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作者 Nguyen, Thinh P. Q
書名 Path diversity media streaming over best effort packet switched networks
國際標準書號 0496689819
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說明 169 p
附註 Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 65-02, Section: B, page: 0933
Chair: Avideh Zakhor
Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of California, Berkeley, 2003
Recent years has witnessed phenomenal growth of the Internet. According to Internet Software Consortium, number of hosts has reached 171 millions in January 2003 versus 71 millions in January 2000 and 5.8 millions in January 1995. Part of this explosive expansion is the proliferation of multimedia data such as image, audio, and video on the Internet. The current "best-effort" Internet, however, does not guarantee Quality of Service (QoS) such as minimum bandwidth, packet loss rate, and delay which are critical to many multimedia applications. As such, many significant challenges remain to design and deploy delay sensitive multimedia applications over the Internet effectively. In this dissertation, we develop a path diversity framework for concurrent media streaming to a receiver using multiple routes. Without requiring QoS, our framework improves the quality of the streamed media via multiple routes created using either multiple senders or relay nodes, in order to increase available bandwidth, reduce packet loss and delay. Our path diversity framework combines many approaches from the network architecture and protocols, to source and channel coding to in order to improve the overall quality of the streamed media
From an architecture point of view, our proposed path diversity framework combats packet loss, delay, and insufficient bandwidth for pre-recorded streaming media by sending packets simultaneously from multiple senders to a single receiver. For interactive and live streaming applications, the path diversity framework allows a single sender to send packets simultaneously on both default and redundant paths to the receiver. To create a redundant path, the sender sends packets to the appropriate relay node, which then forwards the packets to the receiver. The relay node selection algorithm is designed to ensure that packets traveling through the relay node take a different underlying physical path than that of the default path between the sender and receiver, hence, providing redundancy and protection against network outages and congestion
We also develop a transport protocol to synchronize simultaneous media streaming to receiver via multiple routes. In particular, the protocol employs the rate allocation and packet partition algorithms. The rate algorithm determines the sending rate on each route in order to minimize the packet loss, while the packet partition algorithm ensures that each packet is sent by one and only one sender and at the same time, minimizes startup delay
From a channel coding perspective, we show theoretically and experimentally that using Forward Error Correction (FEC) in streaming the media simultaneously over multiple mostly independent routes at appropriate sending rates is more effective than using FEC with the traditional uni-path streaming. We also provide the optimal strategy for using FEC under various network conditions
From a source coding point of view, we design a network adaptive matching pursuits based multiple description video coding scheme for our proposed path diversity framework. Multiple description coding is an error resilient source coding scheme that generates multiple encoded bitstreams of the source with the aim of providing an acceptable reconstruction quality of the source when only one description is received, and improved quality when multiple descriptions are available. Our network adaptive multiple description matching pursuits scheme is designed to optimally split the source into descriptions that are adapted to the network characteristics of each route, hence providing superior visual quality
School code: 0028
Host Item Dissertation Abstracts International 65-02B
主題 Engineering, Electronics and Electrical
Alt Author University of California, Berkeley
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