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245 00 Profiting from diversity|h[electronic resource] :|bthe 
       business advantages and the obstacles to achieving 
       diversity /|cedited by Gloria Moss 
260    Basingstoke [England] ;|aNew York :|bPalgrave Macmillan,
300    xi, 266 p. :|bill 
504    Includes bibliographical references and indexes 
505 00 |gPart I The background --|gIntroduction /|rGloria Moss --
       |gPart II Profiting from diversity --|tDiversity, 
       innovation, and corporate strategy /|rAlan H. David --
       |tEastward enlargement, cultural and national identity, 
       and diversity in the European Union /|rHeather Skinner and
       Krzysztof Kubacki --|tKnowledge management and the 
       positive impact of a collectivist culture /|rGloria Moss, 
       Krzysztof Kubacki, Marion Hersh, and Rod Gunn --|tGender-
       based motives for purchasing fair trade products in France
       /|rFlorence de Ferran --|tWomen managers in Latvia: a 
       universal footprint for the future? /|rGloria Moss, David 
       Farnham, and Caryn Cook --|tVariety is the spice of life: 
       how design diversity canenhance profitability /|rGloria 
       Moss --|gPart III Obstacles to diversity initiatives --
       |tEmbedding diversity: the obstacles faced by equallity 
       and diversity specialists /|rAlison Preece --|tDesign 
       diversity: the organisational obstacles /|rGloria Moss --
       |tObstacles to greater design diversity: gender and 
       webdesign software /|rGabor Horvath, Gloria Moss, Rod Gunn
       and Eszter Vass --|tTackling ageismin employment: age the 
       final frontierof discrimination? /|rDavid Farnham --
       |tDisabled people and employment: barriers to potential 
       solutions /|rMarion Hersh --|tBarriers to diversity: the 
       case of advertising creatives /|rJim Blythe 
520    Frequent reference is made to the importance of workplace 
       diversity but the remarkable and specific benefits it can 
       bring to organizations are often overlooked. Equally, 
       reference is rarely made to the problemsof introducing it 
       into a workplace even though these may prevent it taking 
       root in an organisation. These are major oversights which 
       make it difficult for organizations to present thecase for
       diversity and take steps to ensure its effective 
       introduction. Written by experts in the field this book 
       fills these gaps by showing how national culture, 
       genderand personality can impact onteamwork, management 
       style, design and marketing preferences. It recommends a 
       strategic approach tothe implementation of diversity and 
       offers solutions that can be delivered to match customer 
       preferences. As well as discussing these specific benefits,
       the book alerts readers to the many obstacles that can 
       impede its introduction 
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650  0 Diversity in the workplace|xEconomic aspects 
650  0 Corporate culture 
650  0 Multiculturalism 
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650 07 Diversity Management.|2swd 
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