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245 04 The biosphere and noosphere reader :|bglobal environment, 
       society, and change /|cedited by Paul R. Samson and David 
       Pitt ; with a foreword by Mikhail S. Gorbachev 
264  1 London ;|aNew York :|bRoutledge,|c1999 
300    xvi, 206 pages :|billustrations ;|c26 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references (pages 189-195) and 
505 0  1. Introduction: Sketching the noosphere --    
505 0  2. Origins: The biosphere and the noosphere ; Introduction
       --|tMan and nature, or the Earth as modified by human 
       action /|rGeorge Perkins Marsh --|tThe face of the Earth /
       |rEduard Suess --|tGeology /|rThomas C. Chamberlin and 
       Rollin D. Salisbury --|tGeochemistry /|rVladimir I. 
       Vernadsky --|tElements of physical biology /|rAlfred J. 
       Lotka --|tHolism and evolution /|rJan Christiaan Smuts --
       |tThe biosphere ; Problems of biogeochemistry /|rVladimir 
       I. Vernadsky --|tThe biosphere /|rG. Evelyn Hutchinson --
       |tDiscovering the biosphere /|rLynton K. Caldwell --
       |tVernadsky and biospheral ecology /|rNicholas Polunin and
       Jacques Grinevald --|tMan and the biosphere /|rKenneth 
       Stokes -- 
505 0  3. Theories: The evolution of the concept of 'noosphere.' 
       ; Introduction --|tCreative evolution /|rHenri Bergson --
       |tThe origins of humanity and the evolution of mind /
       |rEdouard Le Roy --|tThe phenomenon of man ; The antiquity
       and world expansion of human culture /|rPierre Teilhard de
       Chardin --|tIntroduction to The phenomenon of man /
       |rJulian S. Huxley --|tCosmologist of the future /|rJoseph
       Needham --|tVision of the unity /|rArnold J. Toynbee --
       |tReview, The phenomenon of man /|rPeter B. Medawar --|tOn
       the remarkable testament of the Jesuit palaeontologist 
       Teilhard de Chardin /|rGeorge Gaylord Simpson --
       |tScientific thought as a planetary phenomenon ; The 
       biosphere and the noosphere /|rVladimir I. Vernadsky -- 
505 0  4. Parallels: Gaia and global change ; Introduction --
       |tTheory of the earth /|rJames Hutton --|tOn the influene 
       of carbonic acid /|rSvante Arrhenius --|tFitness of the 
       environment /|rLawrence J. Henderson --|tGaia as seen 
       through the atmosphere ; The Earth as a living organism /
       |rJames E. Lovelock --|tJim Lovelock's Gaia /|rLynn 
       Margulis --|tDebating Gaia /|rStephen H. Schneider --
       |tGlobal change /|rThomas F. Malone --|tSustainable 
       development of the biosphere /|rWilliam C. Clark --
       |tNoosphere, Gaia and the science of the biosphere /
       |rRafal Serafin -- 
505 0  5. Potential: The future of the noosphere ; Introduction -
       -|tThe ascent of life /|rThomas A. Goudge --|tThe 
       Gutenberg galaxy /|rMarshall McLuhan --|tThe biology of 
       ultimate concern /|rTheodosius Dobzhansky --|tBiospheres: 
       metamorphosis of planet Earth /|rDorion Sagan --|tThe way:
       an ecological world view /|rEdward Goldsmith --|tThe 
       selfish gene /|rRichard Dawkins --|tEcodynamics: a new 
       theory of societal evolution /|rKenneth Boulding --
       |tReflection on the noosphere -- humanism in our time /
       |rNikita N. Moiseev --|tMetaman: the merging of humans and
       machines into a global super-organism /|rGregory Stock --
       |tThe global brain awakens: our next evolutionary leap /
       |rPeter Russell -- 
505 0  6. Epilogue: the noosphere and contemporary global issues 
650  0 Environmental policy|xSocial aspects 
650  0 Human ecology 
650  0 Biosphere 
700 1  Samson, Paul R.,|d1966- 
700 1  Pitt, David,|d1944- 
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