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9783642055232 : Lando, Sergei K; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Graphs on Surfaces and Their Applications [electronic resource] / by Sergei K. Lando, Alexander K. Zvonkin Lando, Sergei K  電子書 2004
9783642055362 : Nassar, Raja; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Modelling of Microfabrication Systems [electronic resource] / by Raja Nassar, Weizhong Dai Nassar, Raja  電子書 2003
9783642055393 : Joswig, Michael; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Algebra, Geometry and Software Systems [electronic resource] / edited by Michael Joswig, Nobuki Takayama Joswig, Michael  電子書 2003
9783642055409 : Borglin, Anders; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Economic Dynamics and General Equilibrium [electronic resource] : Time and Uncertainty / by Anders Borglin Borglin, Anders  電子書 2004
9783642055676 : Ziegler, Alexandre; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Incomplete Information and Heterogeneous Beliefs in Continuous-time Finance [electronic resource] / by Alexandre Ziegler Ziegler, Alexandre  電子書 2003
9783642055775 : Harney, Hanns L; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Bayesian Inference [electronic resource] : Parameter Estimation and Decisions / by Hanns L. Harney Harney, Hanns L  電子書 2003
9783642056161 : Lau, F. C. M; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Chaos-Based Digital Communication Systems [electronic resource] : Operating Principles, Analysis Methods, and Performance Evaluation / by F.C.M. Lau, C.K. Tse Lau, F. C. M  電子書 2003
9783642056185 : Petrosi︠an︡, L. A.; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      ICM Millennium Lectures on Games [electronic resource] / edited by Leon A. Petrosyan, David W. K. Yeung Petrosi︠an︡, L. A.  電子書 2003
9783642056253 : Robert, Philippe; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Stochastic Networks and Queues [electronic resource] / by Philippe Robert Robert, Philippe  電子書 2003
9783642056475 : Kesten, Harry; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Probability on Discrete Structures [electronic resource] / edited by Harry Kesten Kesten, Harry  電子書 2004
9783642056581 : Eriksson, K.; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Applied Mathematics: Body and Soul [electronic resource] : Volume 2: Integrals and Geometry in IRn / by Kenneth Eriksson, Donald Estep, Claes Johnson Eriksson, K.  電子書 2004
9783642056598 : Eriksson, K.; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Applied Mathematics: Body and Soul [electronic resource] : Volume 1: Derivatives and Geometry in IR3 / by Kenneth Eriksson, Donald Estep, Claes Johnson Eriksson, K.  電子書 2004
9783642056949 : Kappeler, Thomas; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      KdV & KAM [electronic resource] / by Thomas Kappeler, Jürgen Pöschel Kappeler, Thomas  電子書 2003
9783642056956 : Hahn, Hubert; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Rigid Body Dynamics of Mechanisms [electronic resource] : 2 Applications / by Hubert Hahn Hahn, Hubert  電子書 2003
9783642057014 : Truesdell, Clifford; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      The Non-Linear Field Theories of Mechanics [electronic resource] / by Clifford Truesdell, Walter Noll ; edited by Stuart S. Antman Truesdell, Clifford  電子書 2004
9783642057076 : Hundsdorfer, Willem; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Numerical Solution of Time-Dependent Advection-Diffusion-Reaction Equations [electronic resource] / by Willem Hundsdorfer, Jan Verwer Hundsdorfer, Willem  電子書 2003
9783642057137 : Robinson, Derek J. S; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Finiteness Conditions and Generalized Soluble Groups [electronic resource] : Part 1 / by Derek J.S. Robinson Robinson, Derek J. S  電子書 1972
9783642057205 : Gromov, Mikhael; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Partial Differential Relations [electronic resource] / by Mikhael Gromov Gromov, Mikhael  電子書 1986
9783642057229 : Hackbusch, Wolfgang; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Multi-Grid Methods and Applications [electronic resource] / by Wolfgang Hackbusch Hackbusch, Wolfgang  電子書 1985
9783642057243 : Burago, Yuriĭ Dmitrievich; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Geometric Inequalities [electronic resource] / by Yuriĭ Dmitrievich Burago, Viktor Abramovich Zalgaller Burago, Yuriĭ Dmitrievich  電子書 1988
9783642057250 : Bröcker, Theodor; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Representations of Compact Lie Groups [electronic resource] / by Theodor Bröcker, Tammo Dieck Bröcker, Theodor  電子書 1985
9783642057267 : Külpmann, Mathias; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Irrational Exuberance Reconsidered [electronic resource] : the Cross Section of Stock Returns / by Mathias Külpmann Külpmann, Mathias  電子書 2004
9783642057373 : Hahn, Alexander J; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      The Classical Groups and K-Theory [electronic resource] / by Alexander J. Hahn, O. Timothy O'Meara Hahn, Alexander J  電子書 1989
9783642057397 : Khavin, V. P; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Commutative Harmonic Analysis I [electronic resource] : General Survey. Classical Aspects / edited by V.P. Khavin, N.K. Nikol'skij Khavin, V. P  電子書 1991
9783642057403 : Kirillov, A. A; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Representation Theory and Noncommutative Harmonic Analysis I [electronic resource] : Fundamental Concepts. Representations of Virasoro and Affine Algebras / edited by A.A. Kirillov Kirillov, A. A  電子書 1994
9783642057410 : Straub, Erwin; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Non-Life Insurance Mathematics [electronic resource] / by Erwin Straub Straub, Erwin  電子書 1988
9783642057649 : Ginevsky, A. S; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Acoustic Control of Turbulent Jets [electronic resource] / by A.S. Ginevsky, Ye. V. Vlasov, R.K. Karavosov Ginevsky, A. S  電子書 2004
9783642057656 : Bolivar, A. O; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Quantum-Classical Correspondence [electronic resource] : Dynamical Quantization and the Classical Limit / by A.O. Bolivar Bolivar, A. O  電子書 2004
9783642057670 : Onwubolu, Godfrey C; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      New Optimization Techniques in Engineering [electronic resource] / by Godfrey C. Onwubolu, B.V. Babu Onwubolu, Godfrey C  電子書 2004
9783642057809 : Sirmakessis, Spiros; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Text Mining and its Applications [electronic resource] : Results of the NEMIS Launch Conference / edited by Spiros Sirmakessis Sirmakessis, Spiros  電子書 2004
9783642057854 : Adem, Alejandro; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Cohomology of Finite Groups [electronic resource] / by Alejandro Adem, R. James Milgram Adem, Alejandro  電子書 2004
9783642057939 : Jovanović, Jovan; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      The Statistical Dynamics of Turbulence [electronic resource] / by Jovan Jovanović Jovanović, Jovan  電子書 2004
9783642058059 : Itō, Kiyosi,; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Stochastic processes [electronic resource] : lectures given at Aarhus University / Kiyosi Itō ; edited by Ole E. Barndorff-Nielsen, Ken-iti Satō Itō, Kiyosi,  電子書 2004
9783642058073 : Birkenhake, Christina; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Complex Abelian Varieties [electronic resource] / by Christina Birkenhake, Herbert Lange Birkenhake, Christina  電子書 2004
9783642058103 : Awrejcewicz, J.; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Nonlinear Dynamics of Continuous Elastic Systems [electronic resource] / by Jan Awrejcewicz, Vadim A. Krys'ko, Alexander F. Vakakis Awrejcewicz, J.  電子書 2004
9783642058202 : Rutkowski, Leszek; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      New Soft Computing Techniques for System Modeling, Pattern Classification and Image Processing [electronic resource] / by Leszek Rutkowski Rutkowski, Leszek  電子書 2004
9783642058462 : Ziegler, Alexandre; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      A Game Theory Analysis of Options [electronic resource] : Corporate Finance and Financial Intermediation in Continuous Time / by Alexandre Ziegler Ziegler, Alexandre  電子書 2004
9783642058547 : Gundlach, Matthias; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      CreditRisk+ in the Banking Industry [electronic resource] / edited by Matthias Gundlach, Frank Lehrbass Gundlach, Matthias  電子書 2004
9783642058554 : Cashmore, Roger; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Prestigious Discoveries at CERN [electronic resource] : 1973 Neutral Currents 1983 W & Z Bosons / edited by Roger Cashmore, Luciano Maiani, Jean-Pierre Revol Cashmore, Roger  電子書 2003
9783642058790 : Kellerhals, B. Philipp; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Asset Pricing [electronic resource] : Modeling and Estimation / by B. Philipp Kellerhals Kellerhals, B. Philipp  電子書 2004
9783642058851 / (OCoLC)704438818 : Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Advances in Bayesian networks / José A. Gámez, Serafín Moral, Antonio Salmerón (eds.)   電子書 2010
9783642059070 : Agrachev, Andrei A; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Control Theory from the Geometric Viewpoint [electronic resource] / by Andrei A. Agrachev, Yuri L. Sachkov Agrachev, Andrei A  電子書 2004
9783642059131 / (OCoLC)752209083 : Carter, J. Scott; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Surfaces in 4-space / Scott Carter, Seiichi Kamada, Masahico Saito Carter, J. Scott  電子書 2010
9783642059193 : Korevaar, Jacob; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Tauberian Theory [electronic resource] : a Century of Developments / by Jacob Korevaar Korevaar, Jacob  電子書 2004
9783642059254 : Shackell, John R; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Symbolic Asymptotics [electronic resource] / by John R. Shackell Shackell, John R  電子書 2004
9783642059308 : Milʹshteĭn, G. N.; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Stochastic Numerics for Mathematical Physics [electronic resource] / by Grigori N. Milstein, Michael V. Tretyakov Milʹshteĭn, G. N.  電子書 2004
9783642059360 : Råde, Lennart; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Mathematics Handbook for Science and Engineering [electronic resource] / by Lennart Råde, Bertil Westergren Råde, Lennart  電子書 2004
9783642059483 : Libkin, Leonid; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Elements of Finite Model Theory [electronic resource] / by Leonid Libkin Libkin, Leonid  電子書 2004
9783642059506 : Schreckenberg, Michael; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Human Behaviour and Traffic Networks [electronic resource] / edited by Michael Schreckenberg, Reinhard Selten Schreckenberg, Michael  電子書 2004
9783642060106 : Narkiewicz, Władysław; Mathematics Library; 電子書     
      Elementary and analytic theory of algebraic numbers [electronic resource] / by Władysław Narkiewicz Narkiewicz, Władysław  電子書 2004
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