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100 1  Corey, Gerald 
245 14 The Art of Integrative Counseling 
250    4th ed 
264  1 Newark :|bAmerican Counseling Association,|c2018 
264  4 |c©2019 
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505 0  Intro -- Title Page -- Copyright -- Table of Contents -- 
       Preface -- About the Author -- Acknowledgments -- Chapter 
       1 The Beginning Stages of Counseling -- An Integrative 
       Theoretical Approach: An Overview -- Becoming the Client: 
       Put Yourself in the Shoes of the Client -- The Initial 
       Counseling Session -- Informed Consent -- Initial 
       Assessment -- Therapeutic Time Limitations -- Initial 
       Sessions and the Case of Gwen -- Intake Session -- Initial
       Sessions and the Case of Chet -- The Therapeutic Contract 
       -- Initial Assessment -- Concluding Comments -- Chapter 2 
       The Therapeutic Relationship -- Developing a Working 
       Alliance -- Self-Disclosure in the Therapeutic 
       Relationship -- Your Role as a Counselor in Creating a 
       Working Relationship -- Personal Characteristics of the 
       Counselor -- Action-Oriented Approaches and the 
       Therapeutic Relationship -- Establishing the Therapeutic 
       Relationship -- Helping Clients Gain a Focus -- Becoming 
       the Client: Sharing in a Collaborative Partnership -- 
       Therapy as a Joint Venture -- The Relationship During the 
       Early Stage of Counseling -- Developing a Therapeutic 
       Alliance With Sidney -- Building the Therapeutic 
       Relationship -- Developing a Therapeutic Alliance With 
       Rita -- Stages of Counseling With Rita -- Concluding 
       Comments -- Chapter 3 Establishing Therapeutic Goals -- 
       Overview of Goals From Various Theoretical Perspectives --
       Goals of Some of the Theoretical Perspectives -- Goals 
       From an Integrative Perspective -- An Adlerian Perspective
       on Goal-Directed Behavior and Goal Setting -- Becoming the
       Client: Establishing Counseling Goals -- Various Types of 
       Therapeutic Goals -- Clarifying Counseling Goals With 
       Joleen -- Clarifying Counseling Goals With Aaron -- 
       Concluding Comments -- Chapter 4 Understanding and 
       Addressing Diversity -- My Introduction to Multicultural 
       and Diversity Perspectives 
505 8  Perspectives on Multicultural Concerns -- Considering How 
       We Are Alike and How We Are Different -- Paying Attention 
       to the Individual -- Diversity as Central in the 
       Counseling Process -- Counseling LGBTQI People -- 
       Recognizing the Spiritual Domain -- Assessing Your Own 
       Spirituality -- Considerations in Counseling Nonreligious 
       Clients -- Becoming the Client: Understanding How to Work 
       With Diversity -- Theories Applied to Understanding 
       Diversity Perspectives -- Contributions From Theoretical 
       Systems -- Understanding Win-May From a Diversity 
       Perspective -- Understanding Gabriel From a Diversity 
       Perspective -- Concluding Comments -- Chapter 5 
       Understanding and Working With Resistance -- Understanding
       the Dynamics of Resistance -- Respecting and Reframing 
       Resistance -- Some Perspectives on Understanding 
       Resistance -- Stages of Change -- Understanding How 
       Resistive Behavior Affects You as a Counselor -- Becoming 
       the Client: Experiencing Resistance in Yourself -- 
       Understanding Kelsey's Resistance -- Working With Kelsey's
       Resistance Using Other Modalities -- Understanding Rico's 
       Resistance -- Guidelines for Dealing With Resistance in 
       Clients -- Concluding Comments -- Chapter 6 Cognitive 
       Focus in Counseling -- Benefits and Limitations of a 
       Cognitive Focus -- Key Concepts and Themes of Cognitive 
       Therapy -- Becoming the Client: Experiencing Cognitive 
       Behavior Techniques -- Paying Attention to Your Thinking -
       - Cognitive Restructuring -- Designing Homework or Between
       -Sessions Assignments -- Drawing on Adlerian Concepts -- 
       Working With Marissa From a Cognitive Behavior Perspective
       -- Cognitive Interventions With Marissa -- Current Status 
       of Marissa -- Working With Erv From a Cognitive Behavior 
       Perspective -- Concluding Comments -- Chapter 7 Emotive 
       Focus in Counseling -- Experiential Approaches and the 
       Role of Emotion in Therapy -- Emotion-Focused Therapy 
505 8  Existential Therapy -- Person-Centered Therapy -- Gestalt 
       Therapy -- Becoming the Client: Experiencing Emotion-
       Focused Therapy -- Working With Elaine in Identifying and 
       Exploring Feelings -- Working With Andrew in Identifying 
       and Exploring Feelings -- Concluding Comments -- Chapter 8
       Behavioral Focus in Counseling -- Benefits and Limitations
       of a Behavioral Focus -- Multimodal Therapy: Assessment 
       and Therapy Goals -- The Third Wave of Behavior Therapy --
       Mindfulness and Acceptance in Psychotherapy -- Dialectical
       Behavior Therapy -- Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction -- 
       Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy -- Acceptance and 
       Commitment Therapy -- Using Mindfulness and Acceptance in 
       an Integrative Approach -- Becoming the Client: 
       Experiencing Behavior-Oriented Therapy -- Developing a 
       Behavioral Contract -- Working With Shante Using a 
       Behavioral Focus -- Working With Marlin Using a Behavioral
       Focus -- Concluding Comments -- Chapter 9 An Integrative 
       Perspective -- Searching for Common Factors Across Therapy
       Schools -- The Foundation of My Integrative Approach -- 
       Existential Therapy as a Philosophical Base -- Gestalt 
       Therapy: A Holistic Perspective -- Psychodrama: An 
       Integrative Approach -- Drawing on the Action-Oriented 
       Therapies -- Adlerian Therapy -- Behavior Therapy -- 
       Cognitive Behavior Therapy -- Reality Therapy/Choice 
       Theory -- Solution-Focused Brief Therapy -- Motivational 
       Interviewing -- Drawing on Feminist and Family Systems 
       Approaches -- Feminist Therapy -- Family Systems Theories 
       -- Becoming the Client: Becoming the Person You Want to Be
       -- Working With Petra From an Integrative Perspective -- 
       Factors in Case Conceptualization With Petra -- Exploring 
       Family Rules, Messages, and Early Childhood Decisions -- 
       Petra's Existential Quest -- Feminist Perspective -- 
       Encouraging Petra to Act -- A Basis for Selecting 
       Techniques With Petra 
505 8  Moving Toward Termination -- Couples Counseling in an 
       Integrative Way: Lani and Rob -- The Focus on Working With
       a Couple -- Applying an Integrative Approach in Couples 
       Therapy -- Creating an Action Plan as a Couple -- Study a 
       Primary Theory-But Be Open to Integration -- Benefits and 
       Limitations of Integration -- Concluding Comments -- 
       Chapter 10 Working With Transference and 
       Countertransference -- Contrasting Views of Transference -
       - The Connection Between Transference and 
       Countertransference -- Working With Transference 
       Therapeutically -- Examples of Transference -- Addressing 
       Countertransference Issues -- Personal Therapy as a Way to
       Understand Our Countertransference -- Becoming the Client:
       The Value of Personal Therapy -- Working With Transference
       and Countertransference With Matt -- Working With a 
       Challenging Client -- The Interplay of Transference and 
       Countertransference -- Therapeutic Interventions -- 
       Working With Transference and Countertransference With 
       Bonnie -- Concluding Comments -- Chapter 11 Understanding 
       How the Past Influences the Present and the Future -- 
       Understanding How the Past, Present, and Future Are 
       Intertwined -- Bringing the Past Into the Present -- 
       Envisioning the Future -- Becoming the Client: Examining 
       Your Past, Present, and Future -- Working With Tricia's 
       Past, Present, and Future -- Dealing With the Past in an 
       Integrative Style -- Dealing With the Present in an 
       Integrative Style -- Dealing With the Future in an 
       Integrative Style -- Working With Jasper's Past, Present, 
       and Future -- Forming and Maintaining Intimate 
       Relationships -- Dealing With Jasper's Past -- Dealing 
       With Jasper's Present -- Dealing With Jasper's Future -- 
       Concluding Comments -- Chapter 12 Evaluation and 
       Termination -- Guidelines for Effective Termination 
       Strategies -- Becoming the Client: Taking Credit for Your 
505 8  Evaluation and Termination With Chelsea -- Evaluation and 
       Termination With Charles -- Your Thoughts on Ending the 
       Therapeutic Relationship -- Some Final Thoughts on 
       Psychotherapy Integration -- The Future of Psychotherapy 
       Integration -- The Role of Research in Developing an 
       Integrative Perspective -- Designing Your Personal 
       Integrative Approach -- Concluding Comments -- References 
       -- Index -- Technical Support -- End User License 
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