 2009040686(OCoLC)458581824 : Earth Science Library; 電子書     
      Amazonia and global change [electronic resource] / Michael Keller ... [et al.]   電子書 c2009
9780875904788 (alk. paper) : Earth Science Library; PRINTED     
      Diversity of hydrothermal systems on slow spreading ocean ridges / Peter A. Rona ... [et al.], editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED c2010
9780875904795 : Polvani, L. M; Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE     
      The Stratosphere : Dynamics, Transport, and Chemistry Polvani, L. M  COMPUTER FILE 2010
9780875904801 : Sun, De-Zheng; Department of Information Technology Services; COMPUTER FILE     
      Climate Dynamics : Why Does Climate Vary? Sun, De-Zheng  COMPUTER FILE 2010
      Abrupt climate change [electronic resource] : mechanisms, patterns, and impacts / Harunur Rashid, Leonid Polyak, Ellen Mosley-Thompson, editors   電子書 c2011
      Abrupt Climate Change : Mechanisms, Patterns, and Impacts Rashid, Harunur  COMPUTER FILE 2011
      Monitoring and modeling the Deepwater Horizon oil spill [electronic resource] : a record-breaking enterprise / Yonggang Liu ... [et al.], editors   電子書 c2011
      Monitoring and Modeling the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill : A Record Breaking Enterprise Liu, Yonggang  COMPUTER FILE 2011
      Extreme events and natural hazards [electronic resource] : the complexity perspective / A. Surjalal Sharma ... [et al.] editors   電子書 2012
      Extreme Events and Natural Hazards : The Complexity Perspective Sharma, A. Surjalal  COMPUTER FILE 2012
      Auroral phenomenology and magnetospheric processes : earth and other planets / Andreas Keiling, Eric Donovan, Fran Bagenal, Tomas Karlsson, editors AVAILABLE   PRINTED 2012
      Auroral phenomenology and magnetospheric processes [electronic resource] : earth and other planets / Andreas Keiling ... [et al.] editors   電子書 2012
      Auroral Phenomenology and Magnetospheric Processes : Earth and Other Planets Keiling, Andreas  COMPUTER FILE 2012
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