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100 1  Siemann, Wolfram,|eauthor 
240 10 Metternich.|lEnglish 
245 10 Metternich :|bstrategist and visionary /|cWolfram Siemann 
       ; translated by Daniel Steuer 
263    1111 
264  1 Cambridge, Massachusetts :|bThe Belknap Press of Harvard 
       University Press,|c2019 
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500    "Originally published in German as Metternich: Stratege 
       und Visionar, eine Biografie, by Wolfram Siemann, revised 
       edition, 2017, (c) Verlag C.H.Beck oHG, Munchen 2016."--
       Title page verso 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 0  A life in seven stages -- Metternich's biographers across 
       the generations -- The risks and limitations of Srbik's 
       biography of Metternich -- Origins: family ties and the 
       rise of the Metternichs -- Metternich's generation: Ancien
       Regime and Enlightenment, 1773-1792 -- A double crisis: 
       empire and revolution, 1789-1801 -- Between peace and war:
       life as an ambassador, 1801-1806 -- World war: outset and 
       intensification, 1806-1812 -- World war: climax and crisis,
       1813 -- World war: catastrophe and resolution, 1814 -- The
       end of an era and a new beginning for Europe: the Congress
       of Vienna, 1814-1815 -- The connoisseur of women and head 
       of the entail -- The construction of a new beginning: 
       reform and reconstruction, 1815-1818 -- Defensive security
       policies: averting threats under the Vienna system, 1815-
       1829 -- From imperial count to capitalist: Metternich as a
       patriarch with a social conscience -- The spring of 
       nations amid poverty, 1830-1847 -- The organization of 
       rule: power centers, networks, interests, intrigues -- 
       Revolution, escape, exile, 1848-1851 -- At the observatory
       : twilight years in Vienna, 1851-1859 
520    This is a major biography of Clemens von Metternich (1773-
       1859), perhaps the most important European politician of 
       the first half of the nineteenth century. Metternich held 
       the highest civilian posts in the Austrian Empire without 
       interruption from 1809 to 1848, helped determine the shape
       of post-Napoleonic Europe, and established the system of 
       international congresses (the Metternich system) that 
       dominated international relations up to 1918 and set a 
       precedent for the League of Nations and the United 
       Nations. His influence on international affairs in the 
       first half of the century was so profound that the period 
       is sometimes called the Age of Metternich. He is usually 
       considered a stubborn conservative and an enemy of 
       liberalism and nationalism, which then went hand in hand. 
       For many, he represents everything that the 
       revolutionaries of 1848 opposed. In this biography, 
       Wolfram Siemann argues that the conventional view of 
       Metternich is wrong. He writes that Metternich idealized 
       Britain's liberal constitution and aimed to make as much 
       room as possible for liberalism and nationalism as was 
       consistent with his overarching aim: the preservation of 
       peace in Europe, a commitment arising from his horror at 
       the death and destruction of the Revolutionary and 
       Napoleonic Wars. Drawing on previously unopened archives 
       belonging to the Metternich family, Siemann also presents 
       in full his subject's active personal and social life. 
       Metternich had many mistresses, one of them Napoleon's 
       sister, and counted almost everybody with power in Europe 
       as a friend or enemy.--|cProvided by publisher 
600 10 Metternich, Clemens Wenzel Lothar,|cFürst von,|d1773-1859 
650  0 Statesmen|zAustria|vBiography 
650  0 Diplomats|zAustria|vBiography 
651  0 Austria|xHistory|y1789-1900 
651  0 Europe|xPolitics and government|y1789-1900 
700 1  Steuer, Daniel,|etranslator 
765 08 |iTranslation of:|aSiemann, Wolfram.|tMetternich.|dMünchen
       : C.H. Beck, [2016]|z9783406683862|w(DLC)  2016378414
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