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100 1  Cuéllar, Israel 
245 10 Handbook of multicultural mental health|h[electronic 
       resource] :|bassessment and treatment of diverse 
       populations /|cedited by Israel Cuéllar, Freddy A. 
260    San Diego :|bAcademic Press,|cc2000 
300    1 online resource (xxx, 486 p.) :|bill 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 0  Overview Theory, Models, and Demographics: -- A.J. 
       Marsella and A.M. Yamada, Culture and Mental Health: An 
       Introduction and Overview of Foundations, Concepts, and 
       Issues. -- R.J. Angel and K. Williams, Cultural Models of 
       Health and Illness. -- I. Cuellar, Acculturation and 
       Mental Health: Ecological Transactional Relations of 
       Adjustment. -- G. Canales, Gender as Subculture: The First
       Division of Multicultural Diversity. -- U.A. Raajpoot, 
       Multicultural Demographic Developments: Current and Future
       Trends. -- Methodology: -- R.H. Dana, Culture and 
       Methodology in Personality Assessment. -- B.R. Arnold and 
       Y.E. Matus, Test Translation and Cultural Equivalence 
       Methodologies for Use With Diverse Populations. -- 
       Assessment and Treatment: -- F.A. Paniagua, Culture-Bound 
       Syndromes, Cultural Variations, and Psychopathology. -- S.
       Okazaki, Assessing and Treating Asian Americans: Recent 
       Advances. -- M.L. Lindsey and I. Cuellar, Mental Health 
       Assessment and Treatment of African Americans: A 
       Multicultural Perspective. -- A.J. Romero, Assessing and 
       Treating Latinos: Overview of Research. -- D.A. Dillard 
       and S.M. Manson, Assessing and Treating American Indians 
       and Alaska Natives. -- F.A. Paniagua, Multicultural Issues
       in Treating Clients with HIV/AIDS from the African 
       American, American Indian, Asian, and Hispanic 
       Populations. -- R.M. Lee and M.R. Ramirez, III, The 
       History, Current Status, and Future of Multicultural 
       Psychotherapy. -- C. Martinez, Conducting the Cross-
       Cultural Clinical Interview. -- S.A. Black, The Mental 
       Health of Culturally Diverse Elderly: Research and 
       Clinical Issues. -- C.E. Holzer, III and S. Copeland, Race,
       Ethnicity, and the Epidemiology of Mental Disorders in 
       Adults. -- R.E. Roberts, Depression and Suicidal Behaviors
       among Adolescents: The Role of Ethnicity. -- R.J. 
       Velasquez, G.X. Ayala, S.A. Mendoza, E. Nezami, I. 
       Castillo-Canez, T.M. Pace, S.K. Choney, F.C. Gomez, Jr., 
       and L.E. Miles, Culturally Competent Use of the Minnesota 
       Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 with Minorities. -- 
       A.E. Puente and M. Perez-Garcia, Neuropsychological 
       Assessment of Ethnic Minorities: Clinical Issues. -- 
       Training in Cultural Competence: -- C. Negy, Limitations 
       of the Multicultural Approach to Psychotherapy with 
       Diverse Clients. -- G.K. Hong, M. Garcia, and M. Soriano, 
       Responding to the Challenge: Preparing Mental Health 
       Professionals for the New Millennium. -- Index 
505 0  Overview theory, models, and demographics -- Culture and 
       mental health: an introduction and overview of foundations,
       concepts, and issues -- Cultural models of health and 
       illness -- Acculturation and mental health: ecological 
       transactional relations of adjustment -- Gender as 
       subculture: the first division of multicultural diversity 
       -- Multicultural demographic developments: current and 
       future trends -- Methodology -- Culture and methodology in
       personality assessment -- Test translation and cultural 
       equivalence methodologies for use with diverse populations
       -- Assessment and treatment -- Culture-bound syndromes, 
       cultural variations, and psychopathology -- Assessing and 
       treating Asian Americans: recent advances -- Mental health
       assessment and treatment of African Americans: a 
       multicultural perspective -- Assessing and treating 
       Latinos: overview of research -- Assessing and treating 
       American Indians and Alaska natives -- Multicultural 
       issues in treating clients with HIV/AIDS from the African 
       American, American Indian, Asian, and Hispanic populations
       -- History: current status, and future of multicultural 
       psychotherapy -- Conducting the cross-cultural clinical 
       interview -- Mental health of culturally diverse elderly: 
       research and clinical issues -- Race, ethnicity, and the 
       epidemiology of mental disorders in adults -- Depression 
       and suicidal behaviors among adolescents: the role of 
       ethnicity -- Culturally competent use of the Minnesota 
       multiphasic personality inventory-2 with minorities -- 
       Neuropsychological assessment of ethnic minorities: 
       clinical issues -- Training in cultural competence -- 
       Limitations of the multicultural approach to psychotherapy
       with diverse clients -- Responding to the challenge: 
       preparing mental health professionals for the new 
520    Clinicians and mental health practitioners are regularly 
       called upon to treat patients of diverse cultural and 
       ethnic backgrounds. Not only do these patients differ from
       Anglos in culture and language, but also in customs, 
       beliefs, values, and practices. Understanding these 
       differences is vital to performing an accurate diagnosis/
       assessment of psychopathology as well as in determining an
       effective treatment regimen. This book provides vital 
       information to clinicians worldwide in bettering their 
       treatment of diverse populations. Each chapter identifies 
       relevant cultural variables specific to each racial/ethnic
       group, along with ethnocultural measures and their 
       relevant psychometric properties. Part 1 presents 
       introductory material on the definition of mental illness 
       and pathological behavior in differing cultures, 
       epidemiological data on the prevalence of different 
       disorders between differing population groups, culture 
       specific beliefs (e.g. hexes), and the influence of 
       culture on treatment. Part 2 discusses assessment issues 
       including how specific measures (Rorschach, MMPI, etc.) 
       are best interpreted with different population groups, and
       the existence and use of ethnocultural specific measures. 
       Part 3 discusses assessment and treatment of specific 
       population groups (e.g., Indians, Asians, Latinos, etc.) 
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650 22 Cultural Diversity 
650 22 Minority Groups 
650 22 Personality Assessment 
655  4 Electronic books 
700 1  Paniagua, Freddy A 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aCuéllar, Israel.|tHandbook of 
       multicultural mental health.|dSan Diego : Academic Press, 
       c2000|z0121993701|z9780121993702|w(DLC)   99066278
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