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100 1  Pham, Giang Thuy 
245 10 Dual Language Development among Vietnamese-English 
       Bilingual Children: Modeling Trajectories and Cross-
       Linguistic Associations within a Dynamic Systems Framework
300    152 p 
500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 72-
       10, Section: A, page: 3598 
500    Adviser: Kathryn J. Kohnert 
502    Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of Minnesota, 2011 
520    The purpose of this longitudinal study was to 
       mathematically model first and second language 
       trajectories and interactions among developing sequential 
       bilingual school-age children.  Language data were 
       collected in four waves, with a one-year interval between 
       each wave.  Participants (N = 34, mean age of 7.3 at Wave 
       1) lived in the US, spoke Vietnamese as a first and home 
       language (L1) and began learning the majority community 
       language, English (L2), in early childhood.  Children 
       completed measures in the L1 and L2 at lexical, 
       grammatical, and discourse subsystems each year for four 
       consecutive years.  Multivariate hierarchical linear 
       models were calculated to examine the shape and rates of 
       change for the two languages nested within individual 
       children.  Associations within and between languages were 
       examined across different language subsystems at each wave
       and over time in a series of correlational and 
       longitudinal analyses.  Results showed (a) positive growth
       across all language subsystems for the L1 and L2 with 
       relatively more rapid gains in the L2, (b) moderate to 
       strong positive associations between languages at each 
       wave and over time, (c) bidirectional cross-linguistic 
       transfer, and (d) changes in the nature of L1-L2 
       relationships with age.  Findings are interpreted within a
       Dynamic Systems framework in which a child's language 
       system emerges from multiple interactions across cognitive,
       social and language systems as well as interactions within
       and between languages (de Bot, Lowie, & Verspoor, 2007; 
       Kohnert, 2007) 
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650  4 Education, Language and Literature 
650  4 Education, Bilingual and Multicultural 
650  4 Psychology, Developmental 
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710 2  University of Minnesota.|bSpeech-Language-Hearing Sciences
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