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100 1  Baird, Kristin 
245 10 Customer Service in Health Care :|bA Grassroots Approach 
       to Creating a Culture of Service Excellence 
250    1st ed 
264  1 Somerset :|bJohn Wiley & Sons, Incorporated,|c2000 
264  4 |c©2000 
300    1 online resource (179 pages) 
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490 1  J-B AHA Press Ser 
505 0  Customer Service in Health Care: A Grassroots Approach to 
       Creating a Culture of Service Excellence -- Contents -- 
       List of Figures and Tables -- About the Author -- Preface 
       -- Acknowledgments -- Chapter One: Why Customer Service? -
       - What Are the Standards of Behavior? -- The Golden Rule 
       with a New Twist -- Expectations Are Higher in Health Care
       -- The Direct and Indirect Costs of a Bad Experience -- A 
       Look at Revenue Loss -- What Reputation Can Do -- Don't 
       Just Satisfy Them, Get Them Talking! -- Satisfaction or 
       Excellence? -- What Would You Like Them to Say about You? 
       -- Customer Service as It Relates to Business Development 
       -- Summary -- References -- Chapter Two: Setting Your 
       Course-Senior Leadership Takes the Wheel -- Top-Down 
       Communication -- Articulating Core Values -- Articulating 
       Organizational Values -- What Message Have You Given 
       Managers? -- Leadership Skills Assessment -- Do You Have 
       the Right People in Management? -- Leading toward a 
       Corporate Culture of Service Excellence -- Making Sure All
       the Leadership Team Are on the Same Page -- Today's Health
       Care Managers -- Mentor, Monitor, and Measure -- Clarify 
       What Is Expected of Managers -- Bottom-Line Results -- 
       Reinforcing Positive Behavior -- Eliminating Problem 
       Behavior -- It's Not a Program-It's a Way of Life -- 
       Summary -- References -- Chapter Three: Championing Buy-In
       and Ownership- You Can't Do It Alone -- The Customer 
       Service Champion -- Creating a Customer Service Team -- 
       Lessons Learned from Team Member Selection -- Getting 
       Support from the Top -- Creating a Team Mission Statement 
       -- Defining Expectations of Team Members -- Ground Rules -
       - Team Goals -- Summary -- Chapter Four: Where Are You 
       Now?-Establishing Your Baseline -- Gathering Baseline Data
       -- Baseline-the Patients' Perspective -- Baseline-the 
       Employees' Perspective -- Baseline-the Medical Staff's 
505 8  Seeing the Big Picture -- Summary -- Reference -- Chapter 
       Five: Creating Meaningful Standards to Live By -- Why 
       Create Standards for Customer Service Performance? -- Who 
       Should Define the Standards? -- Look for Role Models -- 
       Make It Their Idea -- Focus Group Objectives and 
       Discussion Guide -- Conducting Focus Groups -- Scheduling 
       the Groups -- Extending a Welcome -- Setting the Ground 
       Rules -- Summarizing the Results -- Moving from Discussion
       to Specific Behaviors -- Summary -- References -- Chapter 
       Six: The Training Sessions-Getting Everyone on the Same 
       Page -- Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood --
       One Size Doesn't Fit All-Understanding Unique Training 
       Needs -- Management Training -- Tie the Message to 
       Existing Policy -- Keep It Interesting -- Rethink the New-
       Employee Orientation -- Corporatewide Training -- Make 
       Training Accessible and Diversified -- Who Should Be 
       Included in the Training Sessions? -- Session Evaluations 
       -- Graduating to a Second-Generation Customer Service Team
       -- Summary -- References -- Chapter Seven: Keeping the 
       Effort Alive -- The Real Work Begins -- Departmental 
       Action Plans -- Make Your Promise Visible -- Provide 
       Patient Satisfaction Data -- Coach the Coaches -- 
       Communication -- Employee Newsletters -- Bulletin Boards -
       - Annual Education Day -- Recognize, Reinforce, and Reward
       -- Coupons and Prizes -- Public Praise -- Formal 
       Recognition Programs -- Cues to Signal One Another -- 
       Hiring for Optimal Customer Service -- Summary -- 
       Reference -- Chapter Eight: Customer Service Pointers for 
       Physicians -- What Customer Service Means to Your Bottom 
       Line -- Perception Is Reality -- Lip Service Just Won't 
       Cut It with Your Staff -- Taking Small, Consistent Steps -
       - Are You a Patient Advocate? -- Customer Service and Risk
       Management -- Don't Forget Your Other Customers -- 
       Colleagues -- Nurses -- Summary -- References 
505 8  Chapter Nine: A Message for Nurses -- The Role of the 
       Nurse in Influencing Patient Perceptions -- Communication-
       Make It GREAT! -- Greet with an Introduction -- Recap 
       Previous Encounters or Treatments -- Explain What to 
       Expect Next -- Ask for Questions -- Tell Them When They 
       Can Expect to See You Again -- Rating Your Performance-You
       Be the Judge -- Promptness -- Empathy -- Information -- 
       Respect -- Privacy -- Attitude -- Moments of Truth -- 
       Applause, Applause -- Don't Forget Your Other Customers --
       Phone Etiquette -- Summary -- Chapter Ten: Measuring 
       Results -- Back to the Beginning-Quantifiable Data -- 
       Patient Satisfaction -- Employee Satisfaction -- Physician
       Satisfaction -- Sharing the Results -- Qualitative 
       Indicators of Success -- Small Steps Will Take You Miles -
       - Olympic Moments -- Who Else Should See Your Results? -- 
       Summary -- Conclusion -- Index -- End User License 
520    "A wonderful guide that every manager can use. Kristin 
       Baird's advice helps health care leaders understand the 
       need for great customer satisfaction." -Stephanie G. 
       Sherman, author, Total Customer Satisfaction  "Combines 
       the inspiration of 'why to focus' on customer services 
       with the real-life 'how-tos'. An excellent road map for 
       health care leaders that provides direction and milestones
       in the journey toward a great customer service!" -Quint 
       Studer, president, Baptist Hospital, Inc., of Pensacola, 
       FL   "The challenge of creating a thoroughly customer-
       orientated culture in a health care organization is so 
       more fundamental than sAnding a few people off to the 
       'Disneyfied'.... The challenge, however, can be met-as 
       this book demonstrates-if leadership appreciates the key 
       role of middle managers and, as the author so wonderfully 
       says, builds the culture 'from the ground up.' Filled with
       examples, techniques, and tips, the author comes from and 
       speaks to the real world." -Terrence J. Rynne, president, 
       Rynne Marketing Group, author of Healthcare Marketing in 
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776 08 |iPrint version:|aBaird, Kristin|tCustomer Service in 
       Health Care : A Grassroots Approach to Creating a Culture 
       of Service Excellence|dSomerset : John Wiley & Sons, 
830  0 J-B AHA Press Ser 
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