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100 1  Roussas, George G.,|eauthor 
245 10 Contiguity of probability measures: some applications in 
       statistics /|cGeorge G. Roussas 
264  1 Cambridge :|bCambridge University Press,|c1972 
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490 1  Cambridge tracts in mathematics ;|v63 
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       Oct 2015) 
505 0  On the concept of contiguity and related theorems -- 
       Asymptotic expansions and asymptotic distribution of 
       likelihood functions -- Approximation of a given family of
       probability measures by an exponential family, asymptotic 
       sufficiency -- Some statistical applications, AUMP and 
       AUMPU test for certain testing hypotheses problems -- Some
       statistical applications, asymptotic efficiency of 
       estimates -- Multiparameter asymptotically optimal tests 
520    This Tract presents an elaboration of the notion of 
       'contiguity', which is a concept of 'nearness' of 
       sequences of probability measures. It provides a powerful 
       mathematical tool for establishing certain theoretical 
       results with applications in statistics, particularly in 
       large sample theory problems, where it simplifies 
       derivations and points the way to important results. The 
       potential of this concept has so far only been touched 
       upon in the existing literature, and this book provides 
       the first systematic discussion of it. Alternative 
       characterizations of contiguity are first described and 
       related to more familiar mathematical ideas of a similar 
       nature. A number of general theorems are formulated and 
       proved. These results, which provide the means of 
       obtaining asymptotic expansions and distributions of 
       likelihood functions, are essential to the applications 
       which follow 
650  0 Probability measures 
650  0 Mathematical statistics 
830  0 Cambridge tracts in mathematics ;|v63 
856 40 |uhttps://doi.org/10.1017/CBO9780511804373