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245 00 Models, simulation, and experimental issues in structural 
       mechanics|h[electronic resource] /|cedited by Michel 
       Fremond, Franco Maceri, Giuseppe Vairo 
260    Cham :|bSpringer International Publishing :|bImprint: 
300    xiii, 267 p. :|bill., digital ;|c24 cm 
490 1  Springer series in solid and structural mechanics,|x2195-
       3511 ;|vv.8 
505 0  5-dimensional Thermodynamics of Dissipative Continua -- 
       Mathematical Modelings of Smart Devices and Smart 
       Structures -- Multiplane Cohesive Zone Models Combining 
       Damage, Friction and Interlocking -- On Alternative 
       Approaches for Graded Damage Modelling -- Edge Debonding 
       Prediction in Beams Strengthened by FRP Composite Plates -
       - A Concurrent Multiscale Model for Crack Propagation 
       Analysis in Composite Materials -- Quasi-static Evolution,
       Variational Principles and Implicit Scheme in Gradient 
       Plasticity -- Deviatoric Strength of Nanoporous Materials:
       A Limit Analysis Approach -- On Melan's Theorem in 
       Temperature-dependent Viscoplasticity -- Incompressibility
       and Large Deformations -- Crowd-structure Interaction in 
       Laterally Vibrating Footbridges: Comparison of two Fully 
       Coupled Approaches -- Computational Modeling of Backward 
       Erosion Piping -- Experimental Analysis of a Tuned Mass 
       Damper with Eddy Currents Damping Effect -- Experimental 
       Study on a Scaled Model of Offshore Wind Turbine on 
       Monopile Foundation 
520    The reader aware in Structural Mechanics will find in this
       book a source of fruitful knowledge and effective tools 
       useful for imagining, creating, and promoting novel and 
       challenging developments. It addresses a wide range of 
       topics, such as mechanics and geotechnics, vibration and 
       damping, damage and friction, experimental methods, and 
       advanced structural materials. It also discusses 
       analytical, experimental and numerical findings, focusing 
       on theoretical and practical issues, and leading to 
       innovations in the field. Collecting some of the latest 
       results from the Lagrange Laboratory, a European 
       scientific research group, mainly consisting of Italian 
       and French engineers, mechanicians and mathematicians, the
       book presents the most recent example of the long-term 
       scientific cooperation between well-established French and
       Italian Mechanics, Mathematics and Engineering Schools 
650  0 Structural analysis (Engineering) 
650 14 Engineering 
650 24 Structural Mechanics 
650 24 Computational Science and Engineering 
650 24 Materials Engineering 
650 24 Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control 
650 24 Engineering Design 
700 1  Fremond, Michel 
700 1  Maceri, Franco 
700 1  Vairo, Giuseppe 
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830  0 Springer series in solid and structural mechanics ;|vv.8 
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