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245 00 Imaging in clinical oncology /|cedited by Athanasios D. 
       Gouliamos, John A. Andreou, Paris A. Kosmidis 
250    Second edition 
264  1 Cham :|bSpringer International Publishing :|bImprint: 
300    1 online resource (xxi, 709 pages) :|billustrations, 
       digital ;|c24 cm 
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505 0  I-Introductory -- Molecular Imaging in Oncology -- Imaging
       Criteria for Tumor Treatment Response Evaluation -- 
       Imaging in Radiation Therapy -- Interventional Radiology 
       in Oncology -- Imaging Principles in Pediatric Oncology --
       The role of Radiogenomics in Oncologic imaging -- II-Bone 
       and soft Tissue Tumors -- Introduction to Soft Tissue 
       Sarcomas -- Introduction to Bone Sarcomas -- Introduction 
       to Retroperitoneal Tumors -- Conventional Radiology of 
       Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors -- US-CT-MRI Findings: Staging
       -Response-Restaging of Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors -- 
       Positron Emission Tomography in Bone and Soft Tissue 
       Tumors -- Clinical Implications of Soft Tissue Sarcomas --
       Clinical Implications of Bone Sarcomas -- Clinical 
       Implications of'Retroperitoneal Sarcomas -- III-CNS Tumors
       -- Introduction to Brain Tumors -- Conventional Imaging in
       the Diagnosis of Brain Tumors -- Diagnostic Issues in 
       Treating Brain Tumors -- Tumors of the Spinal Cord and 
       Spinal Canal -- Advanced MRI Techniques in Brain Tumors --
       PET/CT: Is There a Role? -- Clinical Implications of Brain
       Tumors -- IV-Head and Neck Cancer -- Introduction to Head 
       and Neck Cancer -- US Findings in Head and Neck Cancer -- 
       CT and MR Findings in Head and Neck Cancer -- PET-CT 
       Findings in Head and Neck Cancer -- Clinical Implications 
       of Head and Neck Cancer -- V-Lung Cancer -- Lung Cancer --
       Lung Cancer Screening in High-Risk Patients with Low-Dose 
       Helical CT -- CT-MRI in Diagnosis and Staging in Lung 
       Cancer -- PET-CT in Lung Cancer -- EBUS Staging and Lung 
       Cancer -- Clinical Implications of Lung Cancer -- VI-
       Breast Cancer -- Breast Cancer -- Mammographic Diagnosis 
       of Breast Cancer -- US Findings in Breast Cancer -- MR 
       Mammography -- Breast Cancer: PET/CT Imaging -- Clinical 
       Implications of Breast Cancer -- VII-Gynecologic Cancer --
       Introduction to Gynecologic Cancer -- US Findings in 
       Gynecologic Cancer -- CT-MR Findings in Cervical and 
       Endometrial Cancer -- PET/CT with [18F]FDG in Cervical 
       Cancer -- PET/CT with [18F]FDG in Endometrial Cancer -- CT
       -MR Findings in Ovarian Cancer -- PET/CT with [18F]FDG in 
       Ovarian Cancer -- Clinical Implications of Gynecologic 
       Cancer -- VIII-Gastrointestinal Cancer: Esophagus, Stomach
       -- Esophageal and Gastric Tumors: Where the Clinician 
       Requires Imaging -- Imaging Findings in Gastrointestinal 
       Cancer: Esophagus, Stomach -- Clinical Implications -- IX-
       Gastrointestinal Cancer: Solid Organs (Liver Pancreas) -- 
       Introduction to Liver Cancer -- Imaging findings in Liver 
       malignancies -- Clinical Implications of Liver 
       Malignancies -- Introduction to Pancreatic Cancer -- 
       Imaging in Pancreatic Cancer -- Clinical Implications of 
       Pancreatic Cancer -- X-Gastrointestinal Cancer: Peritoneal
       Cavity -- Introduction to Peritoneal Cavity Carcinoma -- 
       Imaging of Peritoneal Cavity Carcinoma -- XI-
       Gastrointestinal Cancer: Large Bowel -- Introduction to 
       the Large Bowel -- CT and CT-Colonography -- MR Findings 
       of Rectal Carcinoma -- PET-CT Staging of Rectal Carcinoma 
       -- Clinical Implications of Large Bowel Carcinoma -- XII-
       Neuroendocrine Tumors -- Introduction to Neuroendocrine 
       Tumors -- Neuroendocrine Tumors -- Clinical Implications 
       of Neuroendocrine Tumors -- XIII-Urogenital Cancer: 
       Adrenal Cancer -- Introduction to Adrenal Cancer -- 
       Ultrasound Findings in Adrenal Cancer -- CT and MRI 
       Findings in Adrenal Cancer -- SPECT in Adrenal Glands -- 
       PET/CT Findings in Adrenal Cancer -- Clinical Implications
       of Adrenal Cancer -- XIV-Urogenital Cancer: Renal Cancer -
       - Introduction to Renal Cancer -- US Findings in Renal 
       Cancer -- CT and MRI Findings in Renal Cancer -- PET/CT 
       Findings in Renal Cancer -- Clinical Implications of Renal
       Cancer -- XV-Urogenital Cancer: Urothelial Cancer -- 
       Introduction to Urothelial Cancer -- US Findings in 
       Urothelial Cancer -- CT and MRI Findings in Urothelial 
       Cancer -- Clinical Implications of Urothelial Cancer -- 
       XVI-Urogenital Cancer: Testicular Cancer -- Introduction 
       to Testicular Cancer -- US Findings in Testicular Cancer -
       - CT and MRI Findings in Testicular Cancer -- PET/CT 
       Findings in Testicular Cancer -- Clinical Implications in 
       Testicular Cancer -- XVII-Urogenital Cancer: Prostate 
       Cancer -- Introduction to Prostate Cancer -- Endorectal 
       Ultrasound and Prostate Cancer -- MRI in Prostate Cancer -
       - Nuclear Medicine Findings in Prostate Cancer -- Clinical
       Implications of Prostate Cancer -- XVIII-Lymphomas -- 
       Introduction to Lymphomas -- Lymphomas: The Role of CT and
       MRI in Staging and Restaging -- Clinical Implications of 
       the Role of 18FDG-PET/CT in Malignant Lymphomas -- XIX-
       Multiple Myeloma -- Introduction to multiple myeloma -- 
       Multiple Myeloma: The Role of CT and MRI -- Clinical 
       implications of Multiple myeloma -- XX-Melanoma -- 
       Introduction to Melanoma -- Imaging Findings in Melanoma -
       - Clinical Implications of Melanoma 
520    This is the second edition of a well-received book 
       reflecting the state of the art in oncologic imaging 
       research and promoting mutual understanding and 
       collaboration between radiologists and clinical 
       oncologists. It presents all currently available imaging 
       modalities and covers a broad spectrum of oncologic 
       diseases for most organ systems. Today, oncologic imaging 
       faces the challenge of improving and refining concepts for
       precise tumor delineation and biologic/functional tumor 
       characterization, as well as for purposes of creating 
       individual treatment plans. The concept of radiomics has 
       further advanced the conversion of images into mineable 
       data and subsequent analysis of said data for decision-
       making support. Since the release of the book's first 
       edition, radiomics has been introduced in oncology studies
       and can be performed with tomographic images from CT, MRI 
       and PET/CT studies. The combination of radiomic data with 
       genomic features is known as radiogenomics, and can 
       potentially offer additional decision-making support. This
       book will be of interest to clinical oncologists with 
       regard to the diagnosis, staging, treatment and follow-up 
       on various tumors affecting the CNS, chest, abdomen, 
       urogenital and musculoskeletal systems 
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650 14 Imaging / Radiology 
650 24 Oncology 
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650 24 Surgical Oncology 
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650 24 Urology 
700 1  Gouliamos, Athanasios D.,|eeditor 
700 1  Andreou, John A.,|eeditor 
700 1  Kosmidis, Paris A.,|eeditor 
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