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100 1  Charoo, Elethia C 
245 10 Critical success factors of medicare-certified ambulatory 
       surgery centers: A qualitative collective case study 
300    115 p 
500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 73-
       02, Section: B, page: 0850 
500    Adviser: Rubye Braye 
502    Thesis (D.B.A.)--Capella University, 2011 
520    The critical success factor (CSF) methodology has helped 
       many industries achieve success since Daniel's seminal 
       work in 1961. Specifically, the information management 
       industry, Catholic schools, sports, and finance have 
       benefited from previous CSF research. This research study 
       focused on the CSFs of Medicare-certified ambulatory 
       surgery centers (ASCs). In May 2009, the Centers for 
       Medicare and Medicaid revised the rules and regulations 
       governing ASCs. Since that time, success on Medicare 
       surveys has been unattainable for many, with only a few 
       passing without deficiencies. This research examined the 
       CSFs of ASCs that successfully completed Medicare surveys 
       in 2010 without deficiencies. Stroman's 2007 modified 
       structured interview was utilized to gather data from 
       participants. Participants in the research identified 286 
       CSFs. The responses were further organized to show the top
       5 factors that are critical to the success of Medicare-
       certified ASCs: regulatory compliance, staff 
       qualifications and training, patient safety, financial, 
       communication, and ASC reputation. Recommendations for 
       future research include the application of the CSF 
       methodology to the accreditation process of ASCs, 
       comparison of CSF of HOPD ASCs versus non HOPD ASCs, and 
       comparison of ASCs that have successfully passed surveys 
       completed by accrediting bodies versus those completed by 
       the state department of health 
590    School code: 1351 
650  4 Business Administration, General 
650  4 Health Sciences, Surgery 
650  4 Health Sciences, Health Care Management 
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710 2  Capella University.|bSchool of Business and Technology 
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