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100 1  Foulis, Elena 
245 10 Traumatic memories of gendered violence in the fiction of 
       Gayl Jones, Denise Chavez, and Graciela Limon 
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500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 72-
       02, Section: A, page: 0588 
500    Adviser: Steven Bell 
502    Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of Arkansas, 2010 
520    Traumatic Memories of Gendered Violence in the Fiction of 
       Gayl Jones. Denise Chavez, and Graciela Limon examines the
       representation of memory and gendered violence in three 
       contemporary American novels: Gayl Jones's Corregidora, 
       Denise Chavez's  Face of An Angel, and Graciela Limon's In
       Search of Bernabe. My comparative research of Jones, 
       Chavez, and Limon seeks to contribute to a recent trend to
       study ethnic minority writers in the Americas 
520    I engage these texts in conversation with theories about 
       traumatic memory recall, the body in pain, and violence, 
       to show that the painful legacy of trauma in memory can be,
       in its own way, as damaging as the direct experience of 
       it. I also expose gendered violence as a structure of 
       power that frees itself from responsibility, by blaming 
       women for their own victimization 
520    The novels in this study reject the nostalgic way of 
       looking at the past and substitute memories of violence 
       that continue to affect women. These writers work against 
       established paradigms of cultural traditions to expose the
       ways in which women embody and transmit violence to future
       generations, and in this way they seek to form solidarity 
       with women as they point toward new feminist futures. 
       Whether it is slavery, in the case of African Americans, 
       or colonialism, in the case of Chicanas, all of the female
       protagonists in the three novels share the common 
       experience of loss of self. Even more, they use their own 
       bodies to create sites of memory to bear witness to 
       physical violence and abuse 
590    School code: 0011 
650  4 Literature, Comparative 
650  4 African American Studies 
650  4 Black Studies 
650  4 Literature, American 
650  4 Hispanic American Studies 
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710 2  University of Arkansas 
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