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245 00 System health management|h[electronic resource] :|bwith 
       aerospace applications /|cedited by Stephen B. Johnson ...
       [et al.] 
260    Hoboken, N.J. :|bWiley,|c2011 
300    xxxii, 630 p. :|bill 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 8  Machine generated contents note: About the Editors List of
       Contributors Foreword Series Editor Preface Preface 
       AcronymsPart One The Socio-technical Context of System 
       Health Management Charles D. Mott1 The Theory of System 
       Health Management Stephen B. Johnson Overview 1.1 
       Introduction 1.2 Functions, Off-Nominal States, and 
       Causation 1.3 Complexity and Knowledge Limitations 1.4 SHM
       Mitigation Strategies 1.5 Operational Fault Management 
       Functions 1.6 Mechanisms 1.7 Summary of Principles 1.8 SHM
       Implementation 1.9 Some Implications 1.10 Conclusion 
       Bibliography2 Multimodal Communication Beverly A. Sauer 
       Overview 2.1 Multimodal Communication in SHM 2.2 
       Communication Channels 2.3 Learning from Disaster 2.4 
       Current Communication in the Aerospace Industry 2.5 The 
       Problem of Sense-making in SHM Communication 2.6 The Costs
       of Faulty Communication 2.7 Implications 2.8 Conclusion 
       Acknowledgments Bibliography3 Highly Reliable 
       Organizations Andrew Wiedlea Overview 3.1 The Study of 
       HROs and Design for Dependability 3.2 Lessons from the 
       Field: HRO Patterns of Behavior 3.3 Dependable Design, 
       Organizational Behavior, and Connections to the HRO 
       Project Bibliography4 Knowledge Management Edward W. 
       Rogers Overview 4.1 Systems as Embedded Knowledge  4.2 KM 
       and Information Technology 4.3 Reliability and 
       Sustainability of Organizational Systems 4.4 Case Study of
       Building a Learning Organization: Goddard Space Flight 
       Center 4.5 Conclusion Bibliography5 The Business Case for 
       SHM Kirby Keller and James Poblete Overview 5.1 Business 
       Case Processes and Tools 5.2 Metrics to Support the 
       Decision Process 5.3 Factors to Consider in Developing an 
       Enterprise Model 5.4 Evaluation of Alternatives 5.5 
       Modifications in Selected Baseline Model 5.6 Modeling Risk
       and Uncertainty 5.7 Model Verification and Validation 5.8 
       Evaluation Results 5.9 Summary and Conclusions 
       BibliographyPart Two SHM and the System Lifecycle Seth S. 
       Kessler6 Health Management Systems Engineering and 
       Integration Timothy J. Wilmering and Charles D. Mott 
       Overview 6.1 Introduction 6.2 Systems Thinking 6.3 
       Knowledge Management 6.4 Systems Engineering 6.5 Systems 
       Engineering Lifecycle Stages 6.6 Systems Engineering, 
       Dependability, and Health Management 6.7 SHM Lifecycle 
       Stages 6.8 SHM Analysis Models and Tools 6.9 Summary 
       Acknowledgments Bibliography7 Architecture Ryan W. Deal 
       and Seth S. Kessler Overview 7.1 Introduction 7.2 SHM 
       System Architecture Components 7.3 Examples of Power and 
       Data Considerations 7.4 SHM System Architecture 
       Characteristics 7.5 SHM System Architecture Advanced 
       Concepts 7.6 Summary Bibliography8 System Design and 
       Analysis Methods Irem Y. Tumer Overview 8.1 Introduction 
       8.2 Lifecycle Considerations 8.3 Design Methods and 
       Practices for Effective SHM 8.4 Summary Acknowledgments 
       Bibliography9 Assessing and Maturing Technology Readiness 
       Levels Ryan M. Mackey Overview 9.1 Introduction 9.2 
       Motivating Maturity Assessment 9.3 Review of Technology 
       Readiness Levels 9.4 Special Needs of SHM 9.5 Mitigation 
       Approaches 9.6 TRLs for SHM 9.7 A Sample Maturation Effort
       9.8 Summary Bibliography10 Verification and Validation 
       Lawrence Z. Markosian, Martin S. Feather, and David E. 
       Brinza Overview 10.1 Introduction 10.2 Existing Software V
       &V 10.3 Feasibility and Sufficiency of Existing Software V
       &V Practices for SHM 
520    "System Health Management with Aerospace Applications is 
       the first reference text in its field. Due to the 
       disparate nature of the technologies involved in Systems 
       Health Management (SHM), no single person can understand 
       all aspects of the discipline; hence this book collates 
       together in one text the state-of-the-art in research and 
       technology.System Health Management with Aerospace 
       Applications is edited by a team of NASA based engineers 
       and consultants, each heading up sections in their own 
       areas of expertise and co-coordinating contributions from 
       leading experts. The six sections include SHM and its 
       Socio-Technical Context, SHM and the System Life Cycle, 
       Analytical Methods, Operations, Subsystems and Systems.Key
       features: Authored and edited by experts from NASA and 
       leading industry partners Collates together a wealth of 
       information currently unpublished or disseminated 
       throughout journal and conference papers Explains the 
       fundamentals of each sub-discipline introduced, with a 
       comprehensive list of references, enabling the reader to 
       expand their knowledge base with no prior specialist 
       experience required in the disparate areas Features real-
       life case studies"--|cProvided by publisher 
520    "This book collates together in one text the state-of-the-
       art in research and technology"--|cProvided by publisher 
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       |d2011.|nAvailable via World Wide Web.|nAccess may be 
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