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100 1  Rowe, Peter G 
245 10 Urban Intensities :|bContemporary Housing Types and 
264  1 Basel/Berlin/Boston :|bWalter de Gruyter GmbH,|c2014 
264  4 |c©2014 
300    1 online resource (240 pages) 
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505 0  Intro -- INTRODUCTION -- URBAN BLOCK SHAPERS -- Precedents
       : From Plan Zuid to the Meander -- Contemporary Cases: 
       Building in Barcelona and Los Angeles -- Convergences and 
       Contexts -- HOUSING AND LANDSCAPES -- Precedents: From 
       Active Mergers to Objects of Contemplation -- Contemporary
       Cases: Houses and New Grounds -- Trends, Consistencies, 
       and Contexts -- SUPERBLOCK CONFIGURATIONS -- Precedents: 
       From Mass Housing to a New Urban Lifestyle -- Contemporary
       Cases: Chinese Superblocks in Beijing -- Dimensional 
       Issues, Strategies, and Domain Definitions -- TALL TOWERS 
       -- Precedents: Early Beginnings, Mass Provision, and 
       Dwelling Diversity -- Contemporary Cases: Expressions of 
       Sustainability and Variation -- Balancing Dwelling and 
       Conditions of Variation, Separation, and Resilience -- BIG
       BUILDINGS -- Precedents: From Unités to Sprawling 
       Complexes and Green Buildings -- Contemporary Cases: Big 
       Buildings in Urban Circumstances\ -- Community and 
       Balances Among Residential and Other Factors -- 
       INFRASTRUCTURAL ENGAGEMENTS -- Precedents: Direct 
       Engagements and Reifications -- Contemporary Cases: Re-
       occupation of Urban Sites -- Typal Independence, 
       Reciprocity, and Contextual Influence -- INDIGENOUS 
       REINTERPRETATIONS -- Precedents: Codes, Associations, and 
       Reproductions -- Contemporary Cases: References to the 
       Past in Beijing and Shanghai -- Contextual Engagements and
       Differences Between Form and Figure -- INFILL AND PUNTAL 
       INTERVENTIONS -- Precedents: Infills, Unit Ensembles, and 
       Intervention Processes -- Contemporary Cases: Single 
       Houses and Ensembles of Units -- Animation, Completion, 
       Contradistinction, and Other Outcomes -- HOUSING SPECIAL 
       POPULATIONS -- Precedents: Recent Social, Student, and 
       Elderly Housing -- Contemporary Cases: From Slum 
       Reparation to Co-op Life -- Flexibility, Accommodating 
       Change, and Special Programming -- A TURNING POINT 
505 8  Constants and Trends -- Metrics and Measures -- Selected 
       Projects and Contextual Connectivity -- Units, Types, and 
       Use Mixes by Categories -- Notes -- Index -- About the 
       Authors, Acknowledgements, Credits, Colophon 
520    This book combines the architectural and urban scales to 
       demonstrate that urban intensity determines the success of
       housing. The authors provide a typology of housing 
       according to the ways in which diversity and density are 
       created. Comparisons with historical models and critical 
       appraisals based on the authors' unique standing give 
       information on the pros and cons of major types of housing,
       their pitfalls and successful examples 
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650  0 City planning.;Urban density.;Housing.;Architecture and 
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700 1  Kan, Har Ye 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aRowe, Peter G.|tUrban Intensities : 
       Contemporary Housing Types and Territories|dBasel/Berlin/
       Boston : Walter de Gruyter GmbH,c2014|z9783038214779 
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