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Author Corbett, Scott M
Title America's reliance on oil: Economic, world and environmental effects
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Note Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 46-01, page: 0146
Adviser: Joseph Angiello
Thesis (M.A.)--State University of New York Empire State College, 2007
The research for this Master's Final project examines America's Reliance on Oil: Economic, World, and Environmental Effects. This was done over a series of three papers. The first paper examines how relying on oil impacts the U.S. economy in the past, present, and future. The American economy is driven by the use of oil and it may stop growing if there is any decrease in oil production or a large increase in oil prices
The second paper examines the impact that oil producing nations (OPEC) have on American society. Oil plays a large roll in ensuring that Americans can move quickly and timely through out the country. Oil ensures that homes have heating in the winter, food is able to be processed and transported, water is purified, and many other important daily tasks. The American way of life will suffer tremendously with a high increase in oil prices or a decrease in supply. It will also examine what the U.S. can do to minimize the reliance on oil and possibly utilize other natural resources
The last paper will examine how the use of oil as a primary source of energy in transportation impacts the health and environment of America based on the release of gases such as carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide may be the leading cause for smog conditions in U.S. cities; hence there are cases of asthma and respiratory infection increasing in these areas. Carbon dioxide may also be the leading cause of global warming. These papers together will attempt to demonstrate that oil is the heart of the American economy
School code: 1408
Host Item Masters Abstracts International 46-01
Subject Economics, General
Alt Author State University of New York Empire State College
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