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111 2  International Research Workshop on Advanced High 
       Performance Computing Systems|d(2016 :|cCetraro, Italy) 
245 10 New frontiers in high performance computing and big data
       |h[electronic resource] /|cedited by Geoffrey Fox, 
       Vladimir Getov, Lucio Grandinetti, Gerhard Joubert, and 
       Thomas Sterling 
260    Amsterdam :|bIOS Press,|c[2017] 
300    1 online resource (viii, 263 p.) 
490 1  Advances in parallel computing ;|vv. 30 
500    Includes indexes 
505 0  Pt. 1. Architectures -- Exascale Co-Design Progress and 
       Accomplishments -- Application-Specific Energy Modeling of
       Multi-Core Processors -- Asymptotic Computing--Undoing the
       Damage -- MPI Streams for HPC Applications -- Advances in 
       Topology-Aware Scheduling in Multidimensional Torus-Based 
       Systems -- Pt. 2. Data Science -- Hide Subsections  
       Patterns for High Performance Computing and Big Data: 
       State of the Art and Semantic Approaches -- Big Iron, Big 
       Data, and Big Identity -- Programming Big Data Analysis on
       Clouds and Extreme Scale Systems -- Adaptive Data 
       Placement in Multi-Tiered Data Staging Runtime -- Pt. 3. 
       Case Studies -- Hide Subsections  Parallelizing Big Data 
       Machine Learning Applications with Model Rotation -- How 
       Data Analysis Supports Crime Prediction in Smart Cities --
       Merging Data Science and Large Scale Computational 
       Modeling -- Optimizing Science Applications for the Cori, 
       Knights Landing, System at NERSC -- Quantum Annealing and 
       the Satisfiability Problem 
520    For the last four decades, parallel computing platforms 
       have increasingly formed the basis for the development of 
       high performance systems primarily aimed at the solution 
       of intensive computing problems, and the application of 
       parallel computing systems has also become a major factor 
       in furthering scientific research. But such systems also 
       offer the possibility of solving the problems encountered 
       in the processing of large-scale scientific data sets, as 
       well as in the analysis of Big Data in the fields of 
       medicine, social media, marketing, economics etc.This book
       presents papers from the International Research Workshop 
       on Advanced High Performance Computing Systems, held in 
       Cetraro, Italy, in July 2016. The workshop covered a wide 
       range of topics and new developments related to the 
       solution of intensive and large-scale computing problems, 
       and the contributions included in this v. cover aspects of
       the evolution of parallel platforms and highlight some of 
       the problems encountered with the development of ever more
       powerful computing systems. The importance of future large
       -scale data science applications is also discussed.The 
       book will be of particular interest to all those involved 
       in the development or application of parallel computing 
       systems.--Provided by publisher 
650  0 High performance computing|vCongresses 
650  0 Big data|vCongresses 
700 1  Fox, Geoffrey,|eeditor 
700 1  Getov, Vladimir,|eeditor 
700 1  Grandinetti, Lucio,|d1941-|eeditor 
700 1  Joubert, G. R.|q(Gerhard Robert),|eeditor 
700 1  Sterling, Thomas Lawrence,|eeditor 
830  0 Advances in parallel computing ;|vv. 30 
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