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100 1  Grynberg, Roman,|eauthor 
245 10 African gold :|bproduction, trade and economic development
       /|cby Roman Grynberg, Fwasa K. Singogo 
264  1 Cham :|bSpringer International Publishing :|bImprint: 
       Palgrave Macmillan,|c2021 
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505 0  1. Introduction - Incantations for a 'Barbarous Relic' -- 
       2. 21st Century Economics of the Gold Price -- 3. The ASGM
       Sector in Africa- Lessons from China -- 4. Africa's Toxic 
       Alchemy -- 5. Gold in South Africa- Lessons from the 
       Apartheid era -- 6. Gold, Oil and Revolution in North 
       Africa -- 7. Trade and the Smuggling of Gold from West 
       Africa to the UAE -- 8. Gold smuggling and the Plunder of 
       the DRC -- 9. An Anatomy of Grand Fraud: The Goldenberg 
       Scandal and the IMF/World Bank -- 10. Dubai -Conflict Gold,
       Money Laundering and Illicit Global Trade -- 11. Gold and 
       the Genesis of Modern African Resource Nationalism -- 12. 
       Gold and African Industrialization: Between an Economic 
       Rock and a Political Hard Place -- 13. Taxation and 
       Illicit Financial Flows in the Gold Mining Sector -- 14. 
520    The book explores the evolving economics of gold as a 
       global commodity as well as the production and trade of 
       gold in and from the African continent. The growth of gold
       as an increasingly important and diverse source of African
       wealth is examined, alongside the impact that the rise of 
       China in the 21st century has had on the demand for gold. 
       The volatility of the gold price has increased as a result
       of the dramatic decline of gold demand for manufacturing 
       purposes. Gold is Africa's second largest export after oil
       and is a perfect metaphor for a continent rich in 
       resources while so much of its population lives in such 
       dire poverty. The artisanal and small scale gold mining 
       (ASGM) sector, is surprisingly widely perceived as being 
       beneficial to the development of Africa despite its 
       exploitation and dreadful health and environmental 
       consequences. African Gold: Production, Trade and Economic
       Development considers policy issues regarding the gold 
       mining sector, the economics of beneficiation, the retreat
       of jewelry manufacturing across the continent as well as 
       'Africa's golden future'. It is a relevant book for both 
       academics and policymakers interested in Africa, natural 
       resource, and development economics 
650  0 Gold mines and mining|zAfrica 
650  0 Gold industry|zAfrica 
650 14 Environmental Economics 
650 24 African Economics 
650 24 Development Economics 
650 24 Industrial Organization 
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