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100 1  Fan, Hong,|d1957-|eauthor 
245 12 A history of Chinese martial arts /|cFan Hong and Fuhua 
263    1810 
264  1 Abingdon, Oxon ;|aNew York, NY :|bRoutledge,|c2019 
300    pages cm 
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490 0  Routledge research in sports history 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 0  Martial arts in the pre-Qin period (before 222 BC) -- 
       Martial arts in the Qin and Han dynasties and Three 
       Kingdoms period (221 BC-280) -- Martial arts in the Jin 
       and the Southern and Northern dynasties (265-589 AD) -- 
       Martial arts in the Sui, Tang, and Five dynasties and Ten 
       Kingdoms period (581-979) -- Martial arts in the Song 
       dynasty (960-1279) -- Martial arts in the Liao, Jin, 
       Western Xia, and Yuan dynasties (916-1368) -- Martial arts
       in the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) -- Martial arts in the 
       Qing dynasty (1616-1911) -- Martial arts in the Republic 
       of China (1912-1949) -- Martial arts in the People's 
       Republic of China (1949-) 
520    "Chinese martial arts have a long, meaningful history and 
       deep cultural roots. They blend the physical components of
       combat with strategy, philosophy and tradition, 
       distinguishing them from Western sports. A History of 
       Chinese Martial Arts is the most authoritative study ever 
       written on this topic, featuring contributions from 
       leading Chinese scholars and practitioners. The book 
       provides a comprehensive overview of all types of Chinese 
       martial arts, from the Pre-Qin Period (before 222 BC) 
       right up to the present day in the People's Republic of 
       China, with each chapter covering a different period in 
       Chinese history. Including numerous illustrations of 
       artefacts, weaponry and historical drawings and documents,
       this book offers unparalleled insight into the origins, 
       development and contemporary significance of martial arts 
       in China. This is a fascinating read for researchers and 
       students working in sports history, Chinese sport and 
       Chinese Studies"--|cProvided by publisher 
650  0 Martial arts|zChina|xHistory 
650  0 Martial arts weapons|zChina|xHistory 
700 1  Huang, Fuhua|c(Lecturer in physical education)|eauthor 
776 08 |iOnline version:|aFan, Hong, 1957- author.|tHistory of 
       Chinese martial arts|dAbingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : 
       Routledge, 2019|z9781315628073|w(DLC) 2018048059 
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