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100 1  Klee, Harold 
245 10 Simulation of dynamic systems with MATLAB and Simulink /
       |cHarold Klee and Randal Allen 
250    2nd ed. 
260    Boca Raton, FL :|bCRC Press,|cc2011 
300    xix, 795 p. :|bill. ;|c27 cm 
504    Includes bibliographical references (p. 781-783) and index
520    "Employing the widely adopted MATLAB and Simulink software
       packages, this book offers the scientific and engineering 
       communities integrated coverage of continuous simulation 
       and the essential prerequisites in one resource. It also 
       provides a complete introduction to the Real-Time 
       Workshop. The text takes the reader through the process of
       converting a mathematical model of a continuous or 
       discrete system into a simulation model and source code 
       implementation, which can be explored to better understand
       the dynamic behavior of the system. The second edition 
       addresses common nonlinearities, expands coverage of the 
       Kalman filter, and features extensive treatment of 
       numerical parameters"--|cProvided by publisher. 
520    "In the first article of SIMULATION magazine in Fall 1963,
       the editor John McLeod proclaimed simulation to mean "the 
       act of representing some aspects of the real world by 
       numbers or symbols which may be easily manipulated to 
       facilitate their study." Two years later, it was modified 
       to "the development and use of models for the study of the
       dynamics of existing or hypothesized systems." More than 
       forty years later, the simulation community has yet to 
       converge upon a universally accepted definition"--
       |cProvided by publisher. 
650  0 Computer simulation 
700 1  Allen, Randal,|d1964- 
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