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100 1  LaVan, Melissa H 
245 10 Choosing to Learn by Taking Tests: The Effects of Feedback,
       Spacing, and Successive Lists 
300    49 p 
500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 50-05, 
500    Adviser: Thomas C. Toppino 
502    Thesis (M.S.)--Villanova University, 2012 
520    This experiment examined whether learners are 
       metacognitively aware of the benefits of being exposed to 
       a test during the course of learning by asking them to 
       choose to restudy or test word pairs under different 
       conditions of spacing, feedback, and successive lists. 
       Their decisions seemed to have been affected greatly by 
       their judgments of learning (JOLs). When participants gave
       low JOLs, they chose restudying more that testing with 
       long spacing but showed no preference with short spacing. 
       With increasing JOLs, participants showed a greater 
       preference for testing, regardless of spacing. On the 
       first of three lists, participants revealed no clear 
       strategy preference, but on the later lists, participants 
       who received feedback, but not those receiving no feedback,
       changed their strategy to choose testing more often than 
       restudying. Participants seem to understand that testing 
       has some benefit during learning. However, the limits of 
       their understanding remain unclear 
590    School code: 0245 
650  4 Education, Educational Psychology 
650  4 Psychology, Experimental 
650  4 Psychology, Cognitive 
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