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100 1  Zhao, Min Zhong 
245 10 Simulation of earth-to-air heat exchanger systems 
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500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 42-06, 
       page: 2328 
500    Adviser: A. K. Athienitis 
502    Thesis (M.A.Sc.)--Concordia University (Canada), 2004 
520    Solar energy accumulated in the soil may be utilized with 
       earth-to-air heat exchangers (ETAHEs), which have a single
       tube or a group of tubes buried into the ground 
520    The use of such a system requires a complex dimensioning 
       process, which involves optimization of numerous 
       parameters such as the airflow rate, tube length, depth, 
       and diameter; in the meantime, some potentially adverse 
       aspects of the system such as condensation have to be 
520    In this thesis, first a transient control volume model is 
       presented to investigate the transient soil heat rejection
       around an ETAHE. Then, a 1-D steady-state model is 
       developed by combining a control volume model with an 
       analytical solution for prediction of ETAHE outlet 
       temperature, relative humidity and condensation (if any). 
       The model is validated against two sets of published 
       experimental data. By trying various combinations of 
       different parameters, one may find an optimal dimension 
       for an ETAHE system. Application of this technique in 
       Montreal climate is also analyzed. (Abstract shortened by 
590    School code: 0228 
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650  4 Engineering, Mechanical 
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710 20 Concordia University (Canada) 
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