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100 1  Simon, Suzanne Renee 
245 10 Unfinished journeys:  Elder learners in an assisted living
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500    Source: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 67-
       05, Section: A, page: 1653 
500    Adviser:  David Capuzzi 
502    Thesis (Ed.D.)--Portland State University, 2006 
520    While multiple learning opportunities exist as the aging 
       experience unfolds, elders facing some of the most complex
       physical and emotional challenges are often perceived as 
       "too old to learn." For those living in long-term care 
       facilities (LTC), lack of consideration as learners 
       hinders numerous opportunities for growth. However, within
       the contexts of aging and learning, an attempt to 
       understand elders as becoming and conceptualize them as 
       learners might better serve their experience in long-term 
520    The purpose of this study was to record notions about 
       learning by capturing individual voices and shared 
       meanings of a group of assisted living facility (ALF) 
       residents as they considered what learning means to them. 
       Participants in this study were 11 residents of a suburban
       assisted living community in Washington County, Oregon. 
       All participants were at least 70 years of age. This 8-
       month qualitative field study compiled data gathered 
       through utilization of participatory and naturalistic 
       observation, one-to-one interviews, and a focus group 
520    Six Categories of Inquiry were used to frame the 
       exploration: What is Learning? How are you a learner? How 
       does aging influence learning? How does your health 
       influence your learning? How does living in this ALF 
       influence your learning? and What choices and access do 
       you have to learn? Data analysis included direct 
       transcription of resident comments during ongoing 
       collaboration as standalone narratives; immersion of 
       researcher into transcriptions and field observation notes
       to allow for new themes to naturally emerge; open coding 
       of word and phrase usage to reduce, integrate, and 
       synthesize themes as they related to the categories of 
       inquiry; and a focus group session for dialogic reflection
520    The salient feature of an internal tension between feeling
       both  unfinished and having potential was expressed. 
       Within this tension, key elements associated with learning
       and living in an ALF were found to be that: learning has 
       many meanings including growth, change, hand-work, and 
       artistic expression; respondents described themselves as 
       lifelong learners regardless of physical or emotional 
       challenges; and rather than aging itself, age-related 
       sensory changes and impairments have a profound impact on 
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