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100 1  Perttula, Jill 
245 10 National museums as 'emporia of pleasure': Marketing and 
       exhibition in Canadian federal museums 
300    153 p 
500    Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 46-05, 
       page: 2348 
502    Thesis (M.A.)--Carleton University (Canada), 2008 
520    This thesis examines some of the critical literature 
       emerging from the New Museology in an effort to analyze 
       the impact of marketing in the Canadian national museum. 
       The process of marketing in national museum exhibitions is
       analyzed through two case studies in the National Capital 
       Region: The National Gallery of Canada's Emily, a survey 
       of the work of Emily Carr, and the Canadian Museum of 
       Civilization's  Lace-Up an exhibition devoted to ice 
       skating. Structuralist Marxist theorist Louis Althusser's 
       concept of interpellation is used as a theoretical model 
       to demonstrate that national museum marketing constructs 
       viewers as subjects of the state. My emphasis on marketing
       draws on but also extends recent critical approaches to 
       the study of the museum or New Museology. This study 
       argues that marketing (including advertising and 
       promotional merchandise) is an important concern for the 
       national museum: as such, the marketing apparatus affects 
       the ways in which the museum defines its mission and the 
       visitor's experience of the museum. Marketing procedures 
       such as modes of advertising, exhibition pamphlets, 
       retailing, website application and museum membership are 
       discussed in detail to elucidate the power that marketing 
       maintains within the Canadian national museum 
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650  4 Business Administration, Marketing 
650  4 Art History 
650  4 Museology 
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710 2  Carleton University (Canada) 
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